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Author: Ken Tang

BVB bosses obviously to Adeyemi

Football Bundesligaister Borussia Dortmund apparently prepares more and more on a possible farewell to Superstar Erlang Haaland in the coming summer. As a successor, Karim Adam has been traded at BVB for months, now new movement comes into the transfer personnel.

Borussia Dortmund’s Football Bundesligaisters director Michael Zorn and its designated successor Sebastian Keel, according to Sky, flown to Salzburg to talk to concrete conversations with Karim Adam’s employer about a possible change. On Monday, the back in Dortmund, which is responsible for the barrel planning of the BVB, had landed.

According to the TV channel, there should be an agreement between the young international and Russia for quite some time that a transfer is arranged after the current season. Picture already spoke last December from a fundamental agreement on a five-year contract, although the kicker was still open to the race for the attacker. Although there are a lot for the BVB, an agreement is not yet done.

Keel About Adam: Try to make our homework

In addition, the review club could not agree with RB Salzburg, where Adam is under contract until 2024. To what extent the black yellow is now a step further after visiting the Mozartstadt, Sky could not perform any closer.

Salzburg demands media reports between 30 and 40 million euros for the attacker. In addition to Borussia Dortmund, Paris Saint-Germain and RB Leipzig are considered to be a prospective customer, but the Ruhrpottklub should keep the best cards in his hands.

Responsible for the persistent interest in Adam, the Sebastian Keel, currently acting as a license player director, did not want to provide any further information in the Football Bundesligaister1 double pass. Nevertheless, the ex-captain lured out: He is an interesting player, we try to do our homework.

PlayStation Studios acquires Valkyrie Entertainment

Sony continues with his streak of acquiring studies, and even if they are not shopping as heavy as those of Microsoft, they are certainly constant. Well now they acquired Valkyrie Entertainment, an outsourcing study that previously collaborated with multiple projects first — party of PlayStation Studios.

The news was confirmed by Herman Hurst, Chief of PS Studios, who published the following via Twitter :

Today we announced that Valkyrie Entertainment will be joining the family of the PlayStation Studios. The study will be making invaluable contributions to key franchises of the PlayStation Studios.

Sony Acquires Another New Studio | Valkyrie Entertainment Joins PlayStation Studios

As it was previously told, Valkyrie Entertainment is actually a study of outsourcing that has contributed different studies around the world, and not necessarily exclusive to Sony. Among his projects to highlight have Halo Infinite, God of War and God of War Ragnarök.

Editor’s note: It is a truly rare purchase for Sony, however, it also makes a little sense after its collaborations with the God of War franchise. We will see the type of impact that Valkyrie Entertainment has in the future of PlayStation.

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