• 30x secret from the WA WABBIT TERRIER (level 80).
  • 6x caper of the baroque (level 85).
  • 31x Later key from the need queen (level 90).
  • 6x manger of the pig dragon (level 95).


You will be observed, delegating things without essences are nuggets to value.
If your sales hotels permit it, do not hesitate to abuse it.
In any case, well done!
This is half the course you just crossed, and it’s not nothing!

Recipes in Craft.

  • 16x Kids butt pen (level 100).
  • 31x Clef of Samara ambulate (level 105).
  • 6x Royal mouth caress or (level 115).


Here we abuse Don’t Craft retro for the secret to the Tofu.
Take care, you will have to take a look at the costs prior to releasing body and soul in resources so as not to be blocked.
Even more on, you will unlock the Consignors.
Despite a higher price, you would gain from an excellent resale and can even try to dull yourself to Samba to recover the resources.

Recipes in Craft.

  • 31x secret key of the royal tofulailler (level 120).
  • 6x Deaconesses de la Hate Truce (level 125).
  • 31x Monsignor (level 130).
  • 6x Buffer of the Manson Royal (level 135).


He has nothing to state here;.
The blood leather clovers bear the development on their own.
Prioritize them as much as possible, unless your bank is complete of helpful resources.
Craft dishes.
48x dragofesse in blood leather (level 140).


After the bloody, the return to the galley.
This time we will entrust 2 secrets of dimension dungeon, among which knowing a particular popularity for the PL.
This should be sufficient prior to the last big straight line.

Recipes in Craft.

  • 30x US plateau key (level 160).
  • 6x Firefox ten caress or (level 165).
  • 31x CLII horologist secret (level 170).
  • 6x coriander buffer (level 175).


The last craft, the supreme barrier in your development.
It will be an easy several item, without essence, which will carry you approximately the last level.
Do not think twice to finish with a couple of crafts that you have aside (keys in particular).
On the other hand, prevent the waste at all expenses.
Person will recover your promoter neglecting.

Recipes in Craft.

  • 47x Penpiplume feather (level 180).
    It is the end!
    Well done, your handyman on Doffs is now at level 200!
    On the exact same roadway, do not think twice to increase as jewelry expert or alchemist!

Whether for its secrets or its removal items, the handyman is not a job to disregard on Doffs.
Mounting it 200 can be really helpful, in addition to utilize for quests.
However, what end SY to take?
We walk around a relatively irregular progression.

Preparing to mount a handyman on doffs

Required to just have the good variety of resources for Up of the only blow from level 1 to 200?
No worries, you can discover in Article below everything you need!

Installing handyman 200 on doffs

More than on retro DOFFS, Experience decreases drastically for lower-level dishes.
In this development, we attempt to dedicate too expensive dishes (with pebbles, substrates, alloys, essences) along with possible.
Some differences can be observed towards rewarding crafts, allowing DXP quickly and with a return of ensured FAMAS.

He Samira here of so-called employer, with essences.
It is rather possible to spam secrets instead, this will typically return to you as much as costly.
First, evaluate the date of Doffs and when you wish to establish your handyman.
It is ideal DUP during Dun Almanac Ingredients Decongests or throughout a Perk XP Métiers.
Nevertheless, avoid putting whatever in HDV during the latter, dramatically reducing rates.
Certainly, do your stocks beforehand so as not to have surprises in Lac hat!
For resale, be smart.
Instead, choose unique dungeon rush or measurement dungeons, imposing a secret.
In conclusion, this post is a path proposition.
Since the overhaul of professions and dishes, Doffs has actually had a lot more dishes to go up.
But issue, no op for XP quickly and with little FAMAS.
It will for that reason be essential to alternate to progress efficiently.
Also, adjust your journey according to your currently mounted professions.

Summary of level pieces

Summary Show
1 Prepare to climb Drops on Doffs
2 Mount Drinker 200 on Doffs
2.1 Summary of level slices
2.1.1 1-20
2.1.2 Craft dishes
2.1.3 20-40
2.1.4 Craft dishes
2.1.5 40-60-.
2.1.6 Craft recipes.
2.1.7 60-80.
2.1.8 Craft dishes.
2.1.9 80-100.
2.1.10 Craft recipes.
2.1.11 100-120.
2.1.12 Craft dishes.
2.1.13 120-140.
2.1.14 Craft dishes.
2.1.15 140-160.
2.1.16 160-180.
2.1.17 Craft recipes.
2.1.18 180-200.
2.1.19 Craft recipes.


For this very first piece, the raw and pure farm is quite possible.
Locked the Incarnate dungeon up until thirsty prior to leaving for some successes on low-level dungeons.
This must be more than enough for your different recipes, at least for lining.

Recipes in Craft.

  • 50x Marjorie crypt key (level 1).
  • 67x ash drinker (level 5).
  • 5x Famed Sunflower Watch (Level 15).
  • 5x Mob Lapong Lighter (Level 15).
    To avoid redundancy at each piece, we will not specify all the necessary resources.
    They can be discovered in this short article.
    It includes whatever you need, a basic stroke!


The passage in hotel becomes more or less mandatory.
We will recommend selecting as much as possible the dishes without dungeon goalkeepers, dramatically increasing the expenses.
As a great measure, they are very practical to reach different levels and access good several or secrets things.

Recipes in Craft.

  • 10x secret of the Enable castle (level 20).
  • 5x Marjorie buffer (level 25).
  • 5x Buffer du Bought Royal (level 25).
  • 40x key of the Bought Royal courtyard (level 30).
  • 5x Kankreblath Water power (Level 35).


We continue to base ourselves periodically on several things, here two stressors, to offer ourselves increases.
There is likewise an alternative tip, but producing practically unsaleable items.
At level 50, you have the virgin parchment with nuggets.
To be utilized in moderation.

Recipes in Craft.

  • 45x secret of the scarafeuilles dungeon (level 40).
  • 5x blacksmiths (level 45).
  • 10x rapper caress or (level 50).
  • 35x secret of the blacksmith (level 50).

6 60-80.

Dracodinde’s capture webs are a little temporary FAMAS tip to this piece.
To be more classic, continue with the bamboo buffer (without gas) then the key to the Bremen lab.
It is typically sold much better, required for the quest for the dungeon.

Recipes in Craft.

  • 17x bamboo buffer (level 60).
  • 30x key from the Bremen Victoria lab (level 70).
  • 7x Dragnets Deaconesses (level 75).


The 2 secrets present here have special dishes.
They could be considered incomplete, for our greatest pleasure.
Get otherwise for several objects or other dungeons.

Recipes in Craft.