When coach Nike Kovacs took the defense man off the field after simply half an hour at the stand from 0: 3 versus FC Bayern (2: 4), the Frenchman was out of his method.

Prior to anger, with frustration.
The 22-year-old waived the necessary handshake with his coach, stubbornly stuck towards the player tunnel, hit the wall in it and did not let stuff supervisor ARI Mohammad brake.
Just the team-mate Joshua Guilavogui was able to relax his compatriot.
Who has actually now apologized openly?
I’m sorry what I did, composes Delacroix on Instagram, I behaved inappropriately towards the club and the team As a professional who likes his task and his club.
Program attitude. I as soon as again apologize to everybody who feels offended by my behavior: teammates, employees, advocates and VFL fans.
Special thanks from Delacroix go to his good friend and player.
I would like to thank Joshua Guilavogui for everything he has actually provided for me because I got here.
Delacroix assures: I will continue to work hard and focus on the season on the next video game.
On Friday (8:30 p.m., live! At ) on Schalke.
February 202301: 29: 46 hours

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at four chain Delacroix waves the bank.

After the aggravation of Delacroix, nevertheless, the bad view follows.


Because: It is to be anticipated that coach Kovacs will go back to the long-successful development with chain after attempting to succeed against Bayern with a triple chain.
What would mean: among the three central defender Delacroix, Sebastian Barnaul or Micky van de Venues on the bench.
It is obvious that it will capture the French like his alternative on Sunday.
Since the replacement of Delacroix currently validated the trainer as follows: I chose Maxence because SEB in a network with Micky in the 10 games we were unbeaten, the tandem formed..
Kovacs had an understanding of the break out of his defense legal representative.
I hugged him at half-time and stated: I’m sorry, it has absolutely nothing to do with your efficiency or something personal..
And Delacroix also said: Sorry!