The other day I was in the mood for skiing but could not find a partner to go with. I had heard that today’s women’s Super G race at St Moritz was going to be exciting and decided to watch it on live ticker. It was so much fun seeing the racers zip down the course and I really enjoyed reading about how they were feeling afterwards.


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Ski Alpine: Super G of the ladies in St. Moritz now in the LiveTicker-before start

Prior to the start: Who are the other favorites?
An athlete can definitely be trusted this weekend: Sofia Loggia
The unbreakable Italian broke her hands on Friday, had himself operated in Milan and stormed to victory throughout the second departure run in St. Moritz and lots of screws and records
Another trick would most likely not be surprised
Her colleagues Elena Burton and Federica Brig none also have to have on the note
The exact same applies to Norwegian Reigned Mowinckel and Mikaela Shirin from the USA
Before the start: Gut-Behrami and Outer lead Swiss group!
The Swiss team also has 2 trump cards in their hands
Lara Gut-Behrami (begin number 13), as the reigning world champ and Olympic champ, is constantly one of the favorites in this discipline
Corinne Outer (6) was able to win the only Super-G of this winter season to date and of course desires to attack the top again
In addition, Jasmine Fury (2) and Michelle ISIN (4), who begin early and will discover great slopes
Joana Fallen (18), Wendy Goldener (21), Prison Nuder (27), Stephanie Penal (46) and Juliana Outer (48) follow with higher numbers
Prior to the start: does the OSV team attack at the leading edge?
The team of Austrians is as soon as again a large range
Ramona Siebenhofer (start number 1), Cornelia Hunter (3), Miriam Büchner (14) and Tamara Tippler (15) are mainly anticipating realistic possibilities on a rank on Sticker
In addition, the team from the Alpine Republic is finished by seven other runners
Nicole Schweighöfer (5), Ariane Adler (17), Nina Outlier (22), Nadine Fest (25), Stephanie Veneer (30), Franziska Grit sch (32) and Christina Age (33) are likewise on the start list
Before the start: Wade wishes to use the upswing!
For the 3rd time, the speed trio of the German Ski Association is defending excellent placements on the Swiss surface
The hopes are mainly on Kira Wade (start number 28), who took the very first podium of winter on the other day’s departure and hence fueled lots of self-confidence
Now the Sternberg lady lastly wants to take a decisive action forward in the Super-G
Emma Richer (37) and Katrin Hirtl-Stanggassinger (43) will also be at the start once again
Prior to the start: In St. Moritz, ski Alpine is also up-to-date today
After the second departure of the women was completed the other day, they are now challenged in the Super-G
The beginning shot for this is at 11.30 a.m
Prior to the start: Welcome to the live ticker!

Ski Alpine: Super G of the females in St. Moritz today live on TV and livestream

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Ski Alpine: The racing calendar

The ladies at Ski Alpine finish the Super G. SPOT in St. Moritz today accompanies the race here in the live ticker

Ski Alpine: Super G of the ladies in St. Moritz now in LiveTicker-Die Top 5 at a glance

Rank |
Name |
1. |- |-
2. |- |-
3. |- |-
4. |- |-
5. |- |-

Period |
Land |
22. -23
October |
Austria |
29 \
November |
Switzerland |
12. -13
November |
Austria |
19. -20
November |
Finland |
26 \
December |
USA/Canada |
Lake Louise/Beaver Creek
10. -12
December |
Italy/France |
Retrieve/Val d’Sear
15. -17
December |
Italy/Switzerland |
Val Garden/St
18 \
December |
Italy/Switzerland |
Alta Bahia/st
19 \
December |
Italy |
Alta Bahia
22 \
December |
Italy |
Madonna di Camillo
28. -29
December |
Italy/Austria |
4 \
January |
Germany/Croatia |
5 \
January |
Croatia |
7. -8
January |
Switzerland/Slovenia |
Adelaide/Franziska Gorey
10 \
January |
Austria |
13 \
January |
Switzerland |
Wen gen
14. -15
January |
Austria/Switzerland |
St. Anton/Wen gen
20. -22
January |
Italy/Austria |
Corina d’Mezzo/ Kitzbühel
24 \
January |
Italy/Austria |
28. -29
January |
Germany/Czech Republic |
Garmisch-Partenkirchen/Spindle rm the
4 \
February |
France |
6. -19
February |
France |
Couriered/M tribes
25. -26
February |
Switzerland/USA |
Clans Montana/Palisades Tahoe
3. -5
March |
Norway/USA |
10 \
March |
Sweden |
11 \
March |
Sweden/Slovenia |
Are/Franziska Gorey
15. -19
March |
Andorra |