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Patrick Reimer: I Still Have The Same Drive

Patrick P-Web Racer is a retired German DEL player. He has played for the EC He dos Munich, the DEG Metro Stars and the Older Have. He has won the DEL Championship twice with Frankfurt (1997) and Cologne (2004), as well as winning the Cup once with Munich (1998). Furthermore, he also captained Cologne to their first European title in 2000 as well as being named most valuable player of that tournament.

It was almost 19 years ago that a 21-year-old Patrick Racer then went into the EI of the DEL for the very first time: on December 23, 2003, he completed his very first video game base for Dusseldorf EG.
A year later, the young assailant from ESV Kaufbeuren then relocated to the DEG, where he completely hit in the upper class of German ice hockey in his first entire season.

Racer contributed ten objectives and twelve assists in his very first season, the award as Novice of the Year was only the beginning of the record profession
Racer established into the star player of the then Metro Stars over the following 7 seasons, in 2006 and 2009 he became runner-up with Düsseldorf.


When the DEG needed to reorient itself after the withdrawal of the primary sponsor Metro in 2012, to relocate to Nuremberg followed the ICE Tigers.
The wing gamer also quickly hit in Franconia, with Basin Ellis and Steven Reinfect, the best wing gamer provided among the finest attack series in the league.
In the 2013/14 season, 33 objectives and 32 templates made the very best striker of the DEL, and he was likewise the finest gamer in the league.
This honor was provided to the international two more times, in 2016 and 2017 he even won the title in series.

Olympic silver medal as the crowning magnificence of the profession.

Racer (left) after winning the silver medal in Pyongyang.
Speaking of nationwide team: Racer also celebrated success in the dress of the German nationwide group, with the greatest success of the Deb history, the Olympic silver medal in Pyongyang 2018, he formed a series with the NHL stars Leon Driest and Tobias Raider.
Quickly afterwards, he resigned from the nationwide group after a total of 105 games (29 goals, 27 templates).
Now the long profession of the 40-year-old is coming to an end.
For the 1050 games up until now that Racer make one of 8 gamers who have played over 1000 games in the DEL, just a couple of are signed up with.
In the previous one, he has 390 goals and an overall of 843 scorer points-Beides Del-Rekorde.
This year he leads the scorer list of his ICE Tigers once again.

This sport formed my life and let me experience things that I couldn’t imagine in my wildest dreams.

Patrick Racer
After the most tough decision of my life, I concerned the choice that it is time to hang the skates on the well-known nail at the end of the existing season, Racer told the club media.
This sport formed my life and let me experience things that I could not picture in my wildest dreams, continued the captain, who did not yet wish to recollect.
Playing play-off once again and living the dream is the big objective for which we will give whatever up until the last game.

Racer’s number is no longer awarded for the ICE Tigers

The ICE Tigers have to extend a lot to fulfill this dream: Nuremberg presently only occupies the twelfth location in the table, the last 6 video games were all lost.
It is understood what a resignation of a legend can activate in a team.
A champion title is still missing out on a minimum of in the 70-year-old.
Title or non-zreimers number 17 is absolutely no longer granted, the Ice Tigers offered this straight.
In a large event, his jersey is to be ceremoniously pulled under the hall roof of the Arena Nuremberg insurance.

Women Super G: The latest ski racing results from St Moritz

The other day I was in the mood for skiing but could not find a partner to go with. I had heard that today’s women’s Super G race at St Moritz was going to be exciting and decided to watch it on live ticker. It was so much fun seeing the racers zip down the course and I really enjoyed reading about how they were feeling afterwards.


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Ski Alpine: Super G of the ladies in St. Moritz now in the LiveTicker-before start

Prior to the start: Who are the other favorites?
An athlete can definitely be trusted this weekend: Sofia Loggia
The unbreakable Italian broke her hands on Friday, had himself operated in Milan and stormed to victory throughout the second departure run in St. Moritz and lots of screws and records
Another trick would most likely not be surprised
Her colleagues Elena Burton and Federica Brig none also have to have on the note
The exact same applies to Norwegian Reigned Mowinckel and Mikaela Shirin from the USA
Before the start: Gut-Behrami and Outer lead Swiss group!
The Swiss team also has 2 trump cards in their hands
Lara Gut-Behrami (begin number 13), as the reigning world champ and Olympic champ, is constantly one of the favorites in this discipline
Corinne Outer (6) was able to win the only Super-G of this winter season to date and of course desires to attack the top again
In addition, Jasmine Fury (2) and Michelle ISIN (4), who begin early and will discover great slopes
Joana Fallen (18), Wendy Goldener (21), Prison Nuder (27), Stephanie Penal (46) and Juliana Outer (48) follow with higher numbers
Prior to the start: does the OSV team attack at the leading edge?
The team of Austrians is as soon as again a large range
Ramona Siebenhofer (start number 1), Cornelia Hunter (3), Miriam Büchner (14) and Tamara Tippler (15) are mainly anticipating realistic possibilities on a rank on Sticker
In addition, the team from the Alpine Republic is finished by seven other runners
Nicole Schweighöfer (5), Ariane Adler (17), Nina Outlier (22), Nadine Fest (25), Stephanie Veneer (30), Franziska Grit sch (32) and Christina Age (33) are likewise on the start list
Before the start: Wade wishes to use the upswing!
For the 3rd time, the speed trio of the German Ski Association is defending excellent placements on the Swiss surface
The hopes are mainly on Kira Wade (start number 28), who took the very first podium of winter on the other day’s departure and hence fueled lots of self-confidence
Now the Sternberg lady lastly wants to take a decisive action forward in the Super-G
Emma Richer (37) and Katrin Hirtl-Stanggassinger (43) will also be at the start once again
Prior to the start: In St. Moritz, ski Alpine is also up-to-date today
After the second departure of the women was completed the other day, they are now challenged in the Super-G
The beginning shot for this is at 11.30 a.m
Prior to the start: Welcome to the live ticker!

Ski Alpine: Super G of the females in St. Moritz today live on TV and livestream

The Super-G of the Ski Alpine females can be seen on the one hand in the ARD
The public television station broadcasts live and also offers its program in the complimentary livestream
You can likewise switch on at Eurosport
The Super-G is likewise shown on Eurosport 1, the Eurosport program can just be followed in the live stream in a fee: either through Eurosport Player or by means of DAZN
So if you are already a DAZN customer, simply turn on the streaming service
Articles and videos on the topic
Live: The descent of the guys in Val Garden
Departure: Wade in case of an experience victory
Ski alpine exit of the ladies in St. Moritz: Kira Wade just 24, Emma Richer shocked
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Ski Alpine: The racing calendar

The ladies at Ski Alpine finish the Super G. SPOT in St. Moritz today accompanies the race here in the live ticker

Ski Alpine: Super G of the ladies in St. Moritz now in LiveTicker-Die Top 5 at a glance

Rank |
Name |
1. |- |-
2. |- |-
3. |- |-
4. |- |-
5. |- |-

Period |
Land |
22. -23
October |
Austria |
29 \
November |
Switzerland |
12. -13
November |
Austria |
19. -20
November |
Finland |
26 \
December |
USA/Canada |
Lake Louise/Beaver Creek
10. -12
December |
Italy/France |
Retrieve/Val d’Sear
15. -17
December |
Italy/Switzerland |
Val Garden/St
18 \
December |
Italy/Switzerland |
Alta Bahia/st
19 \
December |
Italy |
Alta Bahia
22 \
December |
Italy |
Madonna di Camillo
28. -29
December |
Italy/Austria |
4 \
January |
Germany/Croatia |
5 \
January |
Croatia |
7. -8
January |
Switzerland/Slovenia |
Adelaide/Franziska Gorey
10 \
January |
Austria |
13 \
January |
Switzerland |
Wen gen
14. -15
January |
Austria/Switzerland |
St. Anton/Wen gen
20. -22
January |
Italy/Austria |
Corina d’Mezzo/ Kitzbühel
24 \
January |
Italy/Austria |
28. -29
January |
Germany/Czech Republic |
Garmisch-Partenkirchen/Spindle rm the
4 \
February |
France |
6. -19
February |
France |
Couriered/M tribes
25. -26
February |
Switzerland/USA |
Clans Montana/Palisades Tahoe
3. -5
March |
Norway/USA |
10 \
March |
Sweden |
11 \
March |
Sweden/Slovenia |
Are/Franziska Gorey
15. -19
March |
Andorra |

Lothar Matthäus: That contributed to the disaster

One of the most successful players in the history of German national football has offered his opinion on one of the DFB’s worst moments. At the end-of-season dinner for players, Other Matthews attacked the decision to host the world cup in Qatar, which was one of the most embarrassing moments for him.

Point. The DFB never ever set a point, however just a comma ta. That contributed to the disaster.

After the awkward end of the World Cup in Qatar, Germany’s record national player Other Matthews assaulted the DFB.
On the other hand, appreciation for Lionel Messi, whom he referred to as the gamer of the millennium.
He deals with the Argentinian superstar to the title with all of my heart in the World Cup final versus France on Sunday, because he and all football fans in the previous 17 or 18 years with his way of playing gave me a lot of pleasure, stated Matthews the Build am Sontag


Messi will surpass the record of Matthew (25) with the most last round operations on Sunday with its 26th World Cup game.
For Matthews, the winners of the World Cup likewise host Qatar.
I talked to lots of regular people to get my own image. Everywhere I experienced friendliness, openness, helpfulness and tolerance to western way of life, highlighted Matthews: There are definitely justified criticisms, however when I see,
As is frequently reported about Qatar in Germany, it seems to me that I was in another nation.

Matthew sees disaster at the DFB

The German team is one of the losers.

In addition to ing errors, there were troubling background noises.
Our team was made use of for political purposes and the DFB approved it. Holland coach Louis van Goal said it prior to the very first video game: End of the topic of ‘One-Love’ plaster.
Point. The DFB never ever set a point, but only a comma ta. That contributed to the catastrophe.

Unveiled: BVB jewel was not well received by teammates.

In 2021, Abdoulaye Samara switched from the offspring of Paris Saint-Germain to BVB.
In Dortmund, the protective midfielder at first struggled, some gamers obviously slammed his style of play.


Simply when Abdoulaye Samara was visible at BVB, the bad luck struck.
Considering that October, the 18-year-old has been laboratories on an inner ligament tear in his knee, who put him out of action for two to three months.

He therefore needed to take a participation in the preparation of the Russia experts.
It was not foreseeable in summer that Samara had played into the focus of the Bundesliga team in the previous few months.
Since: In the meantime, the Guinea was considered a real issue child in Dortmund.
The expectations of him were huge. If somebody relocated to Dortmund at the age of 16 and was as soon as in the Champions League semi-final in the Paris squad, then you expect that a person in the U23 of the BVB.
Came and that was unsatisfactory, recalled Ingo Press, U23 employer at BVB, in an interview with the Ruhr Nachrichten.

Samara’s acceptance in the BVB-U23 was unacceptable.

At that time, some teammates are stated to have actually disturbed themselves from the method of playing the child, who worked a lot of raising and did not work aggressively enough against the ball.
This was not well received internally.
The acceptance in the team was unsatisfactory, exposed Press, who had a flat rate for talks at Samara.
At some time they finally fruit.
Unexpectedly you were dealing with another man, stated his boss.
In any case, Edwin Eric continues to have the teenager on the screen in spite of his injury.
The six has ended up being an important aspect in the U23.
After his healing, Samara must get a chance to prove himself in the training of the Bundesliga group.

The Super League: Uefa and Eca cheer. UEFA and Eca vote in pre-Christmas jubilation,

In General Athens, the European Court of Justice has been charged for a final decision. The question is: whether to approve the application by Greek football clubs for a Super League to run in front of UEFA and ECA.

In the beginning look, the Greek plea reinforces the existing system in football due to the fact that it recognizes the unique functions of sport.
That was expected.
That does not say anything about whether this is in favor of the UEFA or a possible Super League.
This will only reveal a judgment of the Great Chamber of the ECG in the spring, which often follows the recommendations of the General Advocate.
The UEFA sees an encouraging action to keep the existing dynamic and democratic leadership structure of European football pyramid.
Her partner in the battle against the Super League, the club association ECA under the chairmanship of Qatar Nasser Al-Khelaifi, speaks of clear rejection of the efforts of a few to weaken the fundamentals and the historic heritage of European football for numerous.
Is that really emerging from the plea?

door and gate for grievances is open

Rather, Santos sees a limitation of competition in the existing system.
To date, there has actually been no lead to the declarations of the ECG in view of the objectives and unique functions of sport.
Rather, Santos wrote to the associations in the research concern that they need to set up an approval procedure for competing competitors that is not arbitrary.
This would open the door and gate for problems.
The cheering of the UEFA is so early.

Norwegian Wins in Laegreid, Vallee du Giffre


On Sunday, the final Alpine stage of the Tour de Ski started in Agreed in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. It was a very tough day with a close finish: Stella Hold Agreed (NOR) won in front of Title Shasta Christiansen and Johannes Thingies BO (NOR). Benedict Doll (GER) could not use his starting position and came fourth.

The German biathletes disappointed at the World Cup in Le Grand-Bornand in French.
Sprint third Benedict Doll could not utilize his great starting position on Saturday and fell back to 18th place after 5 penalty rounds.
The finest DSV professional athlete was the Roman Sees, which was just burdened with a mistake, who improved from 27th place to 13th location.
Stella Hold Agreed celebrated his first season success (1 mistake).

Title Shasta Christiansen (2) made the Norwegian triple success with 24.6 seconds behind and the total World Cup-leading Johannes Thingies BO (2/+ 35.8 seconds) was best.

Doll for defective res makes 14 places well

Doll made an error in the two lying shooting.
A total of three slices remained in the standing stop.
Sees worked forward by 14 places with just one penalty round.
The other German Justus Strew (25th), Johannes Kuhn (32nd), David Nobel (38th) and Philipp Horn (49.) had nothing to do with the choice.
Due to the frost at night and some icy passages, the course was shortened by about a kilometer, the race began with a little delay due to the path preparation.
You thought you might get it in time. The security of the professional athletes is going on, said communication director Christian Winkler from the World Association IBM in the ARD.
The race in the ticker

Witcher 3 Trophies And Achievements: Complete List With DLCs


With the release of the new generation of consoles and series on Netflix, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is once again becoming popular and new players are coming to the game.
As a good self-respecting RPG, the game offers many achievements!
In all, there are 78 trophies to unlock, 30 of them secret.
This total number also includes the two LCS: Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine.
1 platinum trophy
2 gold trophies
8 silver trophies
67 onze trophies
Obviously the trophies and achievements listed below contain spoilers about the story and the course of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
So read at your own risk.

List of trophies and general achievements of The Witcher 3

List of Trophies and Secret Achievements by The Witcher 3

WM 2022 – Croatia: A realistic opportunity for Stanisic.

Croatia is set to play in the World Cup of 2022, and they are not slated as favorites to win. This article looks at what is in store for Croatia’s national soccer team if they lose their golden generation of players, and whether they can still be successful.

Jörg Wolfram reports from Qatar
It had something of Olympia when Croatia’s national coach Plato Dali raised on Friday: This is the match for 3rd location, we wish to go back to Zagreb with the bronze medal, stressed the 56-year-old against Morocco before the little final this Saturday.
10s of thousands, perhaps hundreds, need to then wait once again after returning to the group around captain Luka Modrić.
4 years earlier, the fans had provided the then vice world champion a massive reception after the last defeat against France.


We will offer whatever, we have actually made it to the last four teams for the second time in a row, stated the coach that has remained in workplace since 2017.
It is just best to say: We want more now.
Not simply playing a video game, however on the (imaginary) podium rises through a last win versus Morocco.
However we have to play much better than on Tuesday in the semi-finals at 0: 3 against Argentina.
We have to act more vertically to separate the protective block of the North Africans, the coach recalled and highlighted: Morocco only took 2 objectives in the course of the competition.
Just the one in the semi-finals in the 0: 2 versus protecting champ France.
For the sake of efficiency: In addition, an own goal comes to the end of the group stage at 2-1 versus Canada.
By the way, Morocco and Croatia separated 0-0 at the start of the competition.

Germany as an unfavorable example

It was exceptional once again among the first three of the last round, stated the trainer, especially with a view to different co-favorites, all of whom fell on the track early: Dali noted Germany as unfavorable surprises, but likewise Spain.
Italy even missed the last round.
But we are among the last four groups.
And not just at this now ending World Cup: In summer of 2023, the final Four of the Nations League is pending, the allegedly little Croatia is also represented.
Dali highlighted it and looked pleased.
Currently, after the semi-finals he had explained: I will continue. My mission is to qualify Croatia for the European Championship 2024.
Nevertheless, the contribution of the so-called Golden Generation in Qatar should now largely end: only an excellent half a lot from the team had currently been part of the historic final in 2018.
Captain Luka Modrić leads the ranks, for the 37-year-old the match against Morocco could be the 162nd and last global match.
After the semi-finals, he did not wish to discuss his future.

Kovacs as the next leader

Dean Loren, Marcelo Robotic, Ivan Perišić and Andrej Dramatic were currently there in 2018, as did the 28-year-old Mateo Kovacs, who, like the Cofferdam Dramatic, was not a routine at the time.
He gained from Madrid, from Mandzukic, from Granitic, however in the future he is among the gamers who have to guide the boys, said Dali Chelsea-Profi Kovacs.
And the midfielder used up the baton: It was an honor for me to have actually been led by these players.
In addition to the spirited aspect, the Grander likewise taught him to eliminate for my country, stated gamer, born in Linz, with a view of the current assistant coach and previous specialist of Bayern Munich and VFL Wolfsburg, Mario Mandzukic, or the
Ex-Schalker Ivan Granitic.
However, Dali is not banging, due to the fact that this unpredictability does not exist for him: It goes on, we have young gamers and therefore continuity, but it is likewise necessary to continue to experience skilled professionals and now someone like Kovacs needs to contribute:
He has to hand down his understanding to the younger one.

He has actually developed there alone through the training.

Dali about Bayern gamer Statistic
One of them is 22-year-old Josie Statistic.
He is one for our future.

As a youngster at FC Bayern, the right-back alone developed there through day-to-day training, even if he is not used as frequently in the club.
The coach Statistic hopes for Saturday in the Al-Khalifa International Arena: he had a realistic chance to stand in the starting eleven.
Far, the perspective gamer had actually not yet been used at this World Cup.
In view of different battered players, there should be a number of changes.
Dali called his battered specialists to make room for fair.
Like the Olympics.
He still desires 3rd location.
And Kovacs recalled the heroes of 1998, who had actually very first conquered 3rd location for Croatia.
Kovacs was only 4 years old, however legends are ageless.

Captain Sergio Busquets resigns from the Spanish national team.

Captain Sergio Banquets has resigned from the Spanish national team. He made 143 appearances for the national team and helped Spain reach 5 semi-finals of international tournaments, 1 European Championship and 2 World Cups.

Captain Sergio Banquets resigned from the Spanish nationwide team after the end of the round of 16 at the World Cup in Qatar.
I wish to reveal that after practically 15 years and 143 video games the time has concerned bid farewell to the nationwide group, wrote the 34-year-old midfield strategist from FC Barcelona on social media.
Banquets had actually ended up being world champ alongside Xavi and Andrés Iniesta 2010, two years later on he likewise won the European Championship title with the Curia Rosa.
In Qatar, Banquets with Spain had surprisingly stopped working on a penalty shootout on Morocco, after which the agreement with coach Luis Enrique was no longer extended.


Articles and videos on the topic
Last opportunity: Can Messi finally win the World Cup?
All games of the Africa Cup are offered live at
At the World Cup, Spain’s new midfield generation already played alongside banquets.
His club colleague Pedro (19) and Gave (18) now finally belongs to the future in the nationwide group.

Adrian Lewis Victorious At The Darts World Cup

Adrian Lewis was the World Champion several times, and he is confident that he can win the Darts World Cup.

In the 2nd set between Adrian Lewis and Daniel Larsson on Friday afternoon, the mood amongst the fans quickly boiled at the Alexandra Palace in London.
Lewis, who won the PDC World Champion in 2011 and 2012, had thundered the very first six arrows of the fourth leg in the Triple-20 and just needed to end up 3 darts for the notorious Neundarter.
Even if Jackpot did not prosper, his very first look at this World Cup was flawless.
It was also the second sentence in which Lewis played approximately 101.89.
Some litters reminded of earlier successes that the 37-year-old has not been able to build in over the last few years.
Lewis likewise remained concentrated in the last set.
Although his average decreased a bit (93.57), Larsson was not more dangerous-it was 3-0 for the favorite.

the other afternoon video games are likewise one-sided

In the first video game of the day, Alan Soutar had actually formerly thrown himself into the second round.


The Scots had actually played its very first PDC World Cup last year and was now a preferred in Coming (Australia), who in turn made his launching in the Ally Pally this year.
Soutar did disappoint up and got a good-looking checkout rate of 36% in the 3-0 3: 0.
At the start of the second video game, the level of the afternoon session fell momentarily.
Both the Croatian Boris Kramer and the Japanese Tour Suzuki stayed under 80 with their Averages. Suzuki in particular was visibly hard to find into the video game and only got his very first leg in the 3rd set.
Even if he subsequently forced Kramer to the decision-making of the 3rd sentence, The Biggest remained ripped off there, examined the double night to 3-0 success and hence now meet Nathan Spinal in round 2.

after 154 surface: Huybrechts against Wright

Kim Huybrechts was finally the 4th in the group, who won his video game in the afternoon session efficiently in 3: 0 sets, inclusive of 154 finish, the highest of the previous competition.
The South African Grant Sampson did not represent a huge challenge for the Belgian-but will now satisfy the defending champion Peter Wright in the sixteenth last.

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