A shot, a goal.
The recommendation for the professional department of Hanover 96 for Sebastian Stole could barely have been much better.
In the 15th minute, the 28-year-old was played in the penalty area of CFB Lübeck.
He vacated a half-right position dry. The ball hit the web.


For the U 23 from Hanover 96 it was the ideal start to the point game year.
In the end, it sufficed for a 1-1 point department, but many of them were pleased.
We could have scored the second objective in the 2nd half. In the end, the video game went on our goal, said 96 coach Daniel Stengel.
The 96 children at first protected the early lead.

The Frenchman Tom Mustier was always included in the attacks.
However, the hosts were likewise fortunate.
In the 36th minute, Manuel Barron Pu lido hit the crossbar from a severe angle.
On the other hand, the offensive also vibrant Joyce Loyal dog the ball onto the post (49. ).
Previously, happy en route to 2-0 by the opponent had been interrupted in a legal frame.
The Hanover expert stumbled and finally fell.
The game was over after 66 minutes for proud.
This was so agreed, said Stengel later on: He got well. You saw how much dynamism he has.
In the 68th minute, CFB lastly handled to equalize by Robin Killed, and the final phase also came from the Becker, which was consistently storming.
I would have liked to see it if we had actually bet them with our complete chapel, said Stengel.
To name a few things, he lacked the blocked Money Modulus and the hurt Nick Stepantsev.
But even that’s how we had them on the edge of a defeat.
Maybe the champion race will still be interesting?
The Lübeck is still nine points ahead of us, said Stengel.