The gallop into the second half of the season had nothing great for the Upper Palatinate.
SSV John Regensburg had to run 98 at the class leader SV Darmstadt and lost 0-2 at the Volleyball goal.
But not just the points are missing from the group of coach Perseid Selimbegovic, the table-14 should likewise be on Scott Kennedy.
After an emergency brake versus Darmstadt Braydon Many, the goalscorer to the lead goal of the lilies (18th), the 25-year-old German-Canadian protector was currently expelled by referee Daniel Sch lager (Hagelstein) with smooth red of the field in the 22nd minute.

Kennedy needs to see two times

The sports court of the DFB now obstructed Kennedy for two games because of an unsportsmanlike habit, the 1.93 meter high giant is for that reason missing from the Vegeburgers on Saturday in the house game versus Bundesliga relegation Armenia Bielefeld (1 p.m., live! At ).
Week afterwards at 1. FC Nuremberg.

John chief coach Selimbegovic needs to convert his defensive.
In the goal, however, Jonas Ur big (19), who was lent by 1. FC Cologne in winter, will be standing once again.
If his launching was not as preferred, even.
The 0: 1 went on the cap of Maximilian Triphammer, but Ur big’s pass on the six was also risky.


In addition, the keeper made a mishap that was obstructed and nearly landed in his own objective.

two points distance from the end of the table.

The Upper Palatinate have been waiting for a threesome in the league for 5 video games, just brought one counter from these games and have just 2 points ahead of the brand-new bottom of the table 1. FC Magdeburg.