FC Bayern Munich’s search for a substitute for the injured Manuel Neuer is in full swing. But apparently the Munich people have only had a serious candidate on the paper.


FC Bayern’s search for a replacement for the hurt Manuel Neuer is in complete swing.
However apparently the Munich people have just had a severe candidate on the paper.

As the kicker reports, FC Bayern has up until now only called Alexander Nobel, awarded to AS Monaco.
No contact was made to other goalkeepers.
By the middle of the week, it should be checked out whether the French club and the Munich individuals concur on a handle Nobel.
Nobel’s consultant Stefan Backs just recently confirmed at Sky that those responsible for the German record champs were planning a return of the 23-year-old.
Yes, Bavaria wants to get Alexander back and informed me about it, he stated at Sky.
In order to get rid of Nobel from his employment agreement dated up until the end of the season, FC Bayern has to dig deep into its pocket.
In Monaco, the Paderborn native is absolutely set under coach Philippe Clement.
According to the French s newspaper L’equip, Nobel is valued in Monaco.
The kicker knows how to report that the brand-new Bavaria strategies do not set off hurry calls in southern France.

Just how much should FC Bayern spend for Alexander Nobel?

Must FC Bayern revive the loan gamer in January, Monaco would at first go up the 27-year-old Thomas Dillon in the hierarchy.
The Frenchman is likewise only loan up until the end of the season and really no sufficient replacement.
3rd goalkeeper is just 19 years old Yann Lenard.
As L’equip continues, Monaco therefore demands compensation from FC Bayern in the event of a loan end.
Professional Back also highlighted that the clubs would first need to agree.
In addition, it is crucial for Nobel to understand what his viewpoint is.
In addition to Nobel, Dominik Ivanovich from Dynamo Zagreb, Bono from FC Seville, Playback’s Yann Summer and PSG star Taylor Naval were likewise traded at Bavaria.