Have you ever wondered what lies beyond the end of High on Life? Are there secret levels or surprising rewards waiting for you once you complete the game? In this article, we’ll take a look at the secret end of High on Life, and how you can unlock it to experience a whole new level of gaming.

Who does not enjoy secrets in video games?
Thankfully, High Up On Life is among these video games that use, and you will absolutely desire to discover out how to get the secret end of high on life.
This not just concludes the history of the game, however likewise points out a possible follow up if Squinch Games prepares this.

You can just get the secret end after you have defeated Garmantuous in High on Life.
In order to have the ability to access this trick, you should complete the last bounty on the High up on Life mission list.
Nevertheless, if you have actually done the staying G3 members, you will discover out how you can access this end while going through in charges of High up on Life.

high on life, how to get a secret terminal

The secret end is behind a secret door in Human Haven in High on Life.
How to open this door in High up on Life:
After taking a look at the credits, continue pressing the video game
Use the Bounty-5000 and access the planetary selection menu
Select Nova Sanctions and Clung’s office
Lift the crucial card on his desk
Return home and select the Bounty-5000 again, however this time the unidentified sector
Select the human haven and then appreciate discover platforms that lead upwards
Utilize your jetpack to reach the suggestion and find a door with red lights
Open the door with the key card and go through to find the secret end
We will not ruin the material of the secret end here, however it is clear that this area of the video game is absolutely a follow-up bait.
You even get an accomplishment if you find this secret called Sequel-Bait, so there are definitely some plans.
We have to see whether Squinch Games will reveal a high up on life 2 in the future.
You can do it from ‘gameplay-safe if you desire to see it yourself
How to discover the secret end in High on Life.
You can still play more from the video game later on, so make sure that you gather all high up on life pesos to buy all the staying upgrades or collectibles that are highlighted in our high-on-life complete solution.


Or you can find all high up on life warp crystals to entirely end the video game.