Jürgen Klopp will not board the FC Liverpool in the transfer poker around Torjäger Erling Haaland von Borussia Dortmund.

“We’re not going with ran. The numbers standing in the room are crazy – we have nothing to do with them. No chance! I do not want to be honest, that’s not fun,” said the team manager of the Reds in interview with “Jürgen Klopp Image”.

Haaland will leave the BVB in the coming summer of all foresight. Favorite on his commitment should be just Liverpool’s title competitor Manchester City. Overall, the deal should have a financial volume of around 350 million euros.

'VERY INTERESTING PLAYER' | Jurgen Klopp comments on Erling Haaland Liverpool speculation

Pep Guardiola according to Jürgen Klopp “The best trainer in the world”

At City, Haaland would meet Pep Guardiola – according to Klopp, “the best trainer in the world”. The current team of Spanish coaches is “extraordinary” and games “superior football”, praised Klopp. “Analyzing Manchester City is a mix of fun and work: It’s pleased to admit them, and on the other hand, it’s about finding ways that others have not found or not found enough,” explained the former BVB Exercise Manager in front of the direct duel of both teams on Sunday (17:30 clock).

Klopp said it was never his plan to have the best team of the world. “But I wanted to have a team that can beat the best team of the world. And we can do that.”

“Two reasons” for domination of FC Bayern

A return to the Bundesliga opened the 54-year-old in the conversation: “I’m here and have a job and contract until 2024. I have not thought so at all, which comes afterwards. I am absolutely happy and satisfied in Liverpool. “

Klopp also expressed itself to the dominance of FC Bayern in the highest German play class. For these there are “two reasons”, so the success trainer: “One is of course simply the quality you have. The other is that the pursuers are taking each other’s points. The other teams are probably too close to each other – how to At the game Dortmund saw against Leipzig on the weekend. To do this, Leverkusen, this year Freiburg and in other years Gladbach. “

FC Bayern is “just super constant and lets hardly lies,” Klopp said. “Currently there are nine points between 1 and 2 – since there was already significantly larger distances in recent years.”

National team I have to “pure” in the World Cup

The German national team trusts Klopp at the Winter World Cup in Qatar “Everything”. “How Hansi Flick is it is really cool. They have a good group with good age structure. That looks interesting,” Klopp said.

The draw with the group opponents of Spain, Japan and the winner of the Duel’s Costa Rica and New Zealand is not luxurious, but feasible.

“In such a tournament you have to find themselves pure, pure and pure fight. If they manage that, then of course, what,” said Klopp. “There are also other big favorites at the moment you may call first. But that’s not a bad situation.”