As SV Welder Bremen revealed, the poultry manufacturer Wiesenthal will no longer be represented as the primary sponsor at the Hanseatic and therefore no longer market on the jerseys.
Nevertheless, the company is preserved in a different form.
We promoted our poultry brand Wiesenthal on the jersey for 10 years and utilized the commitment completely for our young vegan brand name Green Legend in the present season. We see our communication goals achieved, said Peter Johann, who, as CEO of the PHW
Group offered a declaration.
Rather of biding farewell, you decrease the commitment.
The picture reports on concrete numbers.
As a so-called top sponsor, the business is to pay 1.3 million euros a year to Welder in the future.
As the main sponsor, the sum last was six million euros each year.
The search for successors is obviously working out.
We have actually remained in good conversations with prospective prospects for a long time and are optimistic that we will have the ability to announce a conclusion shortly, stated SVW Handling Director Klaus Fiery in the club report.
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The Boulevardzeitung of Detailer must also be repaired at the brand-new primary sponsor.
According to the report, Bremen’s income from the new main sponsor increases to 6.75 million euros, the brand-new partner is to advertise on the Welder breast by 2026.
Far, it has not yet been known which company needs to put this amount on the table.