En pace Cell (joint representative delivery, Jung Hyundai) said that the multi-platform MMORPG Grand SA, a 2022, MMORPG Grand SA, said he was conducting a celebration event and content update of black tiger.

First, the black tiger is the black tiger to add costs to the 12 species in the game in the game with the theme.

In addition, the Queue and ‘Aorta’ character with the new year concept from January 1 to 11 will show three kinds of artifacts with SSR Grand Waders.

In addition, we can earn the first light property boss ‘Geneva’ through the update of the competitive content in the game ‘Judge’.

ABC NHL intro | NYR@BOS | 11/26/2021

En pace Cells conduct a variety of events commemorate of the new year. First, we will be able to win the New Year’s event, and the new year’s event will be held through the event page of the official forum.

The New Year’s Attendance Event is the New Year’s Attendance Event to achieve the character ‘win’ dedicated Costume, and will provide a variety of items such as Gold and SSR Grandson and Graders via ‘Queue’s Puzzle Events until 13th.