Red Bull Pilot Max Stappen won the Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia. The Dutchman returned to Bahrain after his unfortunate failure and won in a chaotic race in front of the two Ferraris around Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz.

Record world champion Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) had to satisfy himself after a weak qualification on Saturday and starting place 14 with rank ten and a World Cup point. Nico Hülkenberg, who once again represented the sick Sebastian Vettel, was twelve in Aston Martin.

Haas driver Mick Schumacher could not go to the start after his crash on Saturday. The bolide was damaged by the impact to severely damaged, which is why his team returned the car for the weekend. “I’m fine, I would certainly be ready to drive,” said the son of record world champion Michael Schumacher on Sunday in the paddock.

“It was a great race,” Suchers was pleased to stages after the end of the race: “In the end, we could see that we had a little better Pace. After all, we are now well started the season.” Leclerc confessed that he had absolutely enjoyed the renewed duel of the two: “That was great racing, so every race should be. Max has made a super job.”

Leclerc leads the World Cup with 45 points in front of his Spanish teammate Carlos Sainz (33) and stipen (25). The next continuous winner of Mercedes once again played a secondary role on Sunday and should hardly return to the circle of title candidates at least for the time being.

Saudi Arabia GP: The analysis

From the top group Sergio Perez caught the best start. The Mexican came well from the stain and turned into the first curve as a leading pilot. Behind it conceded Sainz in the second Ferrari and pushed ahead in third place. Slightly surprising, all 18 started cars came without significant incidents through the first curves of the narrow city course.

In the first stint, especially the midfield struggles should dominate the events. The two Alpine Pilots Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso delivered a lap-long wheel-to-cycling duel, later Valtteri Bottas (Alfa Romeo) and Kevin Magnussen (Haas) were also added and made from the two – a four-fight.

At the top, however, the distances stabilized after a few circuits. Perez led the field, behind it was followed by Leclerc, stages and Sainz each with 2.5 seconds behind each other. Behind it, a first big gap for pursuer George Russell gaped.

Movement brought the first pit stops. A detached undercut call Ferraris was followed by Perez as the first driver to the pit lane, a little later, the pre-fast action red bulls should take revenge. A departure from Williams-Pilot Nicholas Latifi brought the Safety Car on the slopes, Leclerc, stages and Sainz immediately came to the box and moved past the Mexican.

However, direct duels also remained in short supply with the fresh tires at the beginning of the second stint. Neither stapping nor Sainz managed to jump into the one-second window to use the DRS wing. Only another VSC phase, triggered by technical problems with Alonso and Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren), brought the field together closer together.

This finally took advantage of the attack on Leclerc. Similar to the duel in Bahrain a week ago, the Dutch passed several times on the Ferrari pilot, but each time countered on the subsequent starting and target straights with DRS.

Only as stages itself was close enough for an attack in the DRS zone, the maneuver worked. The Red Bull braked in in curve one at Leclerc over, the Monegasse should not find a response.

Sainz completed the podium as third parties and underlined the next good Ferrari result. Fourth was misfortune Perez. Russell (5./Mercedes), Ocon (6th/alpine), Lando Norris (7th/mclaren), Pierre Gasly (8./alphatauri), Magnussen (9./HAAS) and Hamilton (10./Mercedes) were allowed are still looking forward to World Cup points.

Bahrain-GP: The tire strategy

The majority of the field decided at the start of the medium tire mixture. Only Magnussen, Hamilton and Hülkenberg chose the hard pneus for the first stint. Especially Hamilton but complained at the beginning of the race about missing grip, which was also found on the Speed ​​of the Silver Arrow. Only with difficulty plow the record world champion through the field.

At the top Ferrari utilized the advantage of the pursuer position. With a Undercut boxing radio to Leclerc, the Italians Perez led to a premature first stop. Red Bull pride the bait under fear of losing the track position over the Scuderia.

The only one round later the following safety car phase crossed these plans, however. Under yellow and Sc completed LECLERC, stages and Sainz her stops and moved past the front runner. Perez was passed on to position four and could no longer intervene in the fight for victory.

Stappen used the second stint on fresh hards then to tire. At first it seemed that there would be no major changes in the fight for the victory. But the Dutchman traded his tires well and could attack with a better grip against Racing Leclerc.

Highlight of the race: Alpine-Duel

Hard and real racing between two teammates you are not really used to. Often the racing team engages in advance and let the faster pilot grant to prevent crash and position losses.

Alpine made his pilot free hand on Jeddah Corniche Circuit, providing a lap-long, spectacular wheel-on-wheel duel. Several times Oldie Alonso seemed to be past Ocon, but again and again the Frenchman found a suitable answer. Even if you can ask the approach alpines in question – after all, Ocon ultimately lost its position at the bottas from behind – for the fans it was more than considerable.

Top of the race: max stages

After his unfortunate failure in Bahrain, the Dutchman on Jeddah Corniche Circuit succeeded the reparation. Almost the entire race, he stopped in the slippers of Leclerc, just to put in the final phase then the decisive attack on the middlegows. He did not take the victory no longer.

Flop of the race: Nicholas Latifi

One would like to think that the Canadian has developed a favor for the Saudi Arabian route limits during the weekend. Both in qualifying and in the race, the Williams pilot donated his bolides in one of the walls of the city course. In times of little spare parts and financial bottlenecks of small teams no nice thing. The fact that he also built up good results in both sessions comes to aggravating.

“It’s a miracle!” In these formula 1 crash was a guardian angel on board

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Formula 1: The World Cup stand (after 2 of 23 races)

  • Driver rating:
Place Driver Team Points
1 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 45
2 Carlos Sainz Ferrari 33
3 Max stappen Red Bull 25
4 George Russell Mercedes 22
5 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 16
6 Esteban Ocon Alpine 14

Max Verstappen And Charles Leclerc's Fight For The Win | 2022 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix
7 | Sergio Perez | Red Bull | 12
8 | Kevin Magnussen | Haas | 12
9 | Valtteri Bottas | Alfa Romeo | 8th
10 | Lando Norris | McLaren | 6

  • Constructor’s rating:
Place Team Points
1 Ferrari 78
2 Mercedes 38
3 Red Bull 37
4 Alpine 16
5 Haas 12
6 Alfa Romeo 9
7 Alphatauri 8th
8 McLaren 6
9 Aston Martin 0
10 Williams 0