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Security companies reported that the anti -cheat configuration file of Harajin was abused. Ransomware that attacks regardless of installation

A security-related company trend Micro reported on August 25 that the anti-cheat configuration file of the open world RPG Harajin developed and operated by HOYOVERSE has been abused by ransomware attackers.

According to the report, the trend micro analyzed a ransomware infection case in July this year. As a result, the driver MHYPROT2.Sys revealed that the endpoint protection process had been forcibly terminated through kernel mode. Ransomware is a malware that makes the file in the device cannot be used by encryption, etc., and requires money in exchange for restoration. In 2020, Capcom has been talked about ransomware damage (related article).

This MHYPROT2.sys is a device driver contained in the anti-cheat configuration file of Harajin. In the anti-cheat system of many games, including Harajin, it operates at a kernel level with powerful authority on a PC to take more effective cheat measures. The ransomware discovered this time, abusing its characteristics, stopping the protection process of the victim’s PC, stopping antivirus software, and installing ransomware.

In addition, the attacker is obtained by obtaining MHYPROT2.sys and abusing it, and if the PC is not installed on the PC, it will not be infected with this ransomware. Conversely, installing Harajin is not dangerous.

Trend Micro warns that MHYPROT2.Sys is a regular driver with code signatures, and due to its ease of obtaining and versatility, it may be abused over a long period of time. The driver could continue to investigate because it could be incorporated into all malware. On the other hand, there is no solution at this time. The company recommends corporate security officials to monitor the hash value indicating MHYPROT2.Sys. For details, please check the post on the company’s official website.

People who do the tutorial of Splatoon 3 Eve are continuing. Tech research and tutorials can be played all the time in RTA

Splatoon 3 Eve Festival can now be launched on August 25. This work is positioned as the preceding trial version of the action shooting game Splatoon 3 for Nintendo Switch, and you can experience the eve of the year through the app. Pre-downloads have started last week. Although the festival that can be experienced at the eve of the year has not been held yet, the players seem to be working in research because they can not start.

Splatoon 3 is the latest work of the Splatoon series, an action shooting that makes the player look like a human, and develops an ink. In addition to a variety of online match mode, online co-op mode that works with one play mode and other players to perform bytes.

At the Splatoon 3 Eve Festival, where pre-downloads are starting, players can be divided into three powers and experiences a festival that leads their own power to victory. At the eve this time, the theme of Which is the strongest? Goo vs. VS Choki will be issued, and one of them will be voted and battle will be performed. Until now, the Fes of the Splatoon series was held 24 to 72 hours, but the eve is scheduled for 12 hours from 9 to 21:00 on August 28 to 21:00 on August 28.

Splatoon 3 Eve Festival is distributed as a trial version as mentioned above. Although it is now possible, the festival has not been held yet, and the only thing you can do is to proceed with the tutorial, walk in the stage of Bankara, the prepared Buki. Unfortunately, the trials that are introduced in Splatoon 3 Direct 2022.8.10 have not been released.

However, those who are waiting for Splatoon 3 seem to be enjoying the eve of the festival without any problems. SNS has reported from people who work for research as early as tutorials. Specifically, people who are RTA for tutorials are already appearing. In the Splatoon series, the game starts from the tutorial at the first startup. It is followed in this work, but there are people who are trying to play with the tutorial field of Splatoon 3 Eve. Splatoon is the first player, FUYO in the Any % category of RTA.

The measurement section is from the character creation to the darkness passing through the tutorial. When the tutorial starts after the character is created, ignore the direction of travel and go to the wall. He used the new action Ikanobori to show a significant shortcut, and completed the record of 1 minute 6 seconds and 83.

In addition, there are also players who combine new actions and squid and Icarorol, and create a wall jumping technique as soon as possible. People who are already studying Buki’s specifications and techniques are also scattered. For about a year and a half since the announcement of Splatoon 3, the enthusiasm of each fans who have been waiting for this work may have exploded.

In the Splatoon 3 Eve Festival, you can see 26 types of buki that can be used at this festival. From the previous work Splatoon 2, the basic performance of the main weapon did not change (related articles), but some Buki, such as Hissen, have been specially changed. Some people are worried about those changes. Looking at Bankara Street, it is already colored by the illustrations posted by the player. I want you to change the stage from the previous work and enjoy the widely renewed cityscape.


The festival of Splatoon 3 Eve Festival will be held from 9:00 on August 28 to 21:00. The main part Splatoon 3 will be released on September 9th.

Report: Switzerland-Jewel Highly intriguing for FC Bayern

Schwegler presumably searched at 0-0 between the Young Boys and also FC Basel on August 7th. The midfielder depended on the grass for the whole 90 minutes.

FC Bayern is progressively checking out for young, development-capable abilities on the transfer market. Evidently the German document champion likewise observes Fabian Rieder from the Young Boys from Bern. The central midfielder has currently responded to the reports.

Rieder knows that I am in great hands with YB and also still have a great deal to boost in my video game. I attempt to do that each day, claimed the Bernese citizen.

As the Blick reports, Bayern bosscout Pirmin Schwegler most lately taken a trip to Switzerland to see Fabian Rieder. Because of this, the 20-year-old should be really intriguing for the Munich.

Does FC Bayern struck Rieder? Generally, these are suppositions, the player responded to the look: Yet I believe Bayern Munich is too expensive for me. Or more organizations.

Rieder: FC Bayern Among the best groups in the world


Rieder described: You always have to see what is the right action. Look exactly how it comes.

FC Bayern is certainly not the only top club to have the Confederates on the slip. Rieder is likewise stated to be in the field of Real Madrid. Olympique Lyon, Atalanta Bergamo, Udinese as well as FC Turin must additionally have the Bern professional on the screen, the Blick composes.

The midfield actor switched to the Young Boys in 2017 and played up from the young teams to the specialists. The valid working paper is dated until 2025. When asked whether he will certainly finish this period in Bern, Rieder responded to the paper: Yes.

FC Bayern is progressively looking around for young, development-capable skills on the transfer market. Apparently the German record champion additionally observes Fabian Rieder from the Young Boys from Bern. Does FC Bayern struck Rieder? The midfield actor switched to the Young Boys in 2017 and played up from the young teams to the experts.

DAV chooses 20 professional athletes for the European Champion: Flohe, Megos as well as Meul as medals

The different styles in sports climbing speed, bouldering, lead and the brand-new combination style Stone & Lead-Werden from August 11th to 18th at the Königsplatz in the middle of the city.

The European Championships will certainly be held in Munich from August 11th to 21st. In enhancement to sporting activities climbing up, competitions in beach volleyball, canoe auto racing, sports, biking, rowing, table tennis, triathlon as well as acrobatics are likewise held. With the lot of sports in Munich, memories of the 1972 Olympic Games are most likely to be awake-a major showing off occasion of this kind has actually lately been seen in the Bavarian capital 50 years ago.

The German Association is positive regarding the huge occasion, as specific athletes had already been able to achieve top lead to the World Cup this period. Yannick Flohé won the Boulder World Cup in Brixen, Alex Megos climbed in the lead in 3rd place in Briancon and also Hannah Meul won 2 silver medals in bouldering (Brixen, Innsbruck). Furthermore, Flohé has been a world champion in mix style given that September 2021, when this type of competition was first offered without a real last with a medal collection.

Best dad go back to competition stage

It was obvious that this triad will be at the European Champion in Munich, now the DAV has chosen other professional athletes. Alma Bestvater would certainly be specifically worth pointing out. Up until now, the 26-year-old from Weimar missed all the competitors, as well as a shoulder injury threw her back a lengthy means.

Best daddy played the last competitors in September 2021 at the World Cup in Moscow. In the last EM 2020, which had likewise been held in the Russian funding, she landed in 5th location in her unique technique Bouldering that she is now in Munich, she defined using Instagram as insane dreams that really became real.

Knight and Lucke should concentrate on the speed wall

For the brand-new mix layout Boulder & Lead, which will likewise be dipped into the 2024 Olympics, you certify in Munich over the places in the respective specific self-controls. Only those that begin in both self-controls have the opportunity to complete in the combination final on August 17 and 18.

In the rate division, the hopes of the DAV remainder on Sebastian Lucke (19) and also Franziska Ritter (19 ). Ritter, ruling German champion and youth globe champion, holds the nationwide females’s document with 7.32 seconds.

the starter field of the DAV at a glance

Bouldering, males: Alexander Megos (Dav Erlangen) Yannick Flohé (Dav Aachen), Philipp Martin (Dav Allgäu-Kempten), Max Kleesattel (DAV Schwäbisch Gmünd), Christoph Schweiger (Dav Ringsee).
Bouldering, females: Hannah Meul (DAV Rhineland-Köln), Roxana Wienand (DAV Aschaffenburg), Afra Hönig (DAV Landshut), Alma Bestvater (DAV Weimar), Leonie Lochner (DAV Munich-Oberland).

Boulder & Lead, guys: __ alex Megos, Yannick Flohé, Philipp Martin.
Rock & Lead, ladies: Hannah Meul.

11. August 2022: Certification men bouldering, certification lead ladies (10 a.m.-4 p.m.).
12. August 2022: Qualification Female Bouldering, Qualification Lead Men (10 a.m.-4 p.m.).
13. August 2022: semi-finals and also final guys bouldering, semi-finals/final lead women (9 a.m. to 7.30 p.m.).
14. August 2022: semi-finals and final ladies bouldering, semi-finals/final lead men (9 am-8pm).
15. August 2022: credentials and last rate women/men (12.30pm-6pm).
17. August 2022: Ending Female Combined (3 p.m. to 6 p.m.).
18. August 2022: Finale males Combined (3 p.m. to 6 p.m.).

It was apparent that this triad will be at the European Championship in Munich, currently the DAV has nominated various other professional athletes. In the speed department, the hopes of the DAV remainder on Sebastian Lucke (19) and Franziska Ritter (19 ).

Rate, males: Linus Bader (DAV Düsseldorf), Leander Carmanns (DAV Rhineland-Köln), Sebastian Lucke (DAV Konstanz), Dorian Zedler (DAV Stuttgart).
Speed, females: Nuria Brockfeld (DAV Osnabrück), Julia Koch (DAV Wuppertal), Franziska Ritter (DAV Düsseldorf), Anna Apel (DAV Munich-Oberland).

The European Championships will certainly be held in Munich from August 11th to 21st. In enhancement to sporting activities climbing up, competitions in coastline volleyball, canoe racing, sports, cycling, rowing, table tennis, triathlon as well as gymnastics are likewise held. With the big number of sporting activities in Munich, memories of the 1972 Olympic Gamings are most likely to be awake-a significant showing off event of this kind has actually recently been seen in the Bavarian resources 50 years earlier.

schedule of the European Championships in Munich.

Lead, guys: Alexander Megos, Yannick Flohé, Philipp Martin, Sebastian Halenke (DAV Schwäbisch Gmünd).
Lead, females: Hannah Meul, Käthe Atkins (DAV Frankfurt/Main).

New State of Play with PS5 and also PSVR 2

In any type of situation, this is the beginning of an amazing period loaded with game years, which will expand till Gamescom at the end of August. With any luck we will experience some big shocks following Thursday!

Given that this occasion takes place a week before the Summer seasons Gamings 2022, it most likely appears that Sony will not organize a large occasion this week in June, which suggests that several of his wonderful news for this program will certainly be raised. It is worth keeping in mind that State of Play Showcases usually have smaller sized announcements contrasted to the large PS5 program cases from Sony.

State of Play will certainly return following week! Switch on survive June second at 3:00 p.m. PT to discover revelations, news and also extra:

June State of Play Announced, New PS5 & PSVR2 Games To Be Revealed | New PS Plus Classics & More

  • Playstation (@PlayStation) 27. May 2022

Sony has introduced that on June 2, 2022 it will be organizing a brand-new State of Play that will certainly consist of a collection of PS5 video games as well as a “sneak peak” at PSVR 2 games.

Particularly, the announcement only points out video games from third-party providers, no video games from novice bidders. As a result, God of Battle Ragnarok might not show up.

The state of affairs in June 2022 will take location on June 2, 2022 at 3:00 p.m. PT/ 6:00 p.m. ET/ 11:00 p.m. BST/ 00:00 MESZ (June 3). As announced in the PlayStation blog site, the State of Play will certainly compete about half an hour with updates for existing video games and also new statements.

Although we might receive some excellent announcements, it is not rammed with new discoveries as well as smash hit games. Nevertheless, the likely candidates that will certainly show up are news concerning Final Dream 16, Horizon Telephone Call of the Hill and also Forspoken.

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