World of Warcraft is full of exciting mounts for players to get their hands on, but few can hold a candle to Otto the Otter. This unique mount is not only incredibly cute, but also has some impressive abilities that make it a must-have item for collectors and adventurers alike! In this article we’ll break down everything you need to know about Otto, including how to get him and what he can do!

Do you desire the coolest Otter in Wow?
We’ll tell you how you get Otto, probably the most innovative installation in Zeroth.
With Wow Dragon flight, Blizzard has actually struggling to hide a lot in the game world of the dragon islands.
The Secret Finding community is presently dealing with more than a dozen secrets-and finally the very first has actually been resolved.
We’ll tell you step by step how you get to the ingenious install Otto the Otter.
Towhead’s associates have actually already processed this into a guide, which of course we do not want to keep from you.
Hold your fishing pole, due to the fact that it will be a long, fishy journey!

Step 1: The Water Scheme toy

As a very first step, you need to earn the water schemes toys.
You can purchase this in the levels of Omaha, at The Great Flunk- a substantial frog that sits 82/72 in a cave at the coordinates.
However, the toy is not offered for gold, but in exchange for a gold coin of the islands.
A gold coin is a super-self-selenium drop that you can get everywhere on the dragon islands when fishing
Do not stress, you can also farm the coin much more dependably.

A little regularly you will find the silver coin of the islands when fishing and much more frequently the copper coin of the islands.
15 Copper coin of the islands can be exchanged for 1 Silver coin of the islands.
5 Silver coin of the islands can be exchanged for 1 gold coin of the islands.
In case of doubt, you need 75 copper coins of the islands in order to be able to buy a gold coin at the end.
That should imply a couple of hours of fishing work.
If you have the gold coin, purchase the bag perfectly fail though bag at The Great Flunk.
The very first of them ensures the water schemes toys, which you can add immediately.

Step 2: Dance up until death!

Now travel to the coast of awakening and behind the obsidian citadel.
With the collaborates 20/36 you will find a little club underwater.
This is an underwater bar.
Utilize the water schemes and then go to the dance mat of the bar.
Your character now starts dancing automatically and gets the rebuff dances, dances until death.
Now you need to be patient.
Wait till the rebuff expires on the dance mat so that your character faints.
Your character then awakens over the bar and is ideal beside a barrel.
Click the barrel to get an empty fish barrel.

step 3: more fishing.

With the fish barrel in the inventory, the fishing is back.
You have to fish an overall of 3 different types of fish that you can discover from now on.
100 icy plaice-you get this in the azure mountains from all open waters.
It can take a while for you to have the fish together, so you need a little persistence.
Use the barrel as quickly as you have 100 of these fish to get a half-filled fish barrel.
25 Catastrophe carp-you can fish them from the lava around the obsidian quota.
Utilize the fish barrel again to get a full fishing barrel.
1 Königsfinne, the smart mustache-you can fish this in the waters at the Together academy, preferably on the little jetty.
Use the barrel again to get an overflowing fish barrel.

Step 4: Otto the Otter

In the last action you travel back to the coast of awakening and go into the place where you are woken up for your dance escapades (coast of awakening, 20/40).
Here you can park the complete barrel again in its original location.


Now Otto appears and provides you a mission.
Take in the mission, complete it, and you have probably the coolest Otter of World of Warcraft-because similar to you, it wears sunglasses!
Have you currently got the Otto?
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