Bad news for Borussia Dortmund: Erlang Haaland Consultant Minor Rail is apparently difficult to ill for example. The contractual with the BVB are to move backwards.

By the end of February, BVB would like to clarity in the Cause Erlang Haaland, recently reported several media.

Does the Norwegian scorer leaf the Russia in summer? Or does Haaland still play at least another season in black and yellow, then probably with a significantly improper salary?

That there is a solid deadline for Haaland, BVB Managing Director Hans-Joachim Wake and Consultant Minos director Michael Zorn last unison.

BVB needs clarity in the Cause Haaland

Of course, however, that the Dortmund Leaderships need not shortly before seasonal clarity in the personnel in order to be able to move an adequate replacement for the most accurate attacker in the case of cases.

Bitter for the BVB: The final clarification of Haaland’s future will probably move some time backwards.

An important participant in potential contract calls is currently indispensable: the busy Haaland consultant Minor Rail.

After the last report on a hospital stay of the Italian’s round, but it was said that Rail has only undergone a beauty surgery in connection with a planned weight loss, there is now a worrying message.

Minor Rail for several weeks in the intensive care unit?

According to picture, the 54-year-old player agent has been in a Milan celebrity clinic for several days. Reason for Rail’s stay is a lung disease, he had previously been located several weeks in the intensive care unit.

Although there is a better one of the circumstances, the negotiations with the BVB, in which besides Paola and Erlang Haaland himself should participate even his father Alpine, but would have to be postponed.

So Rail could initially do no air travel due to its illness, it says. According to the report, it is still unclear whether and when the talks with the BVB representatives instead can take place via digital channels.