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Valkyrie will be hegemony again at the APEX world tournament! ? Developers suggest changes in the environment

In the battle royal game Apex Legends , it is now an indispensable legend Valkyrie . It seems that the official tournament ALGS 2022 Championship , which determines the top of the world held the other day, also seemed to have hit the amazing pick rate.


Valkyrie is required to win?

Valkyrie, who appeared from the season Hero’s trajectory , is a legend with one and only flight ability. The stable area movement of the Ultimate Ability Sky High Dive matches the game nature of Battroi, and has been useful for a long time.

In addition, Valkyrie’s presence is enormous in the competition scene where professionals can compete. According to Legend Picklet released in ALGS 2022 Championship, the amazing number 98.02 % was recorded as of the second day. When the next point Gibraltar is 70.07 % , you can see the high evaluation.

The players who saw the numbers were surprised, saying, Valkyrie’s pick rate is abnormal and grass and Valkyrie is completely meta character. At present, it is certain that top players in Japan and overseas consider Valkyrie to be essential.

In addition, Mr. Josh Medina , a senior producer of the same work, also responded over the pick rate. On Twitter, What Makes VALK THIS IMPORTANT is so important that Valkyrie is so important) .

The feeling that the environment will change drastically in the future

However, on the other hand, there is an atmosphere where the structure is gradually being resolved in the tournament. Legends such as Shea and Watson , which had low picks in the competition scene so far, have been prominent, and the prestigious NA region TSM FTX is Mad Maggie. I was trying .

Josh Medina also suggested on Twitter that he is considering some measures for the current environment. On July 11, Working on it Best Believe (currently ongoing) for tweets related to meta posted by dunc **, the staff of TSM FTX. *

In addition to Valkyrie, Dunc also listed the name of Gibraltar and covers , so the next adjustment candidate may be around here. Alternatively, there may be a new legend to change the current meta.

What kind of stone will be thrown in the strongest of Valkyrie? Let’s look forward to the official announcement.

All changes in the rating regime in the Apex Legends Awakening event

In addition to the new family relic of Valkyrie and Cosmetics, the APEX Legends Awakening Collection event also makes some important changes to the rating mode of the game. After a recent revision of the rating regime in updating the 13th season, developers make several more changes to further improve the gameplay.

Ranging updates APEX Legends will appear with the event Awakening Collection


divide reset change

To reset the ranks this season is softer, the reset for the upcoming split was changed from six to four divisions. This means that players go back to one rank instead of ordinary one and a half ranks.

The lower entrance cost

The cost of entering each rating match now requires 10 RP less in all divisions and levels. The following table shows the cost of the entrance (required by RP) for all ranks in the game after updating 13.1.

For the Masters rank, the base value of the entrance is now only 65 RP which increases with the total amount of RP, i.e. 5 RP for every 1000 RP over the threshold of masters and up to 175 RP.

more RP for a large number of murders

Players are awarded with a large number of RP for a large number of murders in the rating mode.

more RP for eliminating higher level players

Players who kill opponents of a higher rank than their own now have the right to a larger RP increase.

Stay with us in professional game guides to learn more about Apex Legends. In the meantime, read our article about the APEX Legends AWAKENing collection event: output date, time modes, changes and much more.

Updates for Apex Legends PS5 and Xbox Series X

ResPawn has unexpectedly announced the release date of Apex Legends PS5 and Xbox Series X | S late Monday evening, the upgrades come tomorrow, on March 29.

The upgrades will be published together with the Event Update Warriors Collection and the return of control in Apex Legends. However, while the announcement of the publishing date of upgrades came to an unexpected time, reviews for the upgrades at the beginning of this year, suggesting that they were on their way. We just did not expect that it will be so soon!

Players on PS5 or Xbox Series X | S initially receive only a limited number of upgrades, more will be added later. First, PS5 and Xbox Series X player get access to a 4K resolution mode, HDR support, 60 FPS gameplay, shadow cards with improved resolution, and greater detailed accuracy at greater distances in the environment. Xbox Series S player will only see an upgrade in the form of 60 fps gameplay and HDR support.

In future updates (which have no date yet), the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S versions of the game will add 120-FPS performance modes in addition to other visual and acoustic improvements. PS5 players will also see dualSense support through adaptive triggers and haptic feedback functions.

Owner of the Xbox Series X | S can easily upgrade via Smart Delivery as soon as the update will go live on March 29, with the Series X | S version automatically delivered to your console. PS5 players, however, have to download the game again from the PlayStation Store and make sure they have selected the “PS5” version from the Storefront to see these upgrades in the game.

Next Gen Release Date for Apex Legends Season 12 PS5 Xbox Series X

The Warrior’s Collection Event brings Next-Gen versions of Apex Legends to PS5 and XSX!

PlayStation Player: View the information below to find out how to update your game ????
Xbox player: No action is required. Apex is updated via Smart Delivery.


  • Apex legends (@playapex) 29. March 2022

Although the slightly lackless feature set for these upgrades is the way we have introduced ourselves to the start of Apex Legends on the latest consoles, it is good to finally have the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S versions of the game here. Hopefully the additional improvements and functions listed above will be added sooner in the coming weeks earlier than later.

Weekly Span 12 10 What is the year Cyberpunk 2077 from the release is now There is a certain dying death 4 frame cartoon and others

From the article published in GAME SPARK on December 10, 20220 (Thursday) to (Thursday), this week, we will introduce the top 5 this week. Weekly Spartan time. I would like to go for a week, I am also recommended for those who want to know quickly because I am busy!

This week, The Game Awards announced that the best game of that year was announced, and IT Takes Two shines Game of the Year. Let’s check that any kind of article was read this week!

5th- My Unfortunate Death 24 + 25 episodes

Gamer, who is known for Megalopolis knock down reloaded in series, GAME SPARK is a gamer with a gamer and four-frame cartoon. I’m really a disappointing death, and delivered a scene that can be empathized if it is a gamer of a long-lasting masterpiece. The 24th and 25th Episode This time is the story of that masterpiece Open World RPG & FPS.

[Gamer Cartoon] My Unfortunate Death Open World RPG & FPS (24 + 25 episodes)

4-this week’s special indie (December 3rd)

Every Monday’s Game SPARK editorial department recommended This plan to deliver 3 special indie choices. This week I introduce the three SF shooting action CHORUS, which is set to NINJA Simulator, which can be enjoyed by MMORPG FINAL HOPE, and authentic ninja stealth actions. You may be able to meet the topic work and buried masterpieces that you have missed, so please check it.

Don’t miss it if it is a core gamer! This week’s special indie (December 3rd week) -MMORPG, 4K-friendly space open world ACT that can enjoy murder without free sex and no resurrection

3rd — Cyberpunk 2077 1 year after release

Cyberpunk 2077 has already been over one year since CD Project RED is released on December 10, 2020. In the beginning of the release, it is no longer a starting start, and it is a main work with many bugs and dissatisfaction continued, but what is the present one-year later? In this paper, we actually play and compare the PS4 version that did not have the most environment. I also deliver my own play feel. Also, free LCS are planning to appear 2022, and we are talking about future prospects.

Night City’s past and present… Cyberpunk 2077 1 year from that shock-now, when it should revisit

2th-Voice actor Satsuma Mikoyan

Blue 2 Production announced that voice actor Shimizu Yukon died on December 3rd. He was 90 years old. Mr. Achim is a combination of George’s Star, George no Sitar is a role, Dragon Ball series narration, World King, and Time Boleyn series, etc. Active in various fields. In 2015, he announced his medical treatment at the official site of Dragon Ball Super. According to the official site, his funeral and indexing ceremony did not stay with his relatives alone.

Voice actor Satsuma Make is passed away- Giant star Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Time Boleyn Series Active in many works

1-3rd Apex Legends Legend Diagnosis

Apex Legends (Apex Legends) is still popular in Japan. It is a main work in which 19 legends are implemented if you include Ash, appearing from the season 11, but depending on the legend, it’s standing around will change significantly from the difference of the ability. So, in this paper, we introduced by type for readers who have lost every legend that are perfect for you…? The third is pick up joystick, Mirage and octane.

[3rd] Apex Legends Which character used your character? Surely Batch, Legend Diagnosis!

The most read this week ‘Apex Legends’ Legend diagnostics articles! It is a popular plan to rank every time in the weekly span. And I can not hide the surprise for the fact that Cyberpunk 2077 released from the release…. It is only a few more this year, but while realizing the speed of time, it will not be bad to look back on the game I met this year.

Cyberpunk 2077 Angry Review Limited Logical G Logitech G Gaming Headset G433BK
~ ~ ¥7,619 ~ → ¥6,490



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