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Mom Society, MOU signed to build 3D meta buses in Singapore

[Developer Mam Moon Young-soo] Neptune’s subsidiary XR Metabus Platform Developer Mam Society (CEO Chul-ho Yoo) participated in the information and communication fair held in Singapore on the 1st, and the 3D space construction solution company MOU was signed.

The Singapore Information and Communication Fair is Asia’s largest cloud computing broadcasting and telecommunications, satellite communication and next-generation information communication, various communication equipment and parts, and other IT products.

Ascent is a 3D space construction solution company located in Singapore’s mid-view City Sinming District, and is a virtual space based on 360 degrees of video. Based on the advanced VR technology, the company plans to expand its business to various fields such as introducing NFT to digital virtual space.

In particular, the two companies agreed to jointly study the technology of producing 3D digitaltwin methuses based on the 360-degree video taken by the accent to build 3D metabuses in Singapore. It is expected to be able to create synergy effects in various methus spaces throughout Singapore and meta-commerce.

This agreement is a good opportunity to lay the foundation for the entry into the local market in the Singapore market, said Yoo Chul-ho, CEO of Mam Mam Society. I said.

Meanwhile, Mam Mam Society launched a multi-access social meta bus platform ‘Galaxity: KOREA’, which was developed as a cross-platform technology last year, to Steam Store, Google Play, and Apple App Store. In May last year, he was invested in management rights from Neptune and was incorporated as a subsidiary of Neptune.

1899 Hoffenheim: head coach Sebastian Hoeneß before the end

According to a report by the “Bild am Sonntag”, Sebastian Hoeneß has to worry about his coaching post at Bundesliga club TSG 1899 Hoffenheim.

The 40-year-old shakes at the Bundesliga degree at the Kraichgauen after the last nine winless games, writes the sheet, without naming details about the further process.

According to this, Bilds director Alexander Rosen is said to have waited the last three games to form a judgment. These were lost to Freiburg, Leverkusen and Gladbach with a total of 13 goals. In terms of content, the club has not yet to comment on the report.

At the end of April, Rosen had demonstratively strengthened his trainer and cleared doubts about his work. “Sebastian is a cool, honest guy, not a foam bat, a strong communicator and an absolute soccer specialist,” Rosen said to the “kicker”.

You work together trustingly and have common goals. In the preliminary season analysis of Rosens last week, the many injured and the mixed defense were discussed, but not the coach. The TSG lost 1: 5 in Gladbach on Saturday.

How to exceed the Oh which strange object in Zelda Link awakening

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (or Merely Web link’s Awakening) is an action-adventure game developed as well as released by Nintendo on 6 June 1993 in Japan on Video Game Child, after that in August 1993 in the United States and also December 1993 in Europe. This is the 4th episode of The Legend of Zelda series.
Web link returns by boat to rule, however a tornado flows his watercraft. He switches to Coco lint Island, where he needs to discover the dream fish, the only one who can assist him from this island. It ends up that the island and also its citizens are just an illusion produced by the dream fish, asleep and also secured in a gigantic egg positioned on Mount Amaranth. Link needs to wake it approximately finish these headaches. Throughout the game, Web link steps in a map of the world showed in leading sight, yet additionally explores numerous labyrinthine dungeons for the most underground in order to locate the objects permitting him to advance in his quest, which includes finding the eight tools of Songs sirens, who will certainly allow him to awaken the dream fish. Princess Zelda, Canon and also Triforce do not show up in this episode.
Link’s awakening is initial created informally by Kazakh Morita after hrs of work, with the purpose of checking the abilities of the Video game Boy. It is participated this leisure club by Takashi Tea, which define the project. Initially, the video game is thought like a direct portage of the previous episode, a Link To the Past, so it is extremely comparable to this set from the perspective of graphics like gameplay. The team that worked with this previous piece is practically rebuilt. The game differs on specific elements by very marked peculiarities, specifically a crazy humor, strengthened by the cameos of many characters of the universe of Nintendo, consisting of opponents of the Super Mario Bros. series, and also a sometimes remarkable environment. It integrates video game series taking area in side views straight inspired by the latter.

The Legend Of Zelda Link's Awakening where to go after Bottle Grotto (Dungeon/Level 2)

The video game is extremely well-received by the specific press, which is passionate regarding its depth and also high qualities, designating it as one of the most effective video games on the Nintendo Portable Console. It supplies for the very first time different reoccurring attributes of the collection, such as item exchanges with non-player personalities or the use of music as a significant mechanism of the gameplay. It is rapidly seen like a classic of the Zelda franchise by its payments to the collection or the impact it has actually had on the following video game, Ocarina of Time. Nintendo markets a colorized version of the video game The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX on Video Game Child Shade, December 12, 1998, in Japan, The United States And Canada and also Europe in December 1998. This variation likewise includes an additional dungeon whose problems Are based upon shade, an image system taken at crucial moments of the video game that can be published many thanks to the Video game Child Printer. The initial variation and also the DX version have marketed even more than 6 million duplicates worldwide. The DX version is editioned on June 7, 2011, on the Nintendo 3DS online console. Web link’s awakening is frequently considered the most effective video game of the Game Boy and the finest adaptation of the Zelda franchise business on portable console. A three-dimensional game remake additionally comes out on Nintendo Switch in September 2019.

Relatively early in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, you could find strange objects, similar to crystal, blocking your way. When you interact with these objects, you receive the message Oh? What a strange object! There must be a way to overcome this obstacle. And, in fact, there is a way to literally tackle this obstacle.

In order to overcome these strange objects, you will have to meet them by carrying the Pegasus boots. If you have already found the Pegasus boots, they will be automatically provided to you. Simply keep the button down to move forward quickly. Do it by facing strange objects, and you destroy them by browsing them.

If you do not already have Pegasus boots, do not worry. You will need to recover them sooner or later anyway. They are a mandatory element that you will find in the third London. This third London is located in the UUU meadow, east of the village of Made, just after the rocks on the right of the store. After finishing the second London, you can use the power bracelet you found to lift these rocks.

To enter the third London of UUU Prairie, you must first get the key. Getting this key is more complicated than getting the keys to some other dungeons. In particular, you will need to go to a certain stage of the game trading sequence and find the five golden leaves at Kana let Castle. If you have problems with these sections, you can click on these links to find our guides on how to accomplish these tasks.

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