It has been noted, given that January 11, the South Korean studio XL Games launched the War pre-registration campaign.
And obviously, the MMORPG CROSS-PLATEFORME excites a minimum of curiosity amongst gamers considering that the designer claims to have passed the Million Din scripts in 5 days.
What about the launch date of the MMORPG PVP?
It is not yet precisely apprehended, but as part of the presentation of her quarterly accounts, Letter Aka Games shows to set a launch of next March if all is well.


More concretely, the studio defines that the Acreage War advancement is more or less finalized, however that the development teams are currently focusing on the post-launch material for the three months which will follow the exit-the developer provides in specific for new theaters

Unless it is a setback, the game must therefore be introduced in the coming weeks.
For the record, Acreage War takes place about a century after the events of the first acreage and articulates its gameplay generally around PVP mechanics: four terrific countries saffron tent for control of universe of play, as part of Denvergure fights on land and on sea.
When the time comes, but we will maybe also keep in mind (or even above all?), we will judge concretely of the qualities Acreage War That amongst the objectives of Aka Games and XL Games exposed throughout this discussion of accounts, the duo specifies wishing to accelerate the advancement and heighten of Discharge
2 (whose exit is generally planned next year).