Ancient consoles, also called retro, are very special because they are part of the memory of many people.
They were the first contact of many players with games, are part of collections and can even pass from generation to generation within a family, creating true and beautiful traditions.
However, as sad and shocking as this may seem, many consoles have suffered from the damage to time action, or have been oken and accumulating dirt over the last few years.
However, they can all see the light at the end of the tunnel pass through the hands of Odd Tinkering, which restores them, leaving them and new.

Odd Tinkering inging old consoles back to life

With over 2.58 million subscribers and approximately 342 million views on your YouTube channel, this Finnish person makes videos restoring a series of damaged objects, ranging from consoles to knives, pots and lighters that seem completely rusty, among others
However, it is undeniable to say that the coolest part of the channel is the restoration videos of PlayStation’s, Game Boys Color, Nintendo 64, among other items.

This is how the channel grew a lot, with the video of the repair of a game boy bought by a member $2, published on Feuary 9, 2020.
Check out some videos below:

Game Boy Color Game Purchased for US $2

This piece was very dirty, did not care, contained with corrosion points, among a series of other problems.
It was dismantled, the rusty parts were cleaned with isopropyl alcohol, each small piece was removed and sanitized in the right way, small points were welded again and the yellowish appearance of the cover of the game boy was resolved with a very interesting process done through
of hydrogen peroxide and lights.
In addition, the oken-looking screen that may have caused sadness in many who saw the video thumb is actually quite easy to solve.


What is actually damaged is the polarized film of the console, something that was probably caused by the sun.
When he was able to remove it from the screen and end the rest of glue stuck to it, it all went well for the game boy, which had other repaired damage, was reassembled and was perfect to use again.

PlayStation Restoration bought for $7 and with cobwebs inside

Nintendo DS Restoration very rusty

Nintendo 64 Restoration completely dirty and yellowish