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[Weekly Trehan] This is the treasure from May 15 to May 21, 2022, 2022!

May 15, 2022, “ Weekly Treasure Hunt “, which introduces the game information and entertainment information that you are worried about because you missed it or the timing did not match. May 21st. It is a rough introduction, but I hope you find a treasure for everyone.

Yakiniku Sim “Yakiniku Simulation” Steam distribution started

Misstep | Crime Patrol 2.0 - Ep 49 | Full Episode | 12 May 2022

There used to be a game called “Yakiniku magistrate”.

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Naratical puzzle “RECURSIVE RUIN” distribution started

Let’s make a dream. Delivered at Steam/ Games store.

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The 13th anniversary of the first video of “Minecraft” was uploaded to YouTube

The legend began here (original videos are currently private).

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“AMONG US” collaboration cake appeared

It looks beautiful and delicious.

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Fusafusa’s squirrel shoots SMG UNREAL ENGINE 5 test video

I want you to make it a game.

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A little worrisome Low Polly Hora Game “District Village”

Pay attention to future development!

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Retro circular monitor computer

Very fashionable.

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Verification of various rumors of the beta version of “Overwatch 2”

It may change in the future.

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Retro -style horror game collection “DREAD X COLLECTION 5” Steam distribution started

Includes 12 games by veteran and up -and -coming creators.

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Dot Picture Masterpiece Game 30 Selected

In the past, the atmosphere is different because it uses the bleeding of the CRT tube.

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Spain lifts spectators

On March 4, all audience restrictions arranged because of the Corona Pandemic will be repealed again, Ministerliner Carolina Daria announced on Wednesday.

But already now Spanish clubs benefit from more temperter rules. For example, a capacity utilization of 85 percent of the equipment is allowed in the open air and 75 percent in indoor sports. According to Darias, the mask mask may be in force. The seven-day incidence of corona new infections has fallen sharply to only 380 in recent weeks.

In Germany, only ghost games were possible for months, most recently, in the outdoor area, an upper limit of up to 10,000 spectators was generally. In some stadiums of the Football Bundesliga, there were more effective approvals in the respective countries again 15,000 fans.

Austria passes vaccine mandate +++ Spain mulls exiting pandemic strategy | COVID latest

Some Bundesliga clubs have complained against these restrictions. In addition to the high economic losses, they also see competitive disadvantages in international comparison. In England, even despite the Omikron variant, it was played further to full stages.

From 4 March, however, there will also be relaxations in Germany, then on Wednesday at the Federal Country Summit, it was decided that supraregional major events in free with up to 25,000 spectators and a maximum capacity utilization of a maximum of 75 percent of total capacity are allowed. From 20 March, all restrictions could fall.

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