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Werder Bremen rises against Jahn Regensburg with work victory

With a work victory to promotion: Werder Bremen has returned to the Bundesliga after a year of second class. Massively supported by 41,000 spectators in the Weser Stadium, the Hanseatic work won 2-0 (1-0) against Jahn Regensburg and thus claimed their direct promotion. “The SVW is back,” the audience chanted after an hour.

With his 19th goal of the season, Niclas Füllkrug laid the foundation stone as a deserved but rather lackluster success against the Upper Palatinate, for which it was no longer about anything. The striker was successful with a placed half -high shot. Five minutes after the restart, his storm partner Marvin Ducksch scored from a short distance, it was the season hit 21.

However, the early lead gave the place owners only a little tailwind for the further course of the first half. The team of coach Ole Werner was dominant, but rarely found a way against the stable cover of the guests. The Werder coach called on its protégés several times to broader actions, but mostly the storm center was sought.

Regensburg was not harmless to sporadic counter attacks. Bremen’s goalkeeper Jiri Pavlenka was only seriously checked by one teammate. Mitchell Weiser surprised the Czech goalkeeper in the 22nd minute with an accident, which almost led to an own goal.

Jahn trainer Mersad Selimbegovic had traveled to the Hanseatic city with a big goalkeeper. Instead of the cold Thorsten Kirschbaum, Alexander Weidinger stood between the posts. The 24-year-old is usually used in the second team of Regensburg in the Oberliga Bavaria.

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The 2-0 gave the placekeepers the long missing security in the actions. Regensburg began to resign, relief attacks hardly took place. And if they do, they remained harmless.

1899 Hoffenheim: head coach Sebastian Hoeneß before the end

According to a report by the “Bild am Sonntag”, Sebastian Hoeneß has to worry about his coaching post at Bundesliga club TSG 1899 Hoffenheim.

The 40-year-old shakes at the Bundesliga degree at the Kraichgauen after the last nine winless games, writes the sheet, without naming details about the further process.

According to this, Bilds director Alexander Rosen is said to have waited the last three games to form a judgment. These were lost to Freiburg, Leverkusen and Gladbach with a total of 13 goals. In terms of content, the club has not yet to comment on the report.

At the end of April, Rosen had demonstratively strengthened his trainer and cleared doubts about his work. “Sebastian is a cool, honest guy, not a foam bat, a strong communicator and an absolute soccer specialist,” Rosen said to the “kicker”.

You work together trustingly and have common goals. In the preliminary season analysis of Rosens last week, the many injured and the mixed defense were discussed, but not the coach. The TSG lost 1: 5 in Gladbach on Saturday.

Title thrillers, relegation horror and a bunch of freshlings

In 1963 the Bundesliga started its success story. Almost 59 years later, a special anniversary is on the program: The 32nd matchday is also the 2000. The BL history.

And the upper house looks back on many superlatives and records. We present a selection here that goes beyond the well -known records.

the youngest and the oldest starting element of a match day

The lowest average age of the starting positions of all Bundesliga clubs was on matchday 5 of the 1963/64 season at just 25.1 years. The highest age average was on matchday 25 of the 1999/00 season. At that time, the starting players were 28.6 years old.

Matchday with the most Bundesliga debuts

In addition to the 1st matchday of the 1963/64 Premiere season (176 BL-debuts), the most debuts on matchday 1 of the 1991/92 season with a total of 55 debutants. This value is not surprising, since it was the first season after the German reunification, in which the Bundesliga started the only time with 20 teams. Outside a first match day, most debutants were on the 2nd and 5th matchday of the 1963/64 season and on the 18th matchday of the 2007/08 season (17 each). After a long winter break from December 16, 2007 to February 1, 2008, the Bundesliga clubs went into the race with numerous newly obliged professionals, as the winter transfer window closed the day before the second half of the season.

game day on which there are most frequently championship decisions

Most often, championships are actually decided on the 34th matchday – a total of 23 times. In addition, there are two more championship decisions on the last matchday in season with more or less than 34 match days: 1964/65 (30 game days) and 1991/92 (38 game days). In the last twelve seasons, on the other hand, the champions were only determined once after the 34th matchday: 2018/19. During this time, the shell was most frequently awarded after the 32nd (four times) and otherwise each day from the 27th.

the scarce championship decisions

In theory, the championship was still possible for four teams on the 34th matchday of the 2008/09 season; That never existed before and afterwards. However, Wolfsburg (66 points) would have had to lose on the last day of the match so that Bavaria or Stuttgart could have passed with a win (the teams met and each had 64 points). Theoretically, Hertha could have been master – but the Berliners not only had to hope for a tie between Bavaria and Stuttgart and a defeat of Wolfsburg, but also to win them themselves and to catch up on Wolfsburg 24 goals. In the end, Wolfsburg and coach Felix Magath took the race.

Real crime novels were also the 34th game days of the 1991/92 and 2001/02 seasons. Three teams each dreamed of the title. Shortly after reunification, Eintracht Frankfurt, VfB Stuttgart and Borussia Dortmund went with 50:24 points on the last matchday, the Swabians cheered thanks to Guido Buchwald and the better goal difference compared to BVB. Ten years later, the Borussians held up the shell with Matthias Sammer on the bench when the coach with Ewerthon proved the golden hand.

the closest relegation decisions

Once so far, it has occurred in Bundesliga history that six of the 18 teams were still in the relegation battle on match day 34: in the 1987/88 season. While the two direct relegated Homburg and Schalke were already clear, six other teams were in the raffle for the relegation place, even if the relegation of Uerdingen and Dortmunds was very unlikely because of the good goal difference. In addition to the Krefeld and BVB, SV Waldhof, Kaiserslautern, Karlsruhe and Bochum were also at risk. In theory, the descent would have been possible to relegate each of these teams, as there was not a single direct descent duel. In the end it caught the Mannheimers, who then saved themselves in three (!) Relegation games against Darmstadt.

The most dramatic crash made the 1. FC Nürnberg, who completed it in the 1998/99 season, to slide from 12th to a direct relegation z1. Jörg Berger as the rescuer of the Frankfurter Titanic made it possible, the FCN was once again able to feel like a “fool” and helped a radio reporter to cult status: “Hello, here is Nuremberg, we’ll get in touch with the abyss.”

game days with the highest results

Matchday with the highest Bundesliga victory: 34. The season 1977/78 – Borussia Mönchengladbach wins with 12: 0 against Borussia Dortmund.

matchday with the highest away win: 27. The 1965/66 season: The Meidericher SV (today MSV Duisburg) wins 9-0 at Tasmania Berlin.

Matchday with the “highest” draw: twice has so far been a 5: 5 in the Bundesliga – on match day 6 1973/74 between FC Schalke and FC Bayern and on matchday 13 1974/75 between Eintracht Frankfurt
and VfB Stuttgart.

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With a maximum of 35 is over

Marcel Halstenberg has already envisaged the end of his professional career.
“I’ll be in September 31, with a maximum of 35,” said the defender of the Bundesliga club RB Leipzig in the SKY -Interview.

The defensive player was changed in 2015 from the second division FC St. Pauli to the Saxony, his current contract runs out at the end of the season.
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Halstenberg has no concrete ideas about the time after his career: “At some point I want to end the chapter of professional football and start something new.”

FC Bayern Munich, News and Rumors: Criticism of Kahn becomes louder

The criticism of Oliver can be louder, including Uli Hoeneß should observe its development with suspicion. Robert Lewandowski should have already signaled extension readiness for the fall. FC Bayern mourns his former youth supervisor. There are news and rumors to the FCB.

Click here for the announcements about FC Bayern from the previous day.

FC Bayern Munich, rumor: Criticism of Oliver Kahn is louder – also Uli Hoeneß should be skeptical

The criticism of Oliver Kahn has become louder at FC Bayern Munich in the last few days. Now the chairman of the Executive Board should also be internally, though even slight headwind. According to the bild, Uli Hoeneß observes the development of the former goalkeeper titan with suspicion. Most recently, the SZ reported that the 52-year-old would not worry about it. From a certain speechlessness between the new leadership and the football persons could be heard.

According to information from Hoeneß and Goal, the unrealability Kahns at the office for annoyance. The Rummenigge Successor surrounds there only with a small circle of familiar, it says from the environment and the doors, unlike his predecessors, are no longer open.

Hoeneß also ask why Kahn no longer search the exchange with him, reports the _ image_. The Champions League winner of 2001 has succumbed to the Bayern in the summer in the position of the CEO and has inherited there Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, which was most recently critical to Bayern. “It was the impression that permanently only contracts would take place, and that everything is constantly debating publicly,” said the 66-year-old of the _ picture_: “That’s not good, that’s not helpful in such a phase of the season.” Thus, the former top striker probably also referred to the events around Robert Lewandowski.

Failure grips and an association legend: Bavaria Transfersummer 2007

FC Bayern Munich, News: Club mourns former youth supervisor

FC Bayern Munich mourns his former youth supervisor Herbert Harbich, who worked for the club for 35 years. He had lived the FCB “with every fiber of his body and with a lot of heart blood countless players as the later Champions League winner Philipp Lahm, Bastian Schweinsteiger, David Alaba or Thomas Müller on their way accompanied in professional football,” says in the official Message of the Munich.

At his farewell, he was appointed the first honorary official of the record champion in 2014. Harbich died on Thursday at the age of 80 years on a serious illness.

FC Bayern Munich: That’s how you see the game between Arminia Bielefeld and the FCB

The game between Arminia Bielefeld and FC Bayern Munich will contact today’s Sunday, April 17, at 15.30. The venue of the duel on the 30th match day of the Bundesliga is the Schüco Arena in Bielefeld. The encounter can be traced exclusively to DZN today. On Dazn 1 you see the duel today live and full length.

Bayern's Oliver Kahn speaks out about Bayern's future? - Bayern Munich News
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FC Bayern: The upcoming games

Date Time Competition Opponent
17. April 3:30 pm Bundesliga Arminia Bielefeld (A)
23. April 18.30 Bundesliga Borussia Dortmund (H)
30. April 3:30 pm Bundesliga FSV Mainz 05 (A)

EREN DINKCI remains true to the SV Werder Bremen

EREN DINKCI remains faithful to the SV Werder. About the term of the new working paper, the Bremen made no information.

The 20-year-old moved in 2019 from the SC Borgfeld to the performance center of the SV Werder Bremen. At the end of 2020 he debuted at Bremens 1: 0 success in Mainz in the Bundesliga and achieved a few moments after his interiors the winning goal. In the current season he comes to 17 assignments in the 2nd league.

Dinkci: “Here is my home, here I grew up”

“I do not have to emphasize what Werder and Bremen mean for me. Here is my home, here I grew up. Therefore, I’m glad that I can lead me here in the coming years before these fans and play – hopefully then in The 1st League again “, Dinkci is quoted on the club website.

Eren Dinkci - FW - 2001 - Werder Bremen

Werder has taken over the spreadsheet with the latest 1: 1 against Sandhausen on the weekend and is the best way to create direct rewriting into the Bundesliga.

“He had a turbulent start of his young professional career. His first goal in the first Bundesliga game, then the descent with Werder and now the rebuilding. To process everything is often not so easy for a young player,” says Clemens Fritz, Head of ProfiFussball and scouting at Werder. “Eren, however, did that super been and constantly worked on his development. Therefore, we are pleased that he will continue to wear the jersey of Werder.”

Bundesliga relegated Voting: Which second division rises to the Bundesliga?

The 2nd Bundesliga is pussing five games before closing only. The first four seats only separate two points. We want to know which club rises into the Bundesliga.

The two Bundesliga relegated Schalke 04 and Werder Bremen Greetings after the 29th matchday apathetically from the top (both 53). A point behind it ranks autumn master St. Pauli on the relegation place. Darmstadt 98 stands with 51 meters in fourth place.

Bundesliga Explained
Through a fulminant second half of the 1st FC Nuremberg has worked up to fifth place. The club also has good chances of climbing with 49 points.

It is about the Hamburg SV. As in previous years, the HSV in the second half of the Puste has assumed the long-awaited return to the German Oberhaus has fallen within a distance. “If we do not win games, we do not have to talk about the ascent,” said a disappointed Tim Walter after the recent bankruptcy against Holstein Kiel (0: 1).

The residue on the relegation place is already seven points. The red reddoses are therefore only outsider opportunities. The same applies to the targeted 1 FC Heidenheim (45).

Now you are asked! Which of these teams plays first class in the next season? Is there even a big surprise? App users can vote here.

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Report: FC Schalke 04 does not have to pay Euro to Gazprom

At least since the descent from the football Bundesliga, the financial situation in FC Schalke 04 is more than tense. The separation from the longtime main sponsor Gazprom let the worries first greater. But apparently there is several good news for the Gelsenkirchener.

For about 15 years, FC Schalke 04 worked together with Gazprom. The cooperation with the Russian state company was always controversial. Due to Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the royal blue at the end of February finally moved the ripper and separated prematurely from the natural gas promotion company.

Why UEFA and Schalke 04 break due to war with Russian sponsor Gazprom

+++ Help families in Ukraine! The RTL donation marathon guarantees: each cent arrives. All information and donations here! +++

According to “sponsor Gazprom Image”, the Schalke from Gazprom conceded nine million euros for the current season. The good news: Although the energizing has been visible since the termination almost nowhere more than sponsor, the club must be allegedly “no euro” from the already completely transferred sum to Gazprom.

With Vivawest, FC Schalke 04 has already found a new main sponsor. According to the sponsor Gazproms magazine until the end of the season, the housing agreement transfers two million euros to the scarce.

In addition, the contract is probably dated until 2023. In the coming season Vivawest allegedly pays four million euros. In the advancement, this amount should rise, it is said.

FC Schalke 04 probably with termination right

According to “sponsor Gazprom Image”, FC Schalke 04 also has a unilateral termination right for the coming summer. Also “Ruhr24” had last reported on this option.

The contract clause should enable the second division to be able to separate in the event of a better offer without consequences of main sponsor Vivawest.

Further financial remedies creates the new partnership with REWE. The supermarket chain is official training sponsor. Due to the deal, Schalke 04 receives allegedly around 2.5 million euros more than planned to the end of the season.

Bundesliga: This brings the 27th matchday

Hoppla, the Bundesliga can tension at the top. After the Dortmunder victory in Mainz on Wednesday evening, the Borussen are only four points behind leaders FC Bayern – and still play against the record champion. On the 31st matchday it comes in Munich to the showdown, provided the situation remains similarly tight. Only once in the past nine years in which Bavaria was always master, the distance to the second after 26 matchdays was narrower: 2018/19 Bavaria and Dortmund equipped with 60 points. The crassest was the lead in 2013/14 when Bayern had already left 23 points (!). And with it in the 27th matchday…

Max Eberl’s bad memory of Gladbach – Herrmann’s brands

The most explosive duel delivered Bochum and Gladbach in the 2011 relegation, as the Borussians gave husbandry and dilated the VFL for another ten years in second-rate. For the foals, the Bochum plaster is not a good, because the last threesome comes from the 25. March 1995 (2: 0), when a certain Max Eberl kicked and yellow for the Bochumer. The former Gladbacher Manager loted in 2008 Patrick Herrmann to Borussia – the offensive player stands on Friday evening before his 123th resolving, which would hire him on a stage with Mehmet Scholl. In terms of changes, Herrmann has long since been record holder (157).

The VFB is Weinzierl’s favorite opponent – coach quartet flies to FCA bankruptcy

Augsburg 4: 1 Against the VfB Stuttgart in the first round, the highest season win of the FCA, which could never achieve more than two goals in 34 lots before. Correctly Bock on the (real) Swabia, Augsburg’s coach Markus Weinzierl, who won of ten duels eight – for him, makes the VFB to the favorite opponent. However, Weinzierl was also sitting at Stuttgart Bank when the Augsburger has its highest Bundesliga victory at all. End of the 2018/19 season, the FCA declassified the VFB after stroke and thread and finished winezierl’s term. Similar Negative experiences with the Augsburgers made the VFB coach Bruno Labbadia, Armin Veh and Alexander Zorniger, always solved the FCA with Siegen the spinous seat.

Magath debut including Kramaric warnings

Hertha has Magath, Hoffenheim has the best run in the league. The Kraichgauer picked up 13 meters on the past five playings – as much as no other team. The Herthans certainly not, because the captains are waiting for a return to success since the backwards start. That’s why Bobic & Co. conjured the coach-Routinian from the hat, who trains his eighth Bundesliga club in Berlin and thus has as many stations as so far only Jörg Berger and Otto Rehhagel in the Oberhaus. The 68-year-old coach is intended for the 68-year-old coach to his debut in front of TSG-Torjäger Andrej Kramaric: In eleven duels with Hertha, the Croat met nine times, as often as against no other club.

Fürth’s bitter balance against top 5 clubs – start for Günters record mark

No question, the interim highly high of the SPVGG Greuther Fürth found a crashing end with the 1: 6 against Leipzig, since four games the Leitl-eleven is now without threesome. With Freiburg, the table fifth travels. If the Central Franconies score, this would be a premiere, because all seven duels with the top 5 clubs were lost so far (gate ratio 6:30). Really good memories Freiburg’s record player Christian Günter attaches to the Fürther, because his first of now 261 Bundesliga games he denied against the SPVGG. On the 16th matchday 2012/13 the Breisgauer won with debutant Günter 1: 0.

New feeling for Kramer and Nilsson’s thirst trail

Neuer Overtakes O.Kahn with 311th Bundesliga Win! | FC Bayern - Union Berlin 4-0 | All Goals | MD 27

With the late 0: 1 home defeat against Dortmund on Wednesday evening, a proud series of Mainz came to an end. Previously, the Svensson-eleven had eight times in a row at home unbeaten (6 victories, 2 draws). Most recently, the FSV in the season 2015/16 was phases similarly very home. **** Bielefeld is located in a dangerous downward spiral – three defeats in a row, all without own gate. Such a negative run did not know the Ostwestphalia under coach Frank Kramer so far yet. In this respect, it is not surprised that defender Jokim Nilsson is standing in front of his 50th Bundesliga game, without even having a scorer point recorded – only the Freiburg Keven Schlotterbeck comes with 66 missions without gate participation even bad way.

What sprinter Müller connects with the leisurely unionists

Bayern sprints and dribbelt, Union is exposed and avoids one-against-1. The Munich have attracted 254 sprints so far, per 90 minutes sees what she does to the EXPRESS team of the league. The Köpenickern reach 209 sprints per game for place. On the season, the Nagelsmann ELF comes to 671 dribblings (best value), the iron only to 308 (lowest end). Bayern completes her 1935 on Saturday night. Bundesliga game and are thus in front of Bremen’s sole record holder in the upper house. However, they last played twice 1: 1 (Hoffenheim and Leverkusen) and also super-scorer Thomas Müller was last empty twice. Meanwhile, the Munich virgin is associated with a different brand with Union: At the end of July 2008, the then just under 19-year-old openly talent, the first third-league hit of Bayern scored in the newly founded League.

Links – the chocolate side of Leipzig and Frankfurt

RB Leipzig and Eintracht Frankfurt have the same chocolate side, namely the left – Kostic and Angelino. The Frankfurt produced in this season with 190 flanks Most of them, the Leipziger is in this category with 132 in third place. 24 The total of 39 Eintracht goals fell over the left side, with the Saxons 33 of 57 hits have been threaded over left. At the front with this is RB attacker André Silva, who has already reached ten gates and five assists in his account after his change from the SGE to RB. In addition, the Portuguese already reached eight penultimate passes that led to hits – a truly playing striker.

Arnold can adjust Schäfer’s winning record – Leverkusen Hard Staved

Wolfsburg’s coach Florian Kohfeldt celebrated a successful debut for the VFL in the first round, when the Van Bommel Successor a 2-0 cheered. Even now the signs are not bad for the VFL, because the Leverkusen went through a week forgetting – at the 0: 1 against Cologne, both Florian Wirtz and Jeremie Frimpong suffered so heavy injuries that the season has run for them. Among these conditions, the Europa League out of Thursday against Atalanta threatens. Should the threesome actually go to the wolves, VfL record player Maximilian Arnold (277 BL lots) would like the 113rd win with his supervisor Marcel Schäfer.

Modest 74 goals, Cologne 88 goals – Haalands StartTelf return seam

The 1st FC Cologne and the dependence on Anthony Modeste: The powerful attacker stands before his 150th compulsory game for the FC and before his 75th hit. The special thing about it: All current Cologne players come together on 88 goals and thus only 14 goals more. If modests against Borussia Dortmund shoot the FC in the lead, this only conditionally informed, because since four home games the Geißbock-Club could not take a lead against the BVB in a threesome. Also FC coach Steffen Baumgart connects with the black and yellow a dark chapter: As a Paderborner Coach he collected his highest Bundesliga defeat (1: 6). The BVB shortened the residue on FC Bayern thanks to the threesome in Mainz within a few days from ten to four meters. Coach Marco Rose gave Joker Erling Haaland to his injury again a few more minutes than at 1: 0 against Bielefeld. It is well possible that the scorer at FC for the first time since January 22 in Dortmund’s startup. For an exciting master race, the league is a fitter Norwegian just right.

More time for Haaland, Reyna & Co

Until Friday morning, Borussia Dortmund was still regularly prepared for the Bundesliga away game at FSV Mainz 05, which should take place this Sunday. However, the press conference originally challenged for 1 pm the club initially laid at 2 pm shortly before starting at 14 o’clock before he was quite canceled – in anticipation of the game trial due to the massive corona outbreak at the Mainz. At 14.31 clock was finally clarity: At this time, the DFL sent the official communication that the game is laid on the 16th of March. The impetus is then at 18.30.

Kehl: The laying is “a pity” but still “comprehensible and correct”

“It’s a pity that the game can not take place as planned. We were very looking forward to the game in our friends in Mainz and a full house,” said BVB license player Sebastian Kehl shortly after the decision of the DFL. Ultimately, however, a “fair competition” must be guaranteed, “on the basis of the rules we have given ourselves as a league”. But this was no longer guaranteed. “That’s why,” Kehl said, “is a laying of the game comprehensible and correct. Of course, health is always going. We wish all the affected main earnings as much as possible course and a speedy recovery possible.”

However, the laying of the game could not only play the current personally bad-born main earners in the cards, but also the BVB. Only on March 13th is the next game for the team of coach Marco Rose. Then the Borussia meets at home on Arminia Bielefeld. Until then, one or the other currently injured professionals could at least partially be available again. About Giovanni Reyna, who after surviving muscle complaints on Friday according to the “Ruhr news” for the first time was again with the team on the square.

Or also striker Erling Haaland. The Norwegian was also spaced on Friday morning together with the team on the training place. An application on Sunday, however, would definitely have come too early for him. Until the next game against Bielefeld, he now has nine days to bring himself into a playable constitution, until the Mainz game even twelve.


Termination Collision with the Youth League quarterfinal

Whorthly happy, however, the BVB is still not with the relocation, more precisely: with the appointment of the reintrission: because the game in Mainz takes place on the same day as the Youth League game of Dortmund U19 against Atletico Madrid (kick-off: 6 pm). “We had deposited with the DFL that this date is a very unfortunate for us because of the home game of our U19. But we were notified that no other date comes into consideration,” Kehl said.

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