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V Rising Offline Mode is Now Available on patch 0.5.41448

An update has now been made in V Rising, and it allows, in particular, to play on LAN, that is, to start an offline game directly at home with friends (or not).

What are the main changes in the update?
The leading prominent new feature in this 0.5.41448 update concerns the addition of an offline (LAN) mode that allows players to play V Rising without any connection. Players can enable this mode directly through the main game screen when starting a server.

Here are the other notable new features in the update:
The possibility of sending messages to the whole server: if maintenance is carried out, a warning message is sent so that the players can get to safety (in the coffin, for example). This feature can be used by hosts to send important messages to other players.
It fixed authentication bugs that prevented players from returning to specific servers.
Fixed various bugs like Soul Shard disappearing if placed in a container,
Players can no longer send the same minion on multiple hunts by placing various thrones.
Steam Cloud – You can now store V Rising server history. Autosave is enabled by default.
I have added server icons next to official server names for easy identification.
Added admin commands – to improve management of privately hosted servers.

How to play V Rising on LAN?
To play V Rising without an Internet connection, you need to follow these steps:
Start Steam
Log out in Steam (Steam -> Log Out…)
After that, you can disconnect from the Internet.
V Rising release
If you host a local server, you must start the server in LAN mode using the checkbox in the user interface or by beginning the dedicated server with the Lan parameter. If you connect to a LAN server, you must check the LAN Server box in the “Direct connection to server” window or by using the connection console command.

Extra PS1 video games filter their prizes with the brand-new PS Plus: these are the 4 games that verify the difficulties

PlayStation users are expectant at the arrival of the new PS And also, which has actually dated its launch in Europe for the following June 23 . Up until now, the first directory video games have actually been verified (with the pledge that a lot more will be included ) and we have actually uncovered that some classic titles will arrive at PS4 as well as PS5 with trophies, as the writers of * verify * claim * Syphon Filter *.

Syphon Filter Walkthrough
We still do not recognize just how numerous retro video games will certainly include this mechanics, because some can not integrate them today . We have actually just understood brand-new titles that are added to that checklist headed by Syphon Filter, which suggests we can still have a lot more information regarding classic distributions with trophies. We leave you the experiences that validate the performance with the brand-new PS And also, courtesy of the Exphase site:

By doing this, the previously mentioned video games will be released in the brand-new PS And also with additional challenges and, as we already have with Syphon Filter, with the opportunity of Platinear claimed adventures. By doing this, we will certainly listen to all the info related to the restored PS And also, which opens on May 24 in the Eastern market and also, therefore, will continue to disclose new information in the coming days.

This news contributes to one more exploration: two PS1 and PSP games that have just appeared in the PS Store of Malaysia. While we rejoice with each info regarding the new PS Plus, we can not prevent explaining the ** PlayStation’s negative communication around one of its most essential techniques. Due to the fact that, although we are obtaining information thanks to leakages as well as information published by the very same Japanese business, there is no question that its discussion has left us even more questions than assurances.

Rostock Seaawolves climb into the BBL as a master

In two games for the championship in the second division, Rostock and Tübingen fought tight games. The first ones won the Seawolves with 81:73, and the second leg also narrowly went to the club with 78:77, which would start in the BBL in the coming season.

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“It was a very intense game, sometimes far above the border of what was allowed and also the sporty fair. I am incredibly proud of the team that they stayed together and did not impress the situation. How we in the second Halftime came back, how we fought how we stayed together – that is insane. This unconditional will to win distinguishes this team. In the end, this was decisive for success. That is why we are very happy about this victory and will now celebrate the championship properly “Coach Christian Held is quoted on the club website.

wildcard procedure is already running

Since, in addition to all current first division clubs, only Rostock, Jena, Trier and Bremerhaven had applied for the license for the BBL, the ascent was already fixed before the final. So after the success in the semi -finals against Jena, the Seawolves already had their ticket for the BBL. Anyone who is currently getting the second vacant starting place in the Bundesliga is still open, the wildcard procedure is currently underway.

Kakao reveals P2E game platform Clayton Games

Kakao (CEO Nam Gung -hoon) will showcase its P2E game platform ‘Clayton Games’ based on its clayton coin.

Kakao defined P2E as “Unlike traditional games led by game companies, P2E is a meta bus in the true sense of players.”

Clayton Games is a project for Kakao to support the P2E industry and expand the Clayton Coin ecosystem. Clayton Games is an IGO lunch pad. It helps to showcase new creepto projects related to game. Competitive products include BSCPAD of Binance and Avalanche’s Avalaunch.

Clayton Games aims to be an integrated platform for both game users and developers. Kakao expects Clayton Games to become synergy between users and developers.


Kakao cited the lack of channels for the P2E ecosystem, △ information fragmentation, △ lack of initial sales channels in game assets, and △ promotion of games. Kakao plans to solve the three problems of Clayton Games.

For example, to solve information fragmentation problems, Kakao collects information to Game Aggregator in Clayton Games. Game Egrigators will be a channel for providing comprehensive information for game ecosystems, such as basic gameplay information, related torque and news about newly launched games. Game Egrigators can operate channels based on the information provided by individual game developers in the early stages of the service, but aim for a user -based forum in the medium and long term.

Kakao said, “Clayton Games is a comprehensive P2E game platform that will not only provide IGO opportunities, but also solve essential matters for expanding the game ecosystem such as information fragmentation and game promotion.”

BFC Dynamo as good as through? Beck: This is brutally difficult

The BFC Dynamo has already denied eight games this year, the Northeast Primus was allowed to breathe at the regional cup weekend. The way to the 3rd league appears at an eight-point lead on Carl Zeiss Jena, but the table picture is wrong.

“We are not allowed to forget Lok Leipzig,” says Christian Beck in the cup weekend interview. “They are eleven points behind us, but also have three catch-up games to complete.” The 34-year-old mid-terminal is in the current season of the continuous burner in the team of the Berliner. The Routinian was on the lawn in all previous 30 games and performs the scorer list with 19 hits.

“The last two games are in themselves again”

“We play a very, very good season. We do not want to give room 1 anymore,” is the clear requirement Becks. With such a strong round, “certainly none” expected, but condensation and cohesion rinsed the BFC Dynamo in the table entirely upwards.

Chemnitz, Rathenow, Jena, Auerbach, Tennis Borussia, Fürstenwalde, Berlin AK and Altglienicke now are called the coming opponents. Beck’s rating of the restogram? “That will be brutally difficult. In this league there is no light opponents. In the first leg we have only one point against Optik Rathenow _ (1: 1, note d. R.) _ Get. We have to take every game seriously, The last two games then have it again. ” Beck’s hope again: “Maybe we are already through.”

After that, the promotion games against the north-first of the ticket for the 3rd league stand in the way. Criticism exercises Beck at the Association In view of the scheduling of these two lots: “From the German Football Association, the dating of the promotion games was not quite as clever. We have to wait two weeks after our last season game, the North Master only a week. That would have been one can solve differently. “

Rising games against Oldenburg?

BFC-Zittersieg in hochklassigem Derby: BFC Dynamo - Hertha BSC II | RL Nordost | OSTSPORT.TV

Beck believes that the VFB Oldenburg “the best cards” in the northern scale. Currently, the Lower Saxony have six points ahead of Holstein Kiel II, which has a game less held.

No matter how the opponent is called and regardless of the “from year to year more” painful bones: Beck is also as a 34-year-old even ambitious enough to determine: “With a possible rise, it is a great incentive, again in the 3. Play league. ” There he scored in 176 games 62 results and occupies place in the eternal ruler list nine.

But until he can increase this account, there is still a good way to go regional league. This leads the BFC Dynamo on Saturday to the Gellertstraße on the table fortified Chemnitzer FC.

On the subject

Ascent from the regional league to the 3rd league: questions and answers

Outstanding Karim Benzema: Thats magical nights

34 Games in La Liga and Champions League, 35 Goals – Karim Benzema is unstoppable. His current form has approved that with him and Vinicius Junior only two nominal offensive players from the beginning against FC Chelsea on the field – and real ultimately successful. Fede Valverde took over all the defensively tasks for the two releases in the attack, although Benzema often made sure that Vinicius Junior came near the penalty area of the blues.

After the Brazilian put the first big chance of Blancos, initiated by Benzema and Valverde, only to the latte, it was the Frenchman, who made the Stamford Bridge for the first time on presentation of Vinicius Junior. Benzema sent to Vinicius Junior left in the penalty area, moved even at the highest pace in the sixteen and then completed the dimensional flank of his congenial offensive partners with his head with his latte.

“I have been thinking about the awarded chance”

“We had a good build-up and dangerous counterattack. We found the spaces and were then dangerous with Benzema and Vinicius,” Carlo Ancelotti reflected his defensive match plan on the microphone of “BT Sport”. After the leadership, it only lasted three more minutes before Benzema once again demonstrated his incredible form. Modric flanked buttery between fifferent and penalty point, Benzema disappeared Thiago Silva and Christensen, and headed in reverse running against the direction of Chelsea-Keeper Edouard Mendy into the right corner.

Benzema & Vinicius Jr The UNSTOPPABLE Duo
Before the break, the 34-year-old then proved humanity again, free of Mendy, Benzema shot just left over. That wormed him. “I’m glad I still made the third goal because I had thought about the awarded chance,” says Benzema at “Movistar Plus”. Just that third goal only confirmed that it is easy for Benzema. He benefited from an unclean pass from Mendy to Antonio Rüdiger, reacted thoughtless and then only had to push into the empty gate.

Courtois takes the fans in the duty

His second three-time pack in the Champions League in a row, already in the eighth-final return match against Paris St. Germain he caused it with his hat trick that Real is now in the quarter-finals – and with one leg already in the semifinals. “These are magical nights, as well as in the Bernabeu against Paris. We’ve come to win and show that we are Real Madrid,” says Benzema, which is now with eleven hits to Robert Lewandowski the second threatening attacker of the royal class.

The two-goal lead is Real now with the second leg on Tuesday (21 clock, live! At Karim Benzema). Thibaut Courtois warns to be too safe. “We are not allowed to believe it’s d1. An early goal and everything is open again. We need our fans like our fans and have to play as if it would be a draw.”

Max Payne 1 & 2: Remedy and Rockstar Games Refont Team for a remake of the 2 games

This is an announcement that we did not expect, and that no one has seen come either: the Studio Remedy Entertainment will collaborate again with Rockstar Games to make a remake of the first two episodes of Max Payne. Information comes directly from the social networks of the Finnish studio, yet already well charged into internal projects. It is good to remember that if Max Payne’s license fees belong to Rockstar Games today, creators in this series are Sam Lake and his teams from Remedy, who had popularized the Gunfight in Bullet Time. This return to the sources will allow Remedy to embark on a complete remake of the two episodes, presented in one project visibly, and who will use the Homemade Engine of Remedy Entertainment, namely the Northlight Engine, already used on ancient titles such as Control or Quantum Break. Of course, whether it’s remedy or Rockstar Games, we are happy to embark on such a project.

_ “We were delighted when our long-time friends from Remedy approached us to redo the original games of Max Payne” _, said Sam Houseer, founder of Rockstar Games. _ “We are large fans of the work that the Remedy team created over the years, and we look forward to playing these new versions.” _

_ “Max Payne has always been a special place in everyone’s heart at Remedy, and we know that millions of fans in the world feel the same” _, “said CEO of Remedy, Tero Virtala. _ “We are extremely delighted to work again with our Rockstar Games partners to have the chance to revive the history, the action and atmosphere of the original Max Payne games to the players in a new way.” _

If no release date has been mentioned, or even if these remakes are in an announced development state, on the other hand, they will only come out only on PS5, Xbox Series and PC. The budget is funded by Rockstar Games and these remakes are considered AAA games, so we can expect renders worthy of what the Next Gen ‘consoles could offer. On the other hand, it will have to be patient before seeing it disembark.

Easter deals at Amazon: Games like Pokemon Arceus, Kena & Cyberpunk 2077 greatly reduced [Display]

The April has begun and thus stands Easter in front of the door. Who is looking for possible Easter gifts, should now look closer to the offers at Amazon. You can get back from a variety of deals that look out for you.

Among other things, you have the opportunity to enlarge your pile-of-shame for games. Amazon offers some titles for PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox especially cheap. Some at the current best price. We have picked you up a few of the best deals for games.

All games in the Amazon Easter offer __

Buy top games in the Amazon Easter offer

Games for all current consoles on offer:

  • Ps5 / ps4 games at Amazon on offer
  • Nintendo Switch games at Amazon on offer
  • Xbox games at Amazon on offer

Pokémon legends: Arceus

On Amazon Amazon, you can buy Pokémon Legends: Arceus for only 39.99 euros. This is the current best price and the second best price since Release. The role-playing is worthwhile shows the Easter offer test. Here Arceus could retract the outstanding rating of 92 points and is one of the best games in the series.

Pokémon legends: Buy Arceus in the offer __

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

One of the most beautiful games for the PS5 is also on offer at Amazon. For testerin eleen Reinke, Kena: Bridge of Spirits “not only looks beautiful, but also impresses with challenging fights and exploration that is just fun”. Accordingly, the game in the Easter offer test received a very good rating of 87 points. The offer at Amazon is the Deluxe Edition for PS5 for only 33.99 euros.

Buy Kena for PS5 in the offer __

Cyberpunk 2077

To release, Cyberpunk 2077 was not good in good condition, although it ran a little better on PS5 and Xbox Series X. But now some updates have appeared and just the next-gene version is well playable. The cyberpoint 2077 is also worth the Easter offer Test, where the game actually received a very good rating of 88 points. Deductions were then available for the mentioned technical problems.

If you have been waiting so far and still want to play cyberpunk 2077, you can now buy it at Amazon for 29.99 euros (including 18-shipping). For the PS4 and Xbox version, there is a free upgrade to the PS5 and Xbox Series X version.

Buy Cyberpunk 2077 for PS4 / Xbox All Easter offers at Amazon

You do not want to miss an offer? Then watches regularly at Easter offerals.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus - Before You Buy
Some links built on this page are affiliate links. When buying over these links Easter offer receives a small commission without impact on the price depending on the provider. More info.

What is the Square Enix Valkyrie Profile series?

With the announcement of Valkyrie Elysium, you may assume that the game is a completely new IP. All Valkyrie games are part of the promising Square Enix franchise, which began in the late 90s. Although the story is not so confusing, like Final Fantasy, it is still interesting to see how it began.

The first game Valkyrie was Valkyrie’s profile which was released on Playstation in 1999 . K Valkyrie’s profile: Testament plume ** on Nintendo DS in 2009.

Last game Valkyrie Anatomy: Origin, Mobile game, issued only in Japan in 2016 . Although the games remained mostly niche, they were released in English and collected a small fan base.

The Birth of Final Fantasy | The Complete History of Square (Part 2) [Documentary]

Each of the games rotates around different holkiy or plot points, which are strongly inspired by Scandinavian mythology . These games are longer role-playing games that take tens of hours and have deep stories.

If you want to try Valkryie Profile, then you buy the first game to Google Game Store.

Read more about Valkyrie Profile E, Check out the playground manuals for professionals!

The developer of Ghostwire: Tokyo announces a new game

Ghostwire: Tokyo will not be launched until one more weeks, but the developer Tango Gameworks has already announced a new project that will be launched this year. The title of the mobile is called _ hero, and will have a battle system in shifts that also incorporates table game elements, including the use of dice and letters. It definitely sounds like an interesting concept, but here is the problem: the game has only been announced for Japan, from this writing. However, Tango Gameworks became part of Xbox after the purchase of Bethesda, so perhaps the game reaches other regions at some point.

Ghostwire: Tokyo - February 2022 Official Showcase

A progress of the game can be found embedded below.

As we can see in the progress, the official art of the game presents a cast of larger heroes than life, while the royal game incorporates chibi designs. Advance also shows a series of unique locations and types of enemies. Given the strong level of quality that Tango Gameworks has given in recent years, the game could end up being attractive, but there is very little to continue at this time. Maybe we learn more information about the game after the launch of Ghostwire: Tokyo on March 25!

Tango Gameworks was founded in 2010 by Shinji Mikami, the creator of the Resident Evil Franchise of Capcom. Until now, the study has produced two games, or interior in 2014, and _ Bad interior 2_ in 2017. Both titles were launched on PlayStation and Xbox platforms, as well as PC. Ghostwire: Tokyo represents the third game of the study and will be an exclusive timeline console at PlayStation 5, although it is expected to launch Xbox in the future. _ Hero, will be the first mobile game of the study, which will be launched on the IOS and Android platforms. While Mikami is known by him with Herror Games, Tango Gameworks always intended to be a means for the director to work in genres other than terror. _ Hero, it certainly seems to qualify!

Are you a fan of Tango Gameworks? What do you expect to see from the study in the future? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

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