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Hamburger SV is concerned about Anssi Suhonen

The first unit of this training week before the final in Rostock on Wednesday was almost over when Suhonen went down after a duel. “Actually,” reveals Walter, “we were through, I just wanted to wait to see if there is another goal in the final game.”

Instead, Suhonen fell. The coach no longer had the training continued, with a thick bandage around the left ankle and the 21-year-old was removed in the GolfCart. Walter does not dare a forecast for Sunday and advises: “Wait.” After all, after initial investigations in the square, the foot was apparently agile – an indication that at least no serious injury could be available.

One thing is clear: Suhonen’s failure of the trainer would thwart plans. With his maneuverability and courage to look for one-against-one situations, the midfielder has visibly awarded the HSV game in the past few weeks. Walter could absorb a lack of three possible variants: he could announce Sonny Kittel from the left outer lane back into midfield, but has only a limited extent on the wing. Faride Alidou has been completely next to the trail since the turn of the year and his fixed move to Frankfurt, Giorgi Chakvetadze has played out; Walter could also prefer Moritz Heyer from the right -back position into midfield and bring Josha Vagnoman back into his preferred role. The U-21 international was replaced in the 2-1 against Hanover for a cramp, but went back to training on Wednesday.

The least would have to change Walter if David Kinsombi would take over the Suhonen role faithfully. But: The ex-Kiel had its last starting eleven in early February. After all, there was a 5-0 in Darmstadt. It shouldn’t be less than an away win on Sunday to secure the relegation place on its own.

The Witcher: Start of filming for season 3, appointment still unknown

Shortly before the turn of the year Netflix was allowed to celebrate a great success again with the second season of The Witcher . No wonder that the story of the Fantasy series will be further counted in the future. And according to the current reports, the production seems to run in full swing. Accordingly, the filming should have started for the new episodes .

Cast delivers further information at Social Media

Of course, in the new season, again Henry Cavill are returned as a straight or Freya to Allen as Ciri . First clues come from Henry Cavill himself, who has published a picture of a horse on his Instagram channel. An allusion on Roach , as the protagonist calls all its horses. In a video he also talked that he and Freya have arrived all in Slovenia – one of the many films of the series.

Especially you are on the Nanos mountain train in the southwest of the country. Other locations of The Witcher should also include the Laghi di Fusine-See in Italy and the Höhlenburg Predjama in Slovenia. With the start of the shooting, it becomes clear that fans have to be patient until they get the new episodes to see. An appointment Netflix has not revealed yet. The picture of Henry Cavill we have integrated below for you.

Witcher prequel soon appears at Netflix

The Witcher: Unlocked | FULL SPOILERS Season 2 Official After Show & Deleted Scenes | Netflix Geeked
In the meantime, there will be The Witcher: Blood Origin still give a prequel series, which is located about 1,200 years before the events. Among other things, the awakening of the first witch is in focus of history. In total six consequences will land during the year at Netflix. A trailer was released at the end of last year.

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