An experience transfer at Union Berlin had a latter, the modification from Disco to the Knickers burst.
A huge name, five-fold champs League winner with Real Madrid, who would have raised the video game of Berliners not only in analog football, but also in FIFA 23.

Because, according to the current status, Disco would be the greatest ranked Iron in FIFA.
Most recently, the previous global was classified with an 82, the highest total rating at the Bundesliga second has Herald Becker with 78.
However, DISCO might likewise have a devaluation in the room, as recently with Cristiano Ronaldo, after moving to altar.
The factor for this: The former Madrilène was around four weeks without a club prior to his possible dedication, and he was likewise not able to convince at his last stop in Seville.

lively quality in midfield

No matter this, DISCO in FIFA 23 would have given the Knickers lively quality in midfield.
Jannie Haberer and Andreas Schaefer are presently running there in analog football.
In the FIFA values dribbling and both are more on average.
Morten Thereby and Genii Yamaguchi would be better options in the video game, however nobody can get to the level of Disco: 91 in the dribbling, 81 in the brief passes, 83 summary, 90 ball control, 80 long passes.
The only downside: the Spaniard is rather sluggish.
68 velocity and 62 sprints are on business card.
The combination with the pee-fast Herald Becker might have caused a great deal of objective.
With its fit, Disco would have the ability to exactly beat balls behind the chain.
Ideal for Becker, who could push off at his pace.
With closer opposing rows, Disco would likewise have had its strength in dribbling, through which he might have created spaces.
Disco would have been somebody for the conclusion if there is no method for Becker and Michel.
As a capacity, he has Finesse Shot in the video game, his range shots are classified at 78.
Financially, the profession mode gamers would have a gamer with a great sales value.
Most just recently, DISCOS was a market value of 29.5 million euros.
Nevertheless, it can be assumed that the marketplace worth decreases rather due to the factors mentioned above.

no chemical problems in fut

In FIFA Ultimate Group (FUT), the Spaniard would have pertained to full chemistry without major obstacles.
A team with Union colleague Herald Becker, who got a gamer of the month special card at the start of the season, would be possible.
A chemical point would already be awarded.
There were 2 more with a mix of two gamers in the very same nation and three players in the very same league.
As a native Spaniard, there are well-known coworkers such as Pedro or ANSI Fate.
From the Bundesliga, both Borussia Dortmund and FC Bayern Munich provide strong card-of-not-ending, João Cancel, who is relocating to the Punchers.


In FIFA, the DISCO transfer would have been good in every respect.
At least on the console, the Madrilène could have made some gamers ahead.