Each The Legend of Zelda The game contains unique objects to find, but Link gets some, whatever the game you play. The CRA and Link Bombs are two of the most classic objects of the Zelda_ Serial Legend, and you will use them multiple times in link’s awakening. Although it is possible to do without one or the other element, since you discover them yourself while playing, you will find that it is much easier with them.

How to install Link’s Awakening Bombs

The bombs are easy to find in the Zelda Legend: Link’s Awakening_. You can find them in the first village you visit. Go to the Toolkore of the Mabe Village where you can get a packet of 10 bombs for 10 rupees. It’s a good deal for their usefulness. You can easily use these bombs to find a lot more valuable secrets by exploding fake walls and other debris.

How to Upgrade Bombs, Arrows, & Magic Powder in Link's Awakening Switch

If you really have a tight budget, you locate bombs in dungeons or sometimes bombs dropped by random enemies. In a way, it is probably more difficult to avoid taking a bomb during the game than to find it.

How to get the bow Link’s awakening

Get the Link’s Awakening Arc is a little more complicated. You can buy the bow in the same tool for the village of Mabe where you bought the bombs, but not right away. The CRA does not appear in stock only when you have progressed in the game by doing some dungeons. Return to the shop each time you have finished a dungeon or whenever you are nearby. They will possibly be in stock.

The real thing to get the bow is its price. This is worth 980 rupees. The bow is probably well outside your price range when you see it for the first time. You can possibly gather enough money to buy it, either by adventuring in a dangerous territory to find more precious rupees, or by breaking enough elements to bring up the rupees you need. Given the utility of the CRA, we strongly recommend that you acquire it as quickly as possible.

How to steal the bow link’s awakening

For a child who failed on the beach some time ago, gathering 980 rupees is not a slim task. Fortunately, there is another way to get Link’s bow, if you are ready to get your hands dirty.

It is possible to steal any object in the shop, but only the bow is worth it. While you are in the store, the trader turns to you several times. You can use this to your advantage by circles around him, making it look at the back of the store, then rushing to the door with the bow before he can turn your head back. There is another price to pay to get the bow this way. On the one hand, your name changes in thief, and everyone in the game calls you so from now. Make sure you buy everything you need at the shop before flying, because once you have done it, the trader becomes hostile and sends you a spell that kills you twice, if you come back one day.