It’s no secret that professional footballers are constantly scrutinized and criticized by the media, but what does one of the most promising young stars in the game have to say about it? In this article, we take an in-depth look at Austrian international Christoph Baumgartner’s views on media sensationalism and its effects on the.

The Austrian worldwide Christoph Baumgartner has in some cases revealed extreme criticism of the media reporting on football professionals.
Often it offers the impression that it is the biggest possible outrage to produce more clicks, said TSG Cofferdam midfielder to the news website Watson.


Often there are white or just black, the reports are every once in a while exceptionally, Baumgartner continued.
At the same time, the 23-year-old confessed that as a professional athlete it belonged to dealing with it.
In addition to media criticism, Baumgartner likewise criticised the insulting and unfavorable social networks comments.
If we player would make everything public that is written on Instagram, for example, some would be borne by it. This is actually outright, said Baumgartner, who had actually moved from his house country to the TSG’s youths in summer season 2017.
A year and a half later on he made the leap into the professional location.
It goes to the most affordable, personal level and the family is insulted, stated Baumgartner, describing the hate talk about the net and appealing: However frequently individuals behind it are not seen who likewise exists no matter the salary, has sensations and is vulnerable.