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Concern of the week Leverkusen is still making the dive to a Champions League

The failed start of the season had workers effects in Leverkusen at the start of October: the factory club, which at the time discovered himself in the Bundesliga on a totally unfamiliar 17th, separated from coach Gerardo Sloane and changed it with the previous world champ ABI Alonso.
Under the leadership of the Spaniard, the Leverkusen really got going again after some start-up time.

5-0 against the then leader Union Berlin, 2-1 in the derby at 1. FC Cologne and 2-0 versus VfB Stuttgart in the last game prior to the World Cup in Qatar-Baver, which in the Play-offs of the Europa League in mid-February
meets the AS Monaco, the transfer zone left after three wins in a row and remains in 12th place in the Bundesliga after 15 match days.
In the rest of the season, which starts for the Leverkusen on January 22 (5:30 p.m.) with an away game at Borussia Mönchengladbach, the previous year’s in 3rd year wants to declare the big catch-up and still reach the Champions League.
9 points are presently the space to the 4th of the table in Eintracht Frankfurt.


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Marco Rose protects his work at BVB

In summer, the courses between Marco Rose and BVB separated after simply one season together. In the meantime, the 46-year-old coaches the Dortmund Bundesliga rival RB Leipzig, however he still reflects at Russia.


When Marco Rose moved from Mönchengladbach to BVB in 2021, those accountable for the black and yellow expected a long-term option on the coaching bench. However, it didn’t really desire to trigger between the team and the trainer.

However, there are no wicked blood in between both sides. The native of Leipzig has now highlighted this again in an interview.

After an overall combined year, the Dortmund decision-makers lastly pulled the ripcord, Rose needed to go after an in-depth round of analysis.

A lot of little setbacks as a BVB coach

At the very same time, he confessed that not everything went according to plan. We had a lot of stages in which we didn’t bring everything we desired to cause the pitch, summarized the 46-year-old, who mentioned a lot of little setbacks.

I was really happy to be in Dortmund and felt really, extremely comfortable there, Rose clarified in an interview with Sky. He was the objective of ending up being a master with the Russia master, he was switched to the Purport giant, however not everything was bad.

The BVB had played an perfect Bundesliga season with 69 points and most gates from Borussia Dortmund’s Bundesliga club history, Rose noted the success of his term.

Nevertheless, Rose emphasized that it was mostly great memories of his time in Dortmund. I worked with great individuals, had an excellent connection to the group and still have contact, the ex-professional concerned a conciliatory conclusion.

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