There were no fewer than 24 interplay in the second division at the time, including CFB Leipzig, the Stuttgart s as well as FC Remscheid.
Names that basically are adequate to show just how long it has actually been right here, this competition between FC St. Pauli as well as Hans Rostock.
The scene of the Ostseestadion, it was March 13, 1993, the 31st match day: Hans obtained St. Pauli and also won 2-0-das sporty, nonetheless, which is still in the head for the appendix of the two clubs virtually three decades later on.
That Saturday afternoon there were such terrible clashes far from the grass that football was repetitively sidelined also amongst duels in the complying with years.


Spruce bands in the contours, attacks on the road and attempts to storm the opposing follower block: Because March 1993, the duel between St. Pauli and also Hans has repeatedly triggered a conversation, headlines and cops operations.

around 3000 Rockers are expected in Hamburg

The background is mainly the political attitude.
While the appendix of the Burgers are thought about left-wing, in March 1993 there were concerning 400 thugs and neo-Nazis from Rostock who were included in the troubles.

A problem that the Hamburg police still put on alert three decades later.
On Sunday, Hans fans will accompany their group to St. Pauli for the very first time since March 2009.
Around 3000 Rockers are anticipated in Hamburg, the cops are concentrating on strict follower separation to stop new disagreements.
Both trainers at the same time concentrate on football, Hans train Patrick Locker only claims: It is a special video game because it has a derby character.
It needs to be high on the area.
It is just to be wished that this is not the case away from the square.