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Nintendo Switch consoles get a mysterious update

Nintendo has launched a new update in Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch OLED along with patch notes designed so that the consumer knows everything that Nintendo has done with the different switch hardware. The problem is that the patch notes do not say anything important. According to Nintendo, everything that does the update is to provide general system stability improvements to improve the user experience. What are these improvements exactly, Nintendo does not say it.

Now, Nintendo does this with some frequency. Every few updates there is an update of this type. And almost always, there is more on the update that general improvements in the stability of the system. How do we know this? Well, because data miners look for the update files something peculiar and worthy of mention. In the past, such efforts revealed that Nintendo was working to add Bluetooth audio support, work that was performed with the Nintendo Switch OLED.

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As always, we will keep you informed as we know more about the update. There is no guarantee that Nintendo is hiding something in this update, but generally this is how it does. Meanwhile, if more information is discovered about the mentioned improvements, we will add it to history. Meanwhile, to download the update (update 13.2.0), go to the system configuration and then click on System and System Update. From here, your console will be updated and restarted.

All SWITCH owners should have the update 13.2.0 automatically downloaded. You can also force the installation of the firmware now by going to the system configuration, scrolling down to System and finally System Update. Your switch unit will do all the rest.

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Lol the strange bug of the preseason that robs a champion one of his skills

Riot Games, Inc. is an American computer game programmer, author and also esports event organizer. Its head offices remain in West Los Angeles, California. Started in September 2006 by Brandon Beck as well as Marc Merrill to develop League of Legends, the business has gone on to create numerous spin-off games of League and an associated first-person shooter, Valorant. As a publisher, Riot Games oversees the manufacturing of League spin-offs by various other developers through its posting arm, Riot Forge. Given that 2011, Riot has been a subsidiary of Chinese conglomerate Tencent.
Riot operates 14 worldwide League of Legends esports organizations, the League of Legends World Champion and the Valorant Champions Scenic Tour. The firm, which had 24 offices worldwide since 2018, markets business sponsorships, goods, as well as streaming legal rights for its leagues. Riot has actually dealt with accusations of a hazardous work environment society, including sex discrimination and sexual harassment. The firm’s response was criticized for its use forced settlement.


Any great change introduced at League of Legends has potential to affect the performance of the champions. It is something we have seen in the preseason due to some interactions that Riot Games did not take into account and that they can reduce the power of some characters unintentionally. However, these unforeseen effects are not the only danger: adjustments can also give rise to problematic bugs with very negative effects.

a bug robs Aliyah one of his skills

One of the strangest errors that this preseason has arrived has affected Aliyah and is related to the new dragons introduced on patch 11.23. It can happen every time the hex tech crack appears and the effect of it robs the champion passive. This skill is scheduled to make the champion you can ‘surf’ in areas near the walls, but you can stop being activated when this elementary dragon is imposed on the game, causing it that it can not benefit from the important increase in movement speed.

Although Aliyah is the most serious example of the bugs that have reached League of Legends this preseason and is almost incomprehensible the reason this situation can cause, she is not much less the only one who has left bad stop. Characters such as Evelyn or BRICK have increased their long list of errors since the last update was introduced without Riot Games could be corrected on an emergency patch.

The solutions should reach the game with the entrance of the next version 11.24 that will be entered in League of Legends on December 8 according to the official calendar of Riot Games. Responsible for these adjustments have ensured that they will work on it to prevent this phase to season 12, enter League of Legends even more failures of those currently existing.

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