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Seriously wounded: Braunschweigs Behrendt fails for months

It took place right away after the kick-off on Saturday in Magdeburg (2-0): Without the activity of an opponent, Behind slid on his own sixteen in the 3rd min and afterwards had actually to be changed on the field after a brief treatment. For him, Danilo Waive came right into the video game in the 6th min.

16. October 202204: 45 minutes

Wochenslicht from October 16, 2022

WEEKNACHTONGE OF October 9th, 2022




WEEKNACHLE DOOR September 25, 2022.


WEEKNACHTONGE DONE September 18, 2022.


The medical diagnosis is trouble for us as well as for Brian, also if it was already foreseeable on Saturday that he will certainly be out much longer, claimed Braunschweig’s taking care of director Peter Hollman. brian is a very integral part of our protection as well as the injury is incredibly bitter..

Up until now, Behind has actually been in the starting eleven in all twelve league video games and also always played through the complete distance before the Magdeburg game ( average quality: 3.45). The central protector concerned Contract from Armenia Bielefeld in the summer of 2021.

Hollman: The diagnosis is a negative information for us and for Brian.

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Because Monday, after an MRI evaluation, the diagnosis for Behind has likewise stuck and this is ravaging: The 30-year-old has actually endured a muscle tear in the back right thigh in the unfavorable action, as the BTSV introduced on its internet site. The injury makes surgical treatment required. Depending upon the healing process, Behind will fall short at the very least six months.

FIFA 22 David Neres Fundamentals cheap solutions to the SBC challenge of the Brazilian end

In the theory of graphs, the graph tinting consists of appointing a shade to each of its vertices to make sure that two vertices attached by an edge are of different color. We frequently try to utilize the minimum variety of shades, called chromatic number. Fractional tinting contains seeking one but numerous shades per vertex and connecting costs at each. The field of application of graph coloring covers the problem of frequency appropriation in telecommunications, digital chip style or compilation Windows registry allocation.

We wear one of the new SBS that are already available at FIFA 22. We traveled to one of Ajaxs most important players from Amsterdam: David Nears, which can be yours in version Fundamentals. This element, of course, is not transferable.

In case you do not have it located, although it will sound with other seasons, Nears Fundamentals is a Brazilian end belonging to the star team of the Netherlands. The new letter of it has a piece of 88 on average, and he stands out above all by the endeavored rhythm and rue of him, with 92 points in both qualities. Here is the price that costs this challenge.

PlayStation: 205,000 coins

Xbox: 225,000 coins

Origin: 235,000 coins



Players Brazil: minimum 1
Players team of the week: minimum 1
Average equipment assessment: minimum 85
Chemistry: minimum 70

full form

Players — Team of the week: Minimum 1
Average assessment of the equipment: minimum 86
Chemistry: minimum 65

You have 9 weeks to do it from its premiere on November 19.

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