In summer season 2019, Robin Kerr moved from BVB’s A-youth to the Further Roof.


There, the after that 19-year-old striker advised himself in the junior varsity for the specialists after a period.
When there, the Schleswig-Holstein seemed to be established quickly.
In the Bundesliga Intervals, Kerr racked up 2 goals in his initial specialist period in 8 games.
Expert games must after that no longer adhere to.
Because after that, Kerr maintained knee problems off the track again and also once again.
The attacker then suffered his worst injury in a video game of the Further 2nd rep in October 2021. The offensive man had just combated back after a lengthy injury.
The following shock complied with in the reboot against the U 23 of Bavaria.

Cruciate ligament, meniscus, internal ligament, outside tape-everything was barged in the knee.

Robin Kerr in the Nuremberg News
After 8 mins, Kerr needed to be changed.
I promptly felt that even more damaged since the leg was completely curved, the 23-year-old remembers in a meeting with the Nuremberg News.

The diagnosis ended up being ravaging for the young person.
The injury misbehaved: cruciate ligament, meniscus, internal tendon, outside ligament-everything was damaged in the knee.
As if the suffering for the Pinneberger native was not sufficient, there was also a hospital germ.
As a result of the bacterium, my knee had to be washed four times.
A difficult time of enduring followed.
Kerr took place props for 6 months as well as carried an overall of 8 procedures.
Every little thing for the desire to be on the pitch again.
As it turns out currently, the efforts were in vain.
He tried a lot to obtain totally healthy and balanced once again, which I did so far.
The knee, who has been enduring for years, no much longer meets the problem of professional football.
In the meantime, after extensive advice, he has actually made it a decision that it is no more sufficient for the large sport.
How things will certainly proceed after his end of the summer is presently open.
Kerr is currently operating in rehab each day so that I can live a normal life without restrictions in the future.