DROPSHIPS in _Taeyendens are responsible for bringing players back to a match after legends have been eliminated, but apparently, these descent ships can also eliminate them by themselves. A player discovered that this week when a descending ship took the matter in his own hands and threw the player out of the circle without a way of entering enough quickly as to avoid being eliminated by environmental damage.

This meeting that is almost unaudito was shared by appendix player and redditor bag_imaging_6811 this week in a clip within the game subnet entitled “Beware of the reappearance ship”. He showed the player playing like Valkyrie, a legend that is probably one of the only ones that could be found in this type of situation. They took off in their ultimate as Valkyrie to reposition within the next circle, but the descending ship had other plans.

Beware of the reappearance ship ???? ♂️ from
Apex legends

This interaction occurred due to the speed with which the ships take off after fulfilling their main objective of returning the players to a game. Naturally, it would seem that you were out of his way until they put a direction to splitting the Apex games, and the trajectory of this ship would cross with that of Valkyrie.

The player in question could probably have been saved using the Valkyrie propeller backpack skill to recover control in full flight, but considering how fast everything happened and how fast the player moved after being released, it is not difficult to imagine Someone without knowing what to do until it realizes. They are receiving damage.

It is a bit ironic that this also happens to Valkyrie of All Legends, considering how we have seen videos again and again before Legend uses him to ambush the players who come out of the ships before they can touch the floor. However, it is not at all an exclusive problem of the Valkyrie players, even if it is an extremely rare situation in which someone is. In response to this publication, another player shared a clip of another person playing in Olympus instead of Kings Canyon, which makes him a much more dangerous dropship meeting since there are so many places to be eliminated from the map.

Thematic Event

In another aPéndex News, the developers recently announced the beginning of another event that will begin soon. It will come with more cosmetics to buy and rewards to win, but there are no Heirloom plans for this.