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Kämna for the very first time German time trial master

The 25-year-old Bora Hansgrohe professional prevailed on Friday on the demanding 27.5 kilometer program with begin and coating in Marsberg in the Sauerland in a time of 35:31 mins with a 15-second lead over Jannik Steimle. Third was Kämnas colleague Nils Politt with a gap of 24 seconds.

Kämna shocked regarding the victory

Kämna, who won a stage at Giro d’Italia this year and one at the Trip de France in 2020, is the successor to series winner Tony Martin. The four-time globe champion in the fight versus the clock after the last period has protected the title ten times considering that 2010.

There will additionally be a new victor in the street race on Sunday, in 2015’s champion Maximilian Schachmann can not take part because of a corona infection. The course leads over 189 requiring kilometers from Arnsberg-Neheim to the bare branches at 838 meters. There, also, Kämna is among the faves on the master jersey in the absence of his team-mate Schachmann.


A non-functioning transponder just allowed Kämna over his victory in the unclear. However a little later the cycling expert was specific of getting the German champion title in the private time test for the very first time in his career. I was a little shocked when I was at the finish line. I only believed I would have covered, so I’m all the happier, claimed Kämna.

guys, individual time trial: Marsberg-Marsberg (27.48 kilometres), 24.6.2022:

Lennard Kämna (Fischerhude) 35:31 min.; 2. Jannik Steimle (Weilheim) + 15 seconds; 3. Nils Politt (Hürth) + 24; 4.

Lennard Kämna (Fischerhude) 35:31 min.; 2.

A little later the biking professional was particular of getting the German championship title in the specific time test for the very first time in his career. The course leads over 189 requiring kilometers from Arnsberg-Neheim to the bare branches at 838 meters. There, too, Kämna is one of the faves on the master jacket in the absence of his team-mate Schachmann.

Does link look twice? Two charming cosplays of Princess Zelda

Not only since Hyrule Warriors: Time of devastation we know: Zelda has not necessary to be saved from always from link . The princess of the kingdom of Hyrule has such a lot on the box. The opinion is also the two cosplayers Aselvert and Oolalatte, which has therefore dedicated to the Piercular lady in each case a Cosplay .

Princess Zelda: It can give more than just one!

Reddit user Oolalkatte has altogether at the look Breath of the wild : her Zelda wears the blond hair with the classic hair wreath and is in the well-known blue-white-brown costume with which she is In search of relics and legends practically over stick and stone can go.

The Legend Of Zelda Characters In Real Life

Also costume cutter Astalvert supplies an impressive Zelda version, but has clearly oriented itself to the classical Zelda with her cosplay, as fans know them from Twilight Princess . With the colors as well as the Triforce and the coat of arms of Hyrule, your costume is conceivable authentic and detailed.

Despite the different interpretations, both Cosplays also have a lot together: the sharp ears, for example, give the Zelda a little fairy. Or the graceful aura, which brings the princess sometimes, which was also perfectly captured on both photos. Especially the cosplay of Astalverte benefits from the bright green meadow and acts so pleasantly spring.

Fancy more Cosplays?

Your cosplay appetite is not satisfied yet? Then we have a few more great costuming from the world of video games for you. The path is not that far, because already Hyrule still waits with other great cosplays on you: this here from the winged stretching revali, for example or these authentic urbosa costumming.

Are you rather in Hyrule in the fantastic world of Final Fantasy 7 ? Then the two Cosplays of TIFA Lockhart and Aerith liked you. Also The Witcher 3 knows regularly with his great cosplay characters and this costume of Yennefer is no exception.

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