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Wow Mount Guide: How To Get Otto The Otter

World of Warcraft is full of exciting mounts for players to get their hands on, but few can hold a candle to Otto the Otter. This unique mount is not only incredibly cute, but also has some impressive abilities that make it a must-have item for collectors and adventurers alike! In this article we’ll break down everything you need to know about Otto, including how to get him and what he can do!

Do you desire the coolest Otter in Wow?
We’ll tell you how you get Otto, probably the most innovative installation in Zeroth.
With Wow Dragon flight, Blizzard has actually struggling to hide a lot in the game world of the dragon islands.
The Secret Finding community is presently dealing with more than a dozen secrets-and finally the very first has actually been resolved.
We’ll tell you step by step how you get to the ingenious install Otto the Otter.
Towhead’s associates have actually already processed this into a guide, which of course we do not want to keep from you.
Hold your fishing pole, due to the fact that it will be a long, fishy journey!

Step 1: The Water Scheme toy

As a very first step, you need to earn the water schemes toys.
You can purchase this in the levels of Omaha, at The Great Flunk- a substantial frog that sits 82/72 in a cave at the coordinates.
However, the toy is not offered for gold, but in exchange for a gold coin of the islands.
A gold coin is a super-self-selenium drop that you can get everywhere on the dragon islands when fishing
Do not stress, you can also farm the coin much more dependably.

A little regularly you will find the silver coin of the islands when fishing and much more frequently the copper coin of the islands.
15 Copper coin of the islands can be exchanged for 1 Silver coin of the islands.
5 Silver coin of the islands can be exchanged for 1 gold coin of the islands.
In case of doubt, you need 75 copper coins of the islands in order to be able to buy a gold coin at the end.
That should imply a couple of hours of fishing work.
If you have the gold coin, purchase the bag perfectly fail though bag at The Great Flunk.
The very first of them ensures the water schemes toys, which you can add immediately.

Step 2: Dance up until death!

Now travel to the coast of awakening and behind the obsidian citadel.
With the collaborates 20/36 you will find a little club underwater.
This is an underwater bar.
Utilize the water schemes and then go to the dance mat of the bar.
Your character now starts dancing automatically and gets the rebuff dances, dances until death.
Now you need to be patient.
Wait till the rebuff expires on the dance mat so that your character faints.
Your character then awakens over the bar and is ideal beside a barrel.
Click the barrel to get an empty fish barrel.

step 3: more fishing.

With the fish barrel in the inventory, the fishing is back.
You have to fish an overall of 3 different types of fish that you can discover from now on.
100 icy plaice-you get this in the azure mountains from all open waters.
It can take a while for you to have the fish together, so you need a little persistence.
Use the barrel as quickly as you have 100 of these fish to get a half-filled fish barrel.
25 Catastrophe carp-you can fish them from the lava around the obsidian quota.
Utilize the fish barrel again to get a full fishing barrel.
1 Königsfinne, the smart mustache-you can fish this in the waters at the Together academy, preferably on the little jetty.
Use the barrel again to get an overflowing fish barrel.

Step 4: Otto the Otter

In the last action you travel back to the coast of awakening and go into the place where you are woken up for your dance escapades (coast of awakening, 20/40).
Here you can park the complete barrel again in its original location.


Now Otto appears and provides you a mission.
Take in the mission, complete it, and you have probably the coolest Otter of World of Warcraft-because similar to you, it wears sunglasses!
Have you currently got the Otto?
How do you like secret installs of such?
We have actually presented more installs from Dragon Flight to you here.

The Secret End Of High On Life – How To Get It And Unlock It

Have you ever wondered what lies beyond the end of High on Life? Are there secret levels or surprising rewards waiting for you once you complete the game? In this article, we’ll take a look at the secret end of High on Life, and how you can unlock it to experience a whole new level of gaming.

Who does not enjoy secrets in video games?
Thankfully, High Up On Life is among these video games that use, and you will absolutely desire to discover out how to get the secret end of high on life.
This not just concludes the history of the game, however likewise points out a possible follow up if Squinch Games prepares this.

You can just get the secret end after you have defeated Garmantuous in High on Life.
In order to have the ability to access this trick, you should complete the last bounty on the High up on Life mission list.
Nevertheless, if you have actually done the staying G3 members, you will discover out how you can access this end while going through in charges of High up on Life.

high on life, how to get a secret terminal

The secret end is behind a secret door in Human Haven in High on Life.
How to open this door in High up on Life:
After taking a look at the credits, continue pressing the video game
Use the Bounty-5000 and access the planetary selection menu
Select Nova Sanctions and Clung’s office
Lift the crucial card on his desk
Return home and select the Bounty-5000 again, however this time the unidentified sector
Select the human haven and then appreciate discover platforms that lead upwards
Utilize your jetpack to reach the suggestion and find a door with red lights
Open the door with the key card and go through to find the secret end
We will not ruin the material of the secret end here, however it is clear that this area of the video game is absolutely a follow-up bait.
You even get an accomplishment if you find this secret called Sequel-Bait, so there are definitely some plans.
We have to see whether Squinch Games will reveal a high up on life 2 in the future.
You can do it from ‘gameplay-safe if you desire to see it yourself
How to discover the secret end in High on Life.
You can still play more from the video game later on, so make sure that you gather all high up on life pesos to buy all the staying upgrades or collectibles that are highlighted in our high-on-life complete solution.


Or you can find all high up on life warp crystals to entirely end the video game.

Witcher 3 Trophies And Achievements: Complete List With DLCs


With the release of the new generation of consoles and series on Netflix, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is once again becoming popular and new players are coming to the game.
As a good self-respecting RPG, the game offers many achievements!
In all, there are 78 trophies to unlock, 30 of them secret.
This total number also includes the two LCS: Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine.
1 platinum trophy
2 gold trophies
8 silver trophies
67 onze trophies
Obviously the trophies and achievements listed below contain spoilers about the story and the course of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
So read at your own risk.

List of trophies and general achievements of The Witcher 3

List of Trophies and Secret Achievements by The Witcher 3

Line Games, GameSom 2022, new PC Quantum Nights new trailer unveiled

-Today (24th) ‘GameSom 2022’ official website for the first time new game play trailer

-The third-person shooter’s combat mechanism and movement stylish shooting action

-Space Dive Games, while developing a PC platform in 2023

Line Games announced on the 24th that it will participate online at the European game show ‘Gamescom 2022’ and introduce the new PC online TPS root shooter, which is being developed by Space Dive Games.

The new trailer, which was first released on the official website of Gamescom 2022, is a new world view of the 3-person shooter with a medieval fantasy, and a stylish action based on the combat mechanism and movement of the third-person shooter. It is showing.

The trailer’s actual gameplay scene shows that a character armed with full plate armor discovers enemies, and at the same time use a variety of firearms to shoot and connect the magic skills to kill the enemy. Interaction with the features, you can also check the various play elements such as efficiently killing and creating a way.


Meanwhile, Quantum Nights is being developed with the goal of launching a PC platform in 2023. The user can enjoy the third-person shooting action by conducting various missions in the medieval fantasy world embodied in the open world.

The firearms of Quantum Nights have their own ability and unique appearance, so that users can collect and grow and create their own play combinations.

The new trailer of can be found on GameCom official website and Official YouTube . ** will be updated later.

VfB Lübeck additionally wins his 3rd game

When the Lübecker drive to the new league leader Hildesheim, the football fans in the north can currently look ahead to Sunday.

The SC Weiche Flensburg 08 had actually started with nine factors from three video games. Also on Wednesday against VfV 06 Hildesheim every little thing resembled a win, Kramer put his shades early in the lead (16th). With a reduced shot by Göttel (36th) and a quick hit by Mensah Quarshie soon after the break (48th), the game transformed. The SC likewise really did not recognize how to use yellow-red for Hildesheim’s left-back Baghdadi in the 60th minute. He pressed and had chances, but either the last accuracy or unlucky-like at Kramer’s slatted headball stand in the means. In injury time Akdas also finished a counterattack to 3: 1, the Lower Saxony jump to the top of the table.

The talents from the state capital of Lower Saxony fell back, Evina reduced from a short distance (28th). The game was currently limited and exciting, Boland took the heavy steam out a little in the 48th minute with his 3-1. The professional placed a straight approval on the net. Boland prepared the 4: 1 by Felix Drinkuth (60th). The last excitement in front of 2782 fans was the red card for Hanover’s Gindorf after crude foul game (78th), a little later the 3rd Lübeck victory in the third game of the period.

VfB Lübeck will most likely have observed the loss of one of the biggest competitors for first location. The former second division club himself, due to the participation in the DFB Cup with a game in arrears, need to be met at home against Hannover 96 II with flying shades. In the 4-1, Kölle began in the 16th minute, which made use of a hacken shelf from Plume. The following objective adhered to in the 23rd minute, Boland still stopped working, and also implemented Grupe in the margin.

After 4 games, the climber is still pointless at the end of the table. Simply like BW reward after the 1-2 versus Werder Bremen II, yet Lohne likewise just completed two games.


The FC Teutonia Ottensen is allowed to take a deep breath, who commemorated its very first win of the season at Phönix Lübeck many thanks to an Istefo goal in minute 17. There were points departments between TSV Havelse and the Bremer SV and in between BSV SW Rehden and Holstein Kiel II (1: 1 each).

Wildes 3: 3 in Norderstedt

Eintracht stayed money grubbing as well as Choi raised to 2-0 in the 14th minute with a shot in the short corner. Who recognizes, maybe it would have been done for a formerly overbearing Norderstedt, unless Wallenborn had actually drawn the emergency brake in the penalty location in the 52nd minute.

Currently on Tuesday, Eintracht Norderstedt and also the U 21 of the Burger HSV were confronted with the beginning of the 4th game day. Eintracht Norderstedt finally intended to win her first triumph versus the specialist reserve. When Lüneburg pushed a flank right into the internet on the 2nd blog post, and already in the Second minute it looked great with this undertaking.

Just like BW incentive after the 1-2 versus Werder Bremen II, but Lohne also just finished 2 video games.

The SC Weiche Flensburg 08 had begun with nine factors from three games. The former second division club himself, since of the participation in the DFB Mug with a game in arrears, must be fulfilled at residence versus Hannover 96 II with flying colors. The game was interesting as well as currently limited, Boland took the vapor out a little in the 48th minute with his 3-1. The last exhilaration in front of 2782 fans was the red card for Hanover’s Gindorf after rugged foul game (78th), a little later the third Lübeck success in the third game of the period.

The guests did not provide up and also proceeded to look for their way. A shot from Fabisch from the second row landed in the goal to 2: 3. Currently everything was in there once more, as well as indeed, Beleme headed a cross from Rexhepi in the 78th minute to make up. In blockage time, Norderstedt’s Bork saw red as a result of gross nasty having fun. Absolutely nothing transformed after the HSV II after Jeddeloh II played a 2-0 exceeded against Jeddeloh II, he showed a superior morality on Tuesday evening and stands after eight points 4 also play effectively there, while Norderstedt needs to commemorate his initial triumph on another day.

BFV Association Head Of State Kern: I approve that the master does not rise

Which are the most crucial? .

When Christoph Kern meets BFV Head for an online meeting, the colossal bookcase catches the eye alongside his white shirt as well as glasses with the narrow edges. In fact, according to the new BFV Head of state, others should judge him. The materials of the substantial furniture disclose something about his personality, for instance that Kern suches as to read the novels with the strange inspector Kluftinger. After all, the physician of legislation was himself a public prosecutor in Kluftinger’s residence town of Kempten. Many other tomes decorate the walls: Helmut Kohl’s mins, legal non-fiction publications and a caricature of Kern himself. Apparently the Franconian can additionally grin regarding himself. He had actually already carried out a feature early on, where there is naturally little to laugh regarding: as an umpire.
|* A specific capability to mediate is essential both as a Head of state and as a mediator. When I began whistling at the age of 14, I wasn’t that far in my development-but after that I took it. In brief, if I had not grabbed the whistle, I wouldn’t have ended up being president.

? .

There’s an unbelievable quantity to do, I’m acquainting myself, putting together my schedule for the next couple of weeks, going out to the clubs, making calls. Existence is very essential to me, right from the begin.

National football really did not have the very best picture of late, additionally because of the situation at the DFB. The BFV inhabits a very revealed setting, especially in the media perception-and I suggest that in a positive method. On the whole, we have an image that we can improve, but it’s not existentially poor.

Mr. Kern, to what level do you need to be an arbitrator as President? .

The BFV has actually an exposed placement.

Christopher Kern.


What do you imply? .

The question likewise focused on the photo as a divided organization. .

Of all, that I get a lot of tailwind as well as approval from the election. Apparently I wasn’t that incorrect with my vision, that’s encouraging. It is much a lot more essential that we are perceived as an association.

Just how do you intend to boost it? .

Just how concentrated have you been in your very first couple of weeks? .

We are placing the concentrate on ladies, we can no much longer pay for to ignore half our populace.

Christopher Kern.

True, the organization was also perceived negatively. But we ought to absolutely separate right here.

We need to come close to the concerns in a different way, take clubs and also members with us. And also we require absolute openness. To do this, we need to answer the inquiries of the existing generation.

Don’t we even placed game days on Fridays to make it less complicated for households to plan their weekend breaks? Also, with our concentrate on women, we can no more manage to disregard half our population.

11. July 202253:04 minutes.

The 1991/92 season can supply all that and also much more, and also with it the very first episode of BFV Head history. The next episode of twist history will be released on July 18th.

Trailer: twist history.

1991/92 period: East teams, tension, Bayern crisis.


Nonetheless, the concept of sporting activity is that the master has to rise-also due to the planning protection… .

Yes, the two promo games after the end of the season are neither calculable nor predictable. If the champ in an amazing season ending is only identified on the last day of the game, early preparation is likewise not feasible for the clubs. The weighting for an independent regional league is more than the expansion of the Bavarian local organization.

From the coming season, clubs from the nationwide organization down might put advertising and marketing on the back of the jacket as well as the shorts. Why? .

The weighting for an independent regional organization is more than the expansion of the Bavarian local organization.

Christopher Kern.

more podcasts.

We have to maintain up with the moments and intend to give clubs the possibility to have even more t-shirt enrollers. Which is not a must. Far, there have only been limiting regulations, yet the demand from the clubs has increased.

no For the Bavarian regional league, our objective is for the self-reliance of the league to be offered better weight.

The adjustment of president created a clearly recognizable feeling of optimism. I feel that with our volunteers we have inspired people in our ranks that want to take on things with each other.

On the contrary. I know the policy from youth games that I refereed. The time charge has always existed there. It has actually constantly been an attempted as well as evaluated tool for me. If we see that it is an obstacle to advance, we will ask ourselves, along with the clubs, whether we need to keep it.

The champions of the Regionalliga Bayern have to play promotion video games once more this season. .

The champs of the Regionalliga Bayern have to play promo games once more this period. Is this for the organization? .

What is the current mood there? .

So the assimilation of the southern clubs of the Northeast season is not an option either? .

It is extremely vital to me that the Regionalliga Bayern remains in this type. At the end of the day, I bore with the reality that the master does not risen straight. The past couple of years have revealed the class and also capacity of Bayern. In 10 years, the organization offered 7 marketers.

The ten-minute fine is likewise back, thirty years after it was eliminated. Do not you assume this policy will create a lot more problem on the pitch? .

From the coming season, clubs from the nationwide league down may put advertising on the back of the jersey and the shorts. The ten-minute fine is also back, 30 years after it was eliminated. **.

High quality, adaptability as well as speed: Magdeburg brings El Hankouri

In a total of 127 video games in the eredivisia, El Hankouri racked up 5 objectives as well as 13 templates. Furthermore, he ran once for the U-20 nationwide groups of Morocco as well as the Netherlands, rather he finally chose Morocco and played two games for the U 23.

FCM Managing Director Otmar Schork provides the beginner on the club’s very own web site as complies with: Despite his young years, Mo is a skilled player that has actually shown his suitability in the first Dutch league for a few years. Aid us in the 2nd Bundesliga.

After numerous stations in the Netherlands, El Hankouri ventured out of home and will certainly show up in the 2nd Bundesliga for Magdeburg in the future. The 24-year-old made the jump from the young people location to the Feyenoord Rotterdam’s first team in 2016 and likewise won the Dutch champion in the very same season. This was adhered to by borrowing from Willem II Tilburg as well as to Groningen, where he was securely devoted in summer season 2019.

Which are the Best Xbox Game Pass indie games in 2022?

Xbox Game Pass is a Microsoft subscription service that makes a catalog of games available via download or streaming. With over 100 games on the list, some of the names that stand out the most are AAA productions, or high-budget games like Doom Eternal, Forza Horizon 5, and Gears 5. However, Game Pass features plenty of indie titles like Hollow Knight, Hades, and Death’s Door that might not grab as much attention as the big names but provide hours of fun and often exciting content. With that in mind, TechTudoseparated seven independent games from the Game Pass catalog that those who subscribe to the service should be on the radar. Check out!

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight was released in 2017 and became an instant classic of the Metroidvania genre, which unites Metroid and Castlevania. The story tells the adventures of a small knight who comes across a town suffering from a mysterious infection. The game brought novelties to the genre, which were used in great titles of the niche that came later.

In addition to being an excellent game, Team Cherry’s game is still a great choice in terms of cost-effectiveness, as it features a gigantic map and can generate dozens of hours of gameplay. In addition, the game’s difficulty is considered above average and can be pretty punishing, especially for those who want to complete 114% of the game.

Art of Rally

If the rally is an alternative form of motor racing, the game Art of Rally approaches the sport creatively and innovatively. The game has a more intimate design and is less potent than other racing games. However, the graphic choice matches the game’s proposal, which allows a dispute of drifts in “terrain” tracks. The game is guaranteed fun for anyone who is a fan of racing games, mainly because it has an authentic feel that clashes with the most popular games, such as the Forza series itself or even Gran Turismo.


The gameplay adjusts the main character’s changes in the Witch Beam game. With several boxes scattered around, the player must choose the best way to place personal objects in the new locations. Making a change can be tedious and tiring for many people, but Unpacking very cleverly shows that they tell stories.

The game’s central idea is to follow the main character’s life through the different stages he has gone through and the stories he has lived. In addition, Unpacking is a short game that can be finished in an afternoon and can be a good choice for those who want to follow a good story without dedicating hundreds of hours to a game.

Cris Tales

Cris Tale is a Japanese-style RPG (JRPG) developed by a Colombian team, which is curious enough in itself. But the game attracts attention for its innovations. With a captivating story and unprecedented tools, such as combat that can take place in three different timelines, the narrative mixes some clichés of medieval stories with the famous hero’s journey. These elements are even intelligently applied to the game’s gameplay.

Death’s Door

Death’s Door competed for the best independent game of the year at The Game Awards 2021. Despite not having won, the game published by Devolver deserves all the accolades given. The story features a bird that transits between the world of the living and the dead to harvest the souls of those who have expired their time.

Death’s Door is still captivated by the gameplay with a well-defined progression and a creative story approach. Also, the boss battles are memorable. Another highlight is the art direction: the game knows how to separate the world full of life and the world of soul reapers.

The Gunk

The Gunk’s space narrative is about two space scrappers who end up on an unknown planet searching for objects that can provide sustenance. The detail is that the place is dominated by Gunk, which limits the beauty of the area and life. With an intimate story that develops the relationship of the two explorers, The Gunk also gets the design of the planet and the creatures that inhabit the region right. The game is not that long, but it manages to guarantee a good weekend of entertainment.


Hades, released in late 2018, was critically praised. The game follows the story of Zagreus, son of Hades, who tries to escape from hell, but must go through several challenges there before achieving his long-awaited freedom. The game is a roguelike, where the player returns to the starting point when dying in the raids but keeps some of the items gained in the run. Each run feels unique, even with the player returning to the God of Death’s house whenever they lose. With a high degree of variety in terms of powers, monsters, and stage formats, Hades brings impeccable gameplay.

V Rising Offline Mode is Now Available on patch 0.5.41448

An update has now been made in V Rising, and it allows, in particular, to play on LAN, that is, to start an offline game directly at home with friends (or not).

What are the main changes in the update?
The leading prominent new feature in this 0.5.41448 update concerns the addition of an offline (LAN) mode that allows players to play V Rising without any connection. Players can enable this mode directly through the main game screen when starting a server.

Here are the other notable new features in the update:
The possibility of sending messages to the whole server: if maintenance is carried out, a warning message is sent so that the players can get to safety (in the coffin, for example). This feature can be used by hosts to send important messages to other players.
It fixed authentication bugs that prevented players from returning to specific servers.
Fixed various bugs like Soul Shard disappearing if placed in a container,
Players can no longer send the same minion on multiple hunts by placing various thrones.
Steam Cloud – You can now store V Rising server history. Autosave is enabled by default.
I have added server icons next to official server names for easy identification.
Added admin commands – to improve management of privately hosted servers.

How to play V Rising on LAN?
To play V Rising without an Internet connection, you need to follow these steps:
Start Steam
Log out in Steam (Steam -> Log Out…)
After that, you can disconnect from the Internet.
V Rising release
If you host a local server, you must start the server in LAN mode using the checkbox in the user interface or by beginning the dedicated server with the Lan parameter. If you connect to a LAN server, you must check the LAN Server box in the “Direct connection to server” window or by using the connection console command.

Extra PS1 video games filter their prizes with the brand-new PS Plus: these are the 4 games that verify the difficulties

PlayStation users are expectant at the arrival of the new PS And also, which has actually dated its launch in Europe for the following June 23 . Up until now, the first directory video games have actually been verified (with the pledge that a lot more will be included ) and we have actually uncovered that some classic titles will arrive at PS4 as well as PS5 with trophies, as the writers of * verify * claim * Syphon Filter *.

Syphon Filter Walkthrough
We still do not recognize just how numerous retro video games will certainly include this mechanics, because some can not integrate them today . We have actually just understood brand-new titles that are added to that checklist headed by Syphon Filter, which suggests we can still have a lot more information regarding classic distributions with trophies. We leave you the experiences that validate the performance with the brand-new PS And also, courtesy of the Exphase site:

By doing this, the previously mentioned video games will be released in the brand-new PS And also with additional challenges and, as we already have with Syphon Filter, with the opportunity of Platinear claimed adventures. By doing this, we will certainly listen to all the info related to the restored PS And also, which opens on May 24 in the Eastern market and also, therefore, will continue to disclose new information in the coming days.

This news contributes to one more exploration: two PS1 and PSP games that have just appeared in the PS Store of Malaysia. While we rejoice with each info regarding the new PS Plus, we can not prevent explaining the ** PlayStation’s negative communication around one of its most essential techniques. Due to the fact that, although we are obtaining information thanks to leakages as well as information published by the very same Japanese business, there is no question that its discussion has left us even more questions than assurances.

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