SLAP Battles is a chaotic battle between players, which includes the use of various gloves, each of which has unique abilities to destroy everyone who comes across you in the way!
The more slaps you give and win, the more gloves you can unlock in the future.
Along the way, you can even earn a few badges, some of which are considered super-secret!
Continue to read below to briefly find out how to unlock one of these secret badges, the icon to the moon.

How to Earn On the Moon in Slap Battles

Before we start, it is important to note that to obtain this icon you should have a space glove is unlocked and equipped, and someone else on your server, whether a friend or random, must have a bus glove is unlocked and equipped.
A space glove can be bought for 1,500 slaps in the face, and the bus glove can be unlocked after receiving this icon-the icon to the moon.
Wearing a space glove, go through the red portal on the Spain to be teleported to an ordinary arena.


Now, in order to get the on the moon icon, your partner must click their special ability that will launch a giant school bus in you, and you must do the same-click your special ability, as if you tried to avoid them
If the school bus comes in contact with you when your special ability is active, you will unlock the icon.

That’s all!
Now you can unlock and use a bus glove!
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