[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo] Nezu Thirts (Representative Han Sung-jin) announced on the 28th that it will show a total of 8 games in a global market, including two NFT games and six new Mobile, PC games.

Nezza Thirts It is a “ing project (tentative)” game “Ing Project (tentative)” is a block chain based NFT game. It is being developed as RPG implemented by all of the economic systems and equipment items and resources in the game.

In particular, the direction of the game’s core contents is updated through the community user’s opinions and voting, voting, and is a company-side explanation that users are engaged directly in the development of a constantly evolved.

‘Project N (tentative name)’ is a block-based sports NFT game. We are developing as a comprehensive sports game that enjoys competition between the various sports and coordination, including land and coordination.

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The “Rumble Racing Star”, aiming for launching mobile platforms in the second quarter, is a real-time casual racing game using a lawnmower racing concept in the United States, Australia and UK. You can enjoy racing using a variety of track items and driving skills, and you can see over 30-piece driver characters, carts, and popping decorating items.

‘Boxing Star: Match 3’ is a real-time PVP puzzle game that utilizes ‘Boxing Star’ IP, which boasts a global scale of 45 million global scales worldwide. Boxing star unique unique strikes, as well as the fun of the confrontation (PVP) puzzle matching (PVP) puzzle matches full of tension.

The “Erocia”, which has a train that leaves the train, is also aiming for the development of the finals to the global launch of the first half. Erika is developing in the “Epic Kronick”, ‘Epic Hearts’, and is being developed in a fundamenter studio, which is the main character of the fantasy world, which is the main character of the fantasy world coexisting with Human and Dragon’s Human Danpies.

We offer adventures that provide puzzles through a combination of 30 kinds of heroes and various behavioral patterns, and a Japanese famous illustrator ‘Rack’, known as ‘Paint Grand Orders’, is a main artist, and shows sensational illustrations.

Royal Crow is also taking advantage of the recruitment of the recent global beta test participants and spurring the Launch of the PC FPS game ‘Crows’. CROUSZ is a PC open-world shooting game developed by Bae Seung-hoon, which developed ‘Sudden Attack’, and performs missions that have been discovered in a newly discovered resource material ‘Q-ON’ It is a game.

In addition, since last April released in April, Google plays the first place and 9th place in Google for sale, the mobile game ‘Dececaron M’, which has achieved 9th place, is also preparing to launch a global launch.

In Latarasuuui, the PC FPS new ‘SkyCraft’ was aimed at launching a new ‘SkyCraft Clapper’ this year. The SkyCraft is a PC platform-based shooting game that is built in North American cities as a motif. Wing suits Features such as a pacer system that maximizes the freedom of movement of glide and character.

Han Sung-jin’s Nezhugun Through the Representative, “I will continue to see the P2E game that introduces a variety of genres, including authentic NFT games and casual and RPG games that apply this year-centralized method, and” Mobile and PC, Console The platform also diversified and will be achieved as a significant game chain in the global market. “