Players can do so much in the Sims 4 that even years of hardcore fans misplace the full variety of functions.
Now a fan shares a discovery on Reddit that a variety of other Simmer also did not have on the screen.

The Sims 4: Bigger brand-new smartphone shell?

In the Sims 4, the mobile phone is a constant buddy of your Sims.
But did you know that you can adapt the design of the mobile phone according to your dreams?
Apparently this little function has left many Simmer.
Since there are a variety of fans in the Subreddit of the Sims 4 after a long-time gamer shares his impressive discovery with them:
He is irritated to play the life simulation given that the release and have actually kept his Sims all over the world with a gray mobile phone.
Over 140 comments have now collected in the thread.
Many players are likewise amazed by the state and discover that they have never observed it.


Others know this possibility, however they have forgotten with time.
For a couple of players, these design choices are entirely boring because the smart devices are revealed much too small anyhow.
Therefore, they never utilized the function.
In addition to setting the smartphone color, you can also dip the screen background into the color of your option.
Incidentally, this information has actually been included in the basic game because 2016 and received a little overhaul in mid-2022 with high school years.

by doing this you can change your smartphone in the game

If you are shocked by the tip and wish to free your mobile phone covers from the standard gray, you need to select your cell phone in the game.
You see 3 buttons in the leading.
The very first regulates the volume of your smart devices.
The 2nd modifications your screen background and the last one is accountable for the style of your shell.
The background modification occurs instantly, for a brand-new shell, your SIM has to put the mobile phone as soon as and put it out again.
Then the change becomes visible.
You need to change the style of your umbrella with the umbrella stand if you now want to continue with the personalization of other items.
Supplied you have the extension seasons.
The Sims 4 hides a lot more information that are not instantly obvious.

Have a look at this photo series for this: