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Dorfromantik: Steering play has finally a release

The setup game Dorfromantik has a final release date. The game available in the Early Access should be at 28. April 2022 officially launched. That announced the Studio Toucana on 24 March 2022 as part of the Future Games Show. Already in March 2021 we reported on the charming student project from Berlin

What is “Dorfromantik”?

Dorfromantik is a build-up with card game elements. The game world is not built by hand in settlers, but is done from the collapse of a random record deck. This combination is so far popular, both at the press, as well as in the player. Dorfromantik was able to secure the price for the “best game” at the German Developer Award. The price of the title is currently at steam at 8.99 euros.

In a Steam post to the full release, updates have already been indicated. Thus it says in the post that it continues after the release of Dorfromantik (now € 8.99) and one hopes that the player will continue to accompany the studio on this journey.

Early access as a curse and blessing

It’s great to see a game that does not stuck in the early access phase, but after just under 12 months a firm and complete release strives. In the past, there were numerous examples of early access games, which could never escape from this status.

I Played Dorfromantik for 24 Hours and THIS Happened...

Meanwhile, there are many major titles that are temporarily in the Early Access. Only in February 2022 we reported on Baldur’s Gate 3, which should be in early access for a long time.

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What is the Square Enix Valkyrie Profile series?

With the announcement of Valkyrie Elysium, you may assume that the game is a completely new IP. All Valkyrie games are part of the promising Square Enix franchise, which began in the late 90s. Although the story is not so confusing, like Final Fantasy, it is still interesting to see how it began.

The first game Valkyrie was Valkyrie’s profile which was released on Playstation in 1999 . K Valkyrie’s profile: Testament plume ** on Nintendo DS in 2009.

Last game Valkyrie Anatomy: Origin, Mobile game, issued only in Japan in 2016 . Although the games remained mostly niche, they were released in English and collected a small fan base.

The Birth of Final Fantasy | The Complete History of Square (Part 2) [Documentary]

Each of the games rotates around different holkiy or plot points, which are strongly inspired by Scandinavian mythology . These games are longer role-playing games that take tens of hours and have deep stories.

If you want to try Valkryie Profile, then you buy the first game to Google Game Store.

Read more about Valkyrie Profile E, Check out the playground manuals for professionals!

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