Long known as the main creator and producer of the Blaze franchise, Toshimichi More announces his return a few months after his departure from Arc System Works.
The former manager of the studio has teamed up with Shinobi Loki, former member of the Board of Directors of Marvelous, to found a new structure called Studio Flare.


And unsurprisingly when it comes to bringing a boost to the veterans of the Japanese video game in search of a new start, Ne tease Games is in the blow, even if the generous Chinese company is for the moment that
‘Minority shareholder of this new studio based in Tokyo.

Since its new operations base, Toshimichi More will occupy the role of executive vice-president and development responsible, while the studio will be chaired by Shinobi Loki.
In its press release Studio Flare confirms that its objective is to design consoles games for inveterate players from around the world.
The studio’s first game has not yet been announced, as is its kind, but the posts to be filled on the official website include 2D artists, 3D artists as well as engineers in charge of servers and infrastructure.