The “Chinese Game Listening” is finally the first. This time, we will deliver a town development simulation game “ Eastern: Plain-isolated “.

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Seasun Games has also started a test of this year’s scheduled to release this summer. This time, I was able to prepare the alpha version of the alpha version from the release source, so we will deliver the play repo using it. Please note that it may be different from the contents after the formal release.

Although it is the content of this work, the player is a “Sim City” type simulation game that creates a town with a fictional ancient China. Speaking of ancient Chinese town development games, there is a “THE IMMORTAL MAYOR (Tenjin Single), which introduced before, but this work is the content of the mission clear type. Reverse playback, it has to be a mission within time. Let’s play immediately what kind of game is it!

# Player is a secretary of the town

Secretary of Koeno prefecture , Kozo is the main character of this work. He did not work anything except that he had been officer for 13 years, but nothing is d1. His subordinate “I got an effort from the court, so I will do my best to the development of the town.”

And this is the main character. He feels like I hate work. He says how to talk “~ す っ っ っ う ぼ. Mr. Yamata says, “Let’s make the most rich town in the world.” He also adds a supporter and let me work in a long time.

Here is a mission contract. The first goal and the second goal are, so let’s clear each time. This work is different from other town development games is that a minimum number of missions are provided. First of all, let’s achieve the first goal “Construction of private house, Kozo, Cotton field” .

Next, you can hire “ Pills ” that gives bonus to the development of the town (up to 5 people). Pills have five parameters ( energetic, production, revenue, expenses, competition ), and overall excellent people will be higher. However, since the bonus to the town will be the total value of all parameters, it is necessary to adjust the person who is biased or balanced, or it is necessary to adjust the hiring person. You should hire it according to the purpose.

Building production is greatly affected in the season. For example, “ Koibata ” is small in summer food production, and autumn is increasing. In addition, “ tavern ” should be aware of the characteristics of the building, such as the money of gold coin increases in winter.

Main screen of the game. As mentioned earlier, this work is a mission clear game, so you have to do the goal within the deadline. The first goal is “ private houses x6, cotton x3, cotton field x 3 “, but only two private houses have already been built. Click “ Studio ” below the screen to open the construction menu.

Currently, only the private house is unlocked in the “ basis ” building. There are other Building tabs for “ agriculture” “handicrafts” “handicrafts” “handicrafts” “commercial” “entertainment” “culture” and “security” “landscape “. For now, build a private house.

The construction method only clicks a private house in the previous menu and placing it on the map. Games progress in real time, so let’s pay attention to time limit. When you want to think carefully, press the space key to pause. However, it can not be paused when placement of the building. Be careful because it is troubled with the placement and there is no time for time.

# Aim for the target clear!

The private house has the effect of increasing the residents, but the food consumption will be large. I also consume garment, so I also need cotton production. As the construction of the private house is finished, let’s choose “ Kozarata ” and “ Cotton field ” from the “Agriculture” tab of the construction next. Kitabata is food, and the cotton field will increase clothes.

Construct the first purpose to build a private house, Koyakabata and Cotton field in time! Rakutiro’s scoring takes place. The score is determined by various factors, such as the time taken to the achievement, the funding fund, and the happiness of the residents. This time, it seems like 1 mag.

A bonus is generated by achieving this goal. The amount of money and food production will be up to 20% for 14 days. In addition, maintenance costs are reduced by 15% for 30 days. Let’s use the bonus well and do the following purposes.

Next, I have to build a “ night resting station ” for security improvement, but it is locked in the construction menu. Unlock Night Night Research Office from the “ Talent ” menu, which is a skill tree. The necessary things are different for unlocking. It varies, such as consuming food and gold coins and owned land.

Night number rest areas are unlocked and allowed to place. Night Night rest area seems to have a role in the fire department. Besides, you must make a “ Castifier ” that prevents pests. Since there is not much time, let’s hurry.

If you think……, it’s time-off and a game over **. When I was lost in the placement of the building, when I was doing it, I had been pasting for some time. I’m trying from the beginning again. It is quite tough.

Retriever from the first goal, clear the second target goal earlier. The first goal was noticeable. Let’s clear the third goal in this condition.

The third goal must be built “ coal (“. Since not unlocked, canceled from skill tree. There are six types of resources in this work, “ clothes” “food” “water” “wood” “mineral” “gold coin “, and we used minerals to unlock coal shop.

Finally, the third goal is also cleared! This time was not good. As a reward, I got five buildings cards. This will clear all goals.

# Develop a new town!

We were able to take place in Khino Prefecture by clearing this goal. Because there is time to present the next goal presentation, let’s grow the town freely and increase income. The game is to repeat “target clear” and “free time”.

Season is from winter to spring. The screen has become colorful. There are about 14 days until the next purpose presentation, so I will build a private house or build a production facility.

14 days have passed and the preparation period ends. The next mission starts. A new area “ Nishimi ” has been unlocked. This time is the development of the town of Nishimo. It has become a feeling that he has expanded territory with strategic simulation.

To develop a new town, you need to purchase a construction document. 50,000 gold coins and a lot good price. Members to be scored are different from the previously different faces.

The new town has flowed behind the waterfall and the graphic is beautiful. The first goal here is not a construction, and it is “. But now only one person who can hire. Unlock the function because you need to apply.

Skill Tree is divided into three sectors: “ Pills”, “Industry” and “Security “, and this time from “Piercelabel” to “ Recruitment ” from “Pierce”.

As we can recruit human resources, let’s invite a person who seems to be usable as a life. In this goal, you have to hire five persons. There are a lot of gold coins, so let’s hire more and more. There are also quite expensive people.

The first goal clear! The results are not so good with 3 mag. I do not know how bad it was bad. It was not only clear time.

Construction of “ Design House ” that can unlock new buildings from the design diagram. It is a large building. If you look up, you can see that the large works are built.

Create a design diagram at the design hospital and build a larger building “ Nichiho “. This goal is to build three buildings by the design illustration. There are many large buildings, so let’s place it well.

One of the motiviers hired has requested a salary up. Each of the power plans has emotions, and if there is little salary, it will be dissatisfied. Let’s increase salary to get a work firmly.

The second goal is also cleared and only the third goal remains. “ Make the population more than 300 or more “, “ “more than” Satisfaction “. The town has also grew up, lack of food , and in many places fire occurs , pests is a lot of accidents.

When a person dies, tomb is automatically built. Although it is necessary to remove, the tomb is in a state where the tomb is broken due to frequent disasters such as fire. Furthermore, the salary up request from the Pills will not stop. Finance has become tougher. There is still time, so let’s solve one carefully without being impatient. If you can play the mission, please play with your own hand.

# Construction sim that can be played with the purpose

In this work, the player must fulfill the purpose within time. You need to think about how to build efficiently or increase income. As there is also game over, the player will play with a sense of tension. Once again, the town that has been cleared can continue development with map switching. If you have enough time, you should put your hand in the previous town.

Various events occur during the game. The image opens the New Year party and works with the Piercing. It is good to be able to play with the purpose awareness because there is a story or a timed mission in a town development game that tends to play in a row. There is also a problem that the letter is small, but it is still an alpha version, so we look forward to future improvement.

Product Info

※ Some of the game titles and united nouns used in this article are replaced simplified and traditional characters with Japanese kanji due to technical limitations.