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Rafal Gikiewicz: After that I pack my travel suitcases and modification

Mario Krischel reports from the Augsburg training school in Scheffau

… The goalkeeper game transformed under coach Enrico Maassen: I have to stand, be a constant playstation. We intend to have the ball, not only hit the back for a long time. Football is risk and we need to go a little bit extra currently run the risk of. I can defeat the ball for a very long time against Bavaria, yet we have to find out these automatisms now. I am very pleased to discover something once again at 34. For my upper leg it was not very easy to blow out the sphere 100 times in the game.(grins) _

After lunch, a well-being and hostile Gikiewicz took almost a hr as well as spoke to the twist…

I just desire to play as soon as, I wish to satisfy this desire.

Rafal Gikiewicz

The only system of the day was fairly kicked back for Rafal Gikiewicz as well as his teammates at FC Augsburg. After the test against the Czech initial division club Dynamo Budweis (0-1) On Wednesday night it left coach Enrico Maassen in the Tyrolean sunlight on Thursday in a regrowth unit. After lunch, a health and hostile Gikiewicz took almost a hr and also talked to the twist…

… his contract that runs out in 2023: I do not think about it. I reveal my efficiency, and after that allow’s see the number of offers are on the table after the season. I take the best of that.

… his standing as number 1: It is not a clear situation, every person in the test games is permitted to do it. I need to educate and go on like yearly: I intend to be far better than the Gikiewicz from the other day. I want more Make as well as remain healthy and balanced as well as I additionally understand what I can do far better.

… his health and wellness: I feel terrific and also recognize my body quite possibly. The age doesn’t matter.

… his factors for the third year in Augsburg: If Enrico had not come, my time in Augsburg might have been over. The past 2 years we have attained our objectives, however have not played an eye-catching football. If you desire, it works.

… Possible newcomers in the gate: I’m not afraid of anybody. Feeling being negative, I’m the initial to say that.

If I have the feeling of misbehaving, I am the first to say that.

Rafal Gikiewicz

… his dream of the Polish national team: I likewise have a min versus San Marino or Belarus. I just desire to play when, I desire to fulfill this desire. I want to reveal my children what is feasible with tough work.

… his compatriot Robert Lewandowski’s adjustment request: I can comprehend him. He has actually achieved everything present moment wants to attempt something brand-new again. Often it is ideal if you check out your eyes and split.

… his future: I have an agreement in Augsburg, the family really feels very comfortable.(laughs) _

… The goalkeeper game changed under coach Enrico Maassen: I have to stand up, be a steady playstationStable … his condition as number 1: It is not a clear situation, everyone in the examination video games is allowed to do it. … his future: I have an agreement in Augsburg, the household really feels really comfy. … his factors for the 3rd year in Augsburg: If Enrico had not come, my time in Augsburg could have been over. … the time for conversations: I don’t go past Stefan Reuter’s office every day and knock on.


… the moment for conversations: I do not pass by Stefan Reuter’s office daily and knock on. I’m not like that. First I have to come to be number 1. As well as if we after that play well, I have no worries.

Like Weinzierl: FCA players feel held by Reuter

Jan Moravek has been lacing the soccer shoes for FC Augsburg since 2012. As with the Alfred Finnbogason on Saturday, as well as in 2016, he was not enough for flowers to say goodbye. That was not due to evil will, much more due to the unclear future. Does the duo or one of the two still get a new contract or do you give your farewell performance in the 2-1 over Fürth? The two veterans had hoped for the answer weeks ago to have clarity at the end of the season. This wish was not met in the Augsburg management.

Markus Weinzierl in the cabin was confronted with the question almost every day. He could not answer them himself, he was in the same situation – held up by managing director Stefan Reuter. “In the past few weeks it was really the case that it was a big topic that there was unrest, that they asked me that the players asked themselves how to proceed,” emphasized Weinzierl. In the way the FCA, especially Reuter, dealt with the two deserved players, did not leave the coach good hair: “It is also a philosophy. Everyone has to decide for himself. He decides how he talks when he talks Talk and what he does. “

Reuter himself sees the whole topic less problematic. “It is certainly not an easy situation for the players. They both told me that they have an absolute understanding that they are still here in Augsburg for a few more days and are available for talks,” said the 55-year-old. However, an early decision has become less likely after the events of the past few days. The season analysis cannot take place as planned. On the one hand, President Klaus Hofmann, who resigned on Friday, will no longer take part in it, Weinzierl nor. Before Reuter has not found a new coach, he will hardly decide on the future of the waiting duo.

remarkable quota of Finnbogason

The 33-year-old Icelander Finnbogason and the 32-year-old Czech Moravek have to be patient. An extension should – if at all – only be very performance -related. 463 minutes of use at Moravek in the past season and only 286 at Finnbogason do not leave any scope. The attacker is most likely to have hopes for whereabouts. With two goals and one template in the few season, he even has a very remarkable quota, and he is also of great value as a leader and voice in the cabin. Especially since the poorly balanced squad is not bursting with such forces.

21/22 // Pressekonferenz nach Fürth // Mijatovic & Weinzierl
Perhaps both sooner or later also have enough and anticipate the decision -making chief – like Weinzierl. And the flowers? It may be available in 2028. At least the former goalkeeper Alexander Manninger (2012 to 2016) received his farewell six years after his farewell on Saturday afternoon.

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