See our Master Yi guide as a Jungle in League of Legends during season 13.
Keep in mind that this guide is not fixed for any and all games-each one has its own particularities-and the runes and builds to use with the Guru Swords need to be adapted to each match.
This guide on how to play by Master Yi Jungle at LOL’s Season 2023 is a direction.

Master Yi Runes in League of Legends

The best runes of Master Yi to play on the Jungle Route in Season 13 of League of Legends.
It is currently the most used.

Initial items and best boots for Master Yi in League of Legends

We suggest buying the following initial items to get an advantage playing from Master Yi in LOL season 13.

Master Yi Mythical Item in League of Legends

The best mythical item to use playing from Master Yi on the jungle route on LOL’s Season 2023 is:
Complete Master Yi Builds in the League of Legends
Players are currently following the following Itemization for Master Yi.
But remember: Each match has its uniqueness and cutting items, magic resistance or others may be more necessary.
Be aware of the match-up.

Master Yi Skills Order to Up at League of Legends

In this section you will find our advice on how to prioritize your skills playing with Master Yi as a hunter.
Depending on the situation, sometimes you may prefer to prioritize a different skill

Best Summoner Spells for Master Yi in League of Legends

Following are the two most commonly used summoner spells by players with Master Yi Jungle Route.
They may vary depending on your style of play, match-up etc.

How to play by Master Yi Jungle in the League of Legends

Route phase

Master Yi needs his main items to be effective in combat, but that does not prevent him from going to 1v1 fights if he has an ice cream and a shower of blades.
Your lack of control does not allow you to Lanka anyway, so you will have to give preference to easy slaughter and farm if you don’t see an interesting bank window.
Master Yi has no escape mechanisms, so pay close attention to their jungle entrances so as not to be penalized for a wrong decision-making.

Team fights

If Master Yi finds a good opening, he can reverse the fight alone.
It is a champion likes disordered battles in which enemies throw themselves into one battle, which allows him to recover his spells and chain combos.
Be patient and expect an ally to go into combat or that an enemy makes a punishment-like positioning error.
If the enemy team has many controls and blockages, you can dodge 5v5 combat and play more focus more on individual fights.
Any allay champion who can improve his damage and protect him in combat is welcome.

Tips and tricks to play Master Yi at League of Legends

  • Before suffering a large explosion of damage, remember to activate W (meditating) to greatly reduce the damage suffered.
  • For each death or assistance performed, Q (alpha attack), W (meditation) and (Guru) cooldowns are reduced by 70%.


  • Q (Alpha attack) can cause critical attacks.
  • Q (Alpha Attack) may allow you to dodge enemy spells for a long time.
  • Q (Alpha attack) cooldown is reduced by one second for each basic attack.
  • For each death or assistance, the duration of Ultimate, R (Highlander) is increased in a few seconds.
  • R (Highlander) makes you immune to slowness.
  • W (meditating) can be used as a reboot of automatic attack.
    This guide used the statistics gathered in the localities and U.GG portals.