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Dynamos Beck: This policy is simply a full catastrophe

2: 1 won and also yet not ascended: After the missed out on 3rd division promotion over the promo play-offs, the difficulty was the previous GDR series champion BFC Dynamo and top demonstrator Christian Beck. Despite the victory on Saturday, it was insufficient for the huge toss after the 0: 2 in the initial leg in Berlin. We tried everything to change the goat again, but the very first leg was excessive, claimed Beck in an interview with Magenta Sporting activity after the game.

The 34-year-old, who led the goal scorer listing of the Regionalliga Northeast this year, had actually remained without his own objective in both video games in spite of numerous huge possibilities. In fact, both groups should have the promo, continued Beck.

A large dance to the DFB

The striker likewise slammed the DFB, which only implemented this regulation at the start of the 2020/21 season. The main point is the West and also southwest, he commented ironically.


The system, which regulates the climb from the local organization to the 3rd department, likewise attracted one of the most trouble of the routine after the video game. As a tip: In a turning system, a master of regional north, northeast and also Bavaria rises directly, while the masters of the Regionalliga West as well as the Regionalliga Südwest constantly have direct promo legal rights as a result of their duty as urban locations in football. It doesn’t matter whether Oldenburg or we would certainly have risen, this policy is just a full calamity, stated Beck in Craze. This just takes place because people make a decision about it that have no idea regarding football.

The primary point is that the West and southwest can always climb.

Christian Beck

2: 1 won and also yet not ascended: After the missed 3rd division promotion over the promotion play-offs, the trouble was the previous GDR series champion BFC Dynamo as well as top demonstrator Christian Beck. We tried whatever to transform the goat again, yet the very first leg was also much, claimed Beck in an interview with Magenta Sporting activity after the video game.

In fact, both teams was worthy of the promo, proceeded Beck.

Everton commits Lampard as a new team manager

Frank Lampard Announced As New Everton Manager | Deadline Day

Chelsea-icon Frank Lampard is a new team manager of the English conversation learning game for Nintendo Switch “Betian Paapera English Adventure” Released on April 29th. By speech recognition, you can acquire English conversation”>relegate English football first division FC Everton. As the Toffees announced on Monday, the ex-national player signed a two-half-year contract until 30 June 2024 as a successor to Rafael Benitez. One year after his from Chelsea, it is the third station for Lampard as a head coach after starting at Derby County 2018. With only 19 points from 20 games is Everton as Table-16. In the crisis. The club had separated in mid-January after only eight months from the Spaniard Benitez as a team manager.

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