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Elden Ring Update 1.02.2 is live and fixes the memory

Around the release of Elden Ring is from software with minor and larger technical problems as fast as possible. So today with patch 1.02.2 already the second fix appear within a few days, which promises to improve PS5 and PC. When the update for Xbox consoles appears, meanwhile, it is not yet known. (Via Wccfech)

How big is the patch? On PS5 you have to download 200 MB only.

Elden Ring Patch 1.02.1 Did It Fix The Game?! Lets Find Out!

This changes Elden Ring Patch 1.02.2


  • The memory bug has been fixed

That was the problem: Let’s leave Elden Ring open while the PS5 goes to sleep mode, the score will not be saved. Even if the PS5 is unexpectedly turned off while we play, the loss of memory data led.


  • Fixed a problem where the graphics card was not used, resulting in poor performance.
  • Bug fixed where the game closed in the fight against the fire giant.
  • Other bugs eliminated

The technical condition on PS4 and PS5

Chris has taken the performance and technical condition on PS4 and PS5 very closely and found that especially on the Last Gene Console of Sony is still abundant air. But even on PS5 is far from all around. Your detailed tech check can be found here:

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more on the subject

Elden ring in the tech check for PS4 and PS5


The technical condition on Xbox Series X / S

Meanwhile, the Digital Foundry colleagues have looked more closely on the performance of Elden Ring on Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. Why vrr the Xbox version gives a decisive advantage, you will learn that in the following article:

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more on the subject

Elden Ring on Xbox Series X / S


Xbox consoles test to Elden Ring

If, on the other hand, you want to know how Elden Ring has playfully liked us, you will find a detailed test for Action RPG on the page. If you still have the question in the room if the game may be too heavy or for Wen Elden Ring is even suitable, then we have explained exactly what the challenge lies and with which Souls peculiarities you get it again.

FC Bayern: Flirt Justin Che returns to Germany

Between February and June 2021, Justin Che played eight games for Bayern II, before the German record champion back to the MLS cooperation partner FC Dallas. Now the central defender is standing before a return to Germany.

As June1 reports, Che the TSG completes 1899 Cofferdam on a lending. Accordingly, the 18-year-old defender changes for 18 months to Sondheim.

At the beginning of January, the Portal Soccer had still reported that the FC Bayern strives for a return campaign of CHE.


The Youngster already spent the second half of last season in a lending season in Munich and started for the reserve team of Bayern at that time. He completed eight mandatory games in the 3rd league.

Although those responsible in the summer would have liked to further commit, he then returned to Dallas. After all, 15 times, of which twelve times in the starting eleven, he ran 2021 then for his training club in the North American MLS.

The fact that Che was sent back to Dallas from FC Bayern, but continued to be in the focus of the record champion, the American has probably burdened the US American.

Hanging portion for Che grimly

The club leadership of the FC Dallas should have assured Che and its entourage always credible that FC Bayern will approach him in winter with a contract offer. Together, you want to make a decision. This reports June1.

Movement was no longer in the negotiations. The situation is dirty for CHE, it says.

With reference to the environment of the FC Dallas, the TV channel reports that the poker should be stalled, as the Munich does not have sufficient offer for CHE. At the end of August you should have asked about two million euros.

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