Season 2 of Fortnite Phase 4, Battle Royale from Impressive Games, is gradually having its all-revealed attractions by the designer.
On the early morning of Thursday (9), the video game’s main account released an image confirming the rumors that the next secret skin would be from Even Yeager, protagonist of anime as well as manga Assault on Titan.
The image shows Even in a make believe city inspired by the Neo-Tokyo design, a variant of cyberpunk style that comes close to the Japanese society.
Although it is not feasible to see much concerning the Skin of the protagonist of AOT, some information concerning next period’s style look can be seen.
See then the picture:
As it is a secret skin, it is most likely that it is just offered at the end of the chapter.


As was the secret skin of Gerald de Rivia, which pertained to the shop individually, it is not possible to claim that other AOT characters will also show up for the video game.

Insider Hyper published, on its account, a very first event of what Even Yeager’s skin will certainly resemble within the game:
If it will have any kind of Titan transformation or a different style-it is most likely that the last choice is a lot most likely to happen, we still do not recognize.
The Fortnite Update will be offered on azilian servers from this Friday (10), in the morning.