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Worlds 2022: T1 and DRX face in the LOL World Cup final

The World 2022 final, the United States League of Legends World, will be 100% Korean. This weekend, T1 of the three-time Faker world champion, and the DRX, by shooter Deft, won their respective semifinals games and will make a final between two of LCK’s most traditional eSports organizations, Lol’s Korean League. The big decision of the championship will take place on November 5 (Saturday), at 21h00 asília time.

On Saturday (29), the T1, which goes in search of the 4th world title in the history of the organization, did not learn of JD Gaming, China, and won 3-1. Although JDG started better in the MD5 series and won The first match, finished shortly before 40 minutes, T1 reacted from game 2, without allowing the recovery of rivals, and became the series with 34, 31 and 24 minutes wins, with Faker being the team’s highlight.

Three-time LOL champion in 2013, 2015 and 2016, T1 returns to a World final after 6 years. The team’s last decision had been in 2017. At the time, the team lost 3-0 to Samsung Galaxy, also in a duel between South Korean teams. Of all the players who defended T1 at the 2017 World Cup, only Faker remained, and Mid Later can become the first player in history with four LOL world titles in the curriculum.


Already on Sunday, DRX surprised favorite Gen G Esports, current LCK champion, and advanced to the grand final also with a 3-1 win. Although Gen G started better and won the first game quickly, in just 29 minutes, DRX recovered following and became the series to 3-1, with triumphs in 39, 30 and 37 minutes, respectively.

Owner of a LCK title and an MSI deputy in 2018, when the organization was still called King-Zone Dragon, the DRX reaches the first final of its history. The championship can also be the consecration of the winner of the shooter Deft, owner of two LCK titles, two LPL titles and a title of MSI, but that such as DRX will also play the first Lol Career final.

Are the pugs in Westeros in House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones?

There are tons of mythical creatures in ice and fire song. After all, it is a series of high fantasy, even if most of the attractiveness lies in politiquería and very human intrigues around the iron thr1. If you just saw the third episode of House of the Dragon, you are probably asking the same question as us: Are there pugs in Westeros, and in the Canon House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones? ?

Are there pugs in Poniente?

We are quite sure that the pugs have not been mentioned in a song of ice and fire, but with the launch of Episode 3 of House of the Dragon, it seems that the showrunners have taken some creative freedoms with the types of dog breeds that It exists in Westeros.

In Poniente, the only breeds of dogs and beasts known are the foxes, the huargos, the normal wolves, along with the mastiffs, the wishes, the shepherd dogs, the sand dogs, the hounds, the wolf dogs and the dogs of the hell. There has never been any indication that the adorable pugs exist in this brutal universe. .

However, that belief has been completely invested with episode 3 of House of the Dragon, since we see that one of the court ladies does have a pug, and even led him to hunt in Kingswood. In a brief scene, Rhaenyra talks with Alicent and the other ladies, and when asked about her role in the kingdom, he answers abruptly and asks the lady what she has done for the kingdom lately in addition to eating cake.

Then, the camera shows a quick shot of a small pug in her lap, licking the remaining pieces of her plate.

So… yes, according to HBO adaptation of House of the Dragon, the pugs exist in Westeros, but certainly not in the series of George Rr Martin books.


That is all you need to know about if there are pugs in Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon . Be sure to look for DLPRIVATOSERVER to get more news and information about the series, including why Rhaenyra could see the white deer and where the stone steps are geographically.

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Dorfromantik: Steering play has finally a release

The setup game Dorfromantik has a final release date. The game available in the Early Access should be at 28. April 2022 officially launched. That announced the Studio Toucana on 24 March 2022 as part of the Future Games Show. Already in March 2021 we reported on the charming student project from Berlin

What is “Dorfromantik”?

Dorfromantik is a build-up with card game elements. The game world is not built by hand in settlers, but is done from the collapse of a random record deck. This combination is so far popular, both at the press, as well as in the player. Dorfromantik was able to secure the price for the “best game” at the German Developer Award. The price of the title is currently at steam at 8.99 euros.

In a Steam post to the full release, updates have already been indicated. Thus it says in the post that it continues after the release of Dorfromantik (now € 8.99) and one hopes that the player will continue to accompany the studio on this journey.

Early access as a curse and blessing

It’s great to see a game that does not stuck in the early access phase, but after just under 12 months a firm and complete release strives. In the past, there were numerous examples of early access games, which could never escape from this status.

I Played Dorfromantik for 24 Hours and THIS Happened...

Meanwhile, there are many major titles that are temporarily in the Early Access. Only in February 2022 we reported on Baldur’s Gate 3, which should be in early access for a long time.

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What is the Square Enix Valkyrie Profile series?

With the announcement of Valkyrie Elysium, you may assume that the game is a completely new IP. All Valkyrie games are part of the promising Square Enix franchise, which began in the late 90s. Although the story is not so confusing, like Final Fantasy, it is still interesting to see how it began.

The first game Valkyrie was Valkyrie’s profile which was released on Playstation in 1999 . K Valkyrie’s profile: Testament plume ** on Nintendo DS in 2009.

Last game Valkyrie Anatomy: Origin, Mobile game, issued only in Japan in 2016 . Although the games remained mostly niche, they were released in English and collected a small fan base.

The Birth of Final Fantasy | The Complete History of Square (Part 2) [Documentary]

Each of the games rotates around different holkiy or plot points, which are strongly inspired by Scandinavian mythology . These games are longer role-playing games that take tens of hours and have deep stories.

If you want to try Valkryie Profile, then you buy the first game to Google Game Store.

Read more about Valkyrie Profile E, Check out the playground manuals for professionals!

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