It seems that all the problems Sony experienced with the PS5 during the last two years have come to an end.
Thanks to the production of the console increased by the late 2022, it has been reported that this hardware piece sold 7.1 million units between October and December last year.
In this way, the general sales of the PS5 have reached 32 million units throughout the world.

While the PS4 had six million more consoles during the same period of time, the circumstances are different.
Pandemia prevented the production of the console from being able to meet the high demand.
As a result of this increase, Sony has raised its annual sales target to 19 million, one million units than I expected above.
This means that the company expects to sell another 6.2 million consoles before March 31.
In more positive news for the company, a small increase in the number of PlayStation Plus subscribers has been revealed.
The amount has gone from 45.5 million at the end of last summer, to 46.6 million.
Although the number is still below the 48 million peak, which was recorded before the new PlayStation Plus levels were available.
Even so, there have been greater income in this division, probably the result that some subscribers changed to one of the most expensive offers.
Similarly, the monthly active users of PlayStation Network also grew, reversing an observed fall after high participation in 2020. During the last quarter it was recorded that 10 million more people are now using their online PlayStation, for a total
of 112 million.
Without a doubt, an extremely positive panorama for Sony and PlayStation.
Now we just have to see if your expectations for this year are met or not.
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Similarly, the PS5 receives a new update.
Editor’s note:
While the end of the pandemia meant that many sections suffered a blow, this has also given rise to the demand of the PS5 was finally fulfilled by Sony.
At this step, this console could well overcome what is seen by PS4.