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Aluminum, Pickford and Alisson stand in the way: No victor in the Merseyside

Palks over 70 percent possession of the ball recorded the guests in red. From the kick-off, the Reds pushed the ball around uninteresting as the harmful city rival.

Davies as well as Luis Diaz check the aluminum

Everton also showed up with an open visor. After substitute Roberto Firmino as well as Fabinho when located their master in the class (64th), Maupay left the lead virtually negligently versus Alisson (65. ).

To date, the offensive around Salah, Luis Diaz and also the Darwin returned from his red lock was just a little too visible-to soon prior to completion of the first 45 minutes. From no place, a ball all of a sudden landed at Darwin, who stopped working with his conclusion after taking a strong ball with Pickford and the cappucino. In the exact same activity, Luis Diaz then made the scatter shivering when he made the ball on the message (43. ).

Coadys Tor does not count


In the 69th minute, nevertheless, expanding jubilation yelled with the Goodison Park-Verstummed rapidly. According to Var-Check, an expected hit by Coady did not count because of an offside position. Like Pickford, Alisson shone beyond. The Brazilian steered a deflected Schlenzer from McNeil out of the latte (84th), a little later Everton’s goalkeeper was once more characterized versus Firmino (87. ).

Palks over 70 percent possession of the ball recorded the guests in red. From the kick-off, the Reds pressed the ball around uncreative as the poisonous city opponent. From nowhere, a ball instantly landed at Darwin, that fell short with his verdict after taking a strong ball with Pickford and also the latte. In the very same activity, Luis Diaz then made the scatter shivering when he made the ball on the article (43. ).

The last stage was also formed by intensity and also passion, yet both teams pressed on the Lucky punch as well as the Liverpool in addition to Everton. Over all because Teufelskerl Pickford recently guided a Salah shot on the message (90. +5). It stuck with the goalless draw, which does not really assist 2 groups in the existing scenario.

DFB Cup, Finale: That is why the Freiburg lead against RB Leipzig was compliant

The complaints from RB Leipzig were great after the Freiburg lead by Maximilian Eggestein in the cup final. This was preceded by a handball. A look at the DFB regulations shows that it was nevertheless compliant.

Here you can follow the game in the live ticker.

German Cup FINAL! Freiburg vs. RB Leipzig | Full Highlights | ESPN FC

In the run-up to the left shot from Eggestein, who landed in the left corner from around 20 meters unsustainable for Leipzig goalkeeper Gulacsi, team-mate Roland Sallai had touched the ball by hand. He was able to control a cross from Christian Günter and forward them to Eggestein. Intention or unnatural hand position could not be assumed, the hit counted – despite protests among the Leipzigers and a corresponding tweet.

For years, the interpretation of the handball rule has repeatedly been causing discussions among players, trainers, experts and fans, and this is regularly adapted in details. So also before this season. The crucial note on this comes from DFB referee teaching attendant Lutz Wagner, who said in the course of the new new formulation: “The unintentional handball of an attacker, after which the team scores a goal, is restricted as far as the concept of immediacy is concerned.”

Accordingly, “a gate that was preceded by an unintentional handball is only invalid if it is achieved by the player himself and immediately. If there is only a chance to score or if another player comes to the ball and the gate can score, is not a immediacy. In such cases, the goal was generated. ” Exactly this case applies to Sallai, who did not score the goal himself and unintentionally played the ball by hand.

Network reactions: Leipzig’s Twitter department ensures a hit mood

here the “Rule 12: Fouls and other misconduct (handball)” as a whole:

_ For the assessment of handball offenses, the border between the shoulder and arm (when armed) runs at the bottom of the armpit. Not every touch of the ball of a player with the hand/arm is an offense._

E an offense if a player

  • Den ball deliberately touched the hand/arm (e.g. by moving the hand/arm to the ball).
  • Den ball touched with the hand/arm and unnaturally enlarged his body due to the hand/arm position. An unnatural enlargement of the body exists if the hand/arm posture neither the consequence of a body movement of the player in the respective situation is nor can it be justified with this body movement. With such a hand/arm posture, the player takes the risk that the ball will jump on his hand/arm and he is punished for it.

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* Streich is happy about the cup final: “It won’t be better”
* Top sport live on dazn. Register now! Can be canceled at any time.

in’s opposing goal meets…

  • direkt by hand/arm (whether intentionally or not) (also applies to the goalkeeper).
  • MUNDMATIVART After touching the ball with his hand/arm (whether intentionally or not).

Weigls joy about “Giantending” despite inferiority

“We know that we could have had a better game with the ball. Ajax is extremely strong in the possession and they have pushed us in the back. But I think we have shown that we got the rooms tight and always get a leg in between have. If you use a chance then, it’s emotion pure. A giant ending to get on here! “Juian Weigl was pleased with” Dazn “about the progress despite significantly lower game shares.

Because only about 30 percent ballBestetz had Benfica in the game and shot just four times on the gate of Dutchlands, which in turn rich 16 attempts on the native Stuttgart Odisseas Vlachodimos in the housing of Portuguese donations. But in the end it was 1: 0 for the guests.

Weigl: “Great thing for club and fans”

Almost apologetically, now, “We already had the plan as we wanted to solve ourselves from the pressing and even wanted more possession of the ball, but Ajax did it extremely well and we did not want to take too much risk and do not invite them Perhaps the long ball perhaps the long ball, “according to the former Bundesliga player, in which ultimately the joy overlapped, in the Champions League under the best eight teams to be drafted.

The 26-year-old has not a desired opponent for the quarter-final. “I’m just glad we’re there is a big deal for our club and our fans. Every other team must always exist in our stadium,” says Weigl.

Ajax Handert: “Benfica did not do anything”

One man’s meat is another man’s suffering. Because with Ajax there was, of course, long faces after the game. “Our position game was excellent, we were well with the ball. The only one who might be missing was creativity. It is very bitter that it is only a small concentration error – and you are outside,” said coach Erik Ten Hag.

“We were the better team, we wanted to dominate and dominated. Benfica did not do anything, except for the one free kick – and then at a moment – unbelievable…”, Ajax captain Dusan Tadic also held the goal, the goal After a controversial free-kick near the corner flag was created. But then not only on the side of Lisabons in the end no one asked anymore.

Toprak: “Beautiful gates, lots of var, a shit football field”

“Everything was offered, which maybe you may seem distributed over a whole week. That’s what we packed today in a game today. It was a swab of the feelings, birdwild scenes, so you always have the ball in positive as in the negative case Seen in it, “SVW coach Ole Werner brought to the point after the game.

Already the emergence of the 4: 3 victory hit was memorable. Because before Peer Toprak benefited in the shot phase of the game at its crucial gate that Paderborn-Keeper Jannik Huth was on the ball after a corner ball, both teams had already cheered a supposed 4: 3 – only the SCP after a Schlenzer of Felix Plate, then Werder is a no less sighted shot with MARVIN Ducksch Effet. But the Var took both goals back, once because of a preceding foul of plate (to Toprak), then on the other side after a breathable point of exit (from Niklas Füllskrug).

Young: “I have not experienced so yet”

“It was a madness game. Many beautiful gates, lots of video assistant referee, a shit soccer field. We are glad that we have three points,” the SVW captain stated after the game in the club’s own TV channel. Also Anthony Jung could hardly believe after the game on difficult, wet runners, which was done in the good 90 minutes of Paderborn everything: “I have not experienced that in this extreme – with the many decisions, goal counts, goal does not count. Insane.”

Because the madness had indeed started far before the time the 4: 3 was achieved in the third start. Previously, six hits had already fallen, the most beautiful no doubt by Plattes interim 3: 1 with a “Sunday shot” (Toprak) from over 40 meters. “Before Paderborn makes the third goal, we actually push and then he’s so a Sunday shot out. But we were always there. But there were a lot of dream gates. That’s a horny victory, if you then get the 86th minute “Tatterrak said.

Werner and the hope of the learning effect

In the end, they were pleased with Werder above all about it, after the up and down next to 1: 3-residue as a winner gone by difficult to play, wet place. “It was less to play football, but heart, mentality, character; the keywords that you connect to the 2nd league. I think we have shown everything today, what was going on,” said Young.

His coach now hopes a learning effect: “It is an important experience for us as a team, even if we do not want to go back with two goals every time. But it was important to see that you can come back in such a situation We will be in the situation again. “

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