Messi is world champion. Dario Popular: After 36 years, Argentina is once again a single scream in its whole width and length and the focused fist: We are world champions! Messi deserves this World Cup. The Guardian: Lionel Messi has his winning medal and the burden of the world is visibly taken from his shoulders. Munro Deporting: Messi and Argentina have their World Cup title.

Munro Deporting: Messi and Argentina have their World Cup title. In a historical last, Argentina won the 3rd star against an excellent French team after a triumph in the charge shootout. Leo was definitive with 2 objectives versus a combative Mbappé who scored a hat trick
for success.


New York Times: Coronation total! Lionel Messi gets the crown

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar ended on Sunday with a grand finale.

Argentina and France fought a hot defend over 120 minutes.
It was only in the charge shootout that Lionel Messi and Co. crowned the world champ.
The international presses:


Image: Argentina’s World Cup Christmas fairy tale. What a last!
RTL: Messi’s mentality monster consume France and shoot it into immortality.
Kicker: In penalty shootout: Messi and Co. crown themselves versus France to the world champ.
NTV: Lionel Messi won the incredible duel with Kylian Mbappé, redeemed a whole country and is now on a level with Argentina’s football god Diego Maradona.
Deutsche Dating: The foot of God. The unquestionably most amazing finale of the World Cup history composes numerous stories dock in the end, Lionel Messi creates a work for eternity.


Ole: Hugging, yelling, sobbing. We are world champs in the most amazing ending of history. In the finale that no one could envision. We are world champs regardless of Mbappé. We are world champion, and over time we will evaluate whether we actually like that
Is that important now? We are world champions due to the fact that we played the last much better.
La Nation: Argentina world champion! The crowning magnificence of the pride: Messi’s team won the best final in history and secured a place in the football sky. They needed to sustain the rush of France, a (former) world champ who did not wish to put his crown so modest, as it seemed in the first 70 minutes. And we needed to accept to enter into the penalty shootout when it looked as if Messi’s goal was the last of the night. However, that was not the case.
Can suffer. And now enjoy.
Messi is world champion. In a magical and unique world champion that left a wonderful and unique ending.


Finale with a Mbappé in devil mode, author of three goals that conserved France from a beating.
Dario Popular: After 36 years, Argentina is once again a single scream in its entire width and length and the concentrated fist: We are world champs! Messi deserves this World Cup. After a lot sorry, a lot of lost finals.


L’equip: Mbappé is inadequate. After an invisible hour, Kylian Mbappé continues to write on his legend with a departure for the history books… Messi and Mbappé fulfilled both douches The fate selected Argentina.
Le Parisian: The blue (products) near the wonder. Messi is finally the heritage of Mara donas
Le Figaro: Fought by Messi’s Albiceleste, let the blue slip their world champion title. On Sunday, the world saw a famous struggle in between an Argentine group that earned their 3rd star, and a brave French group of the guts.
RMC : Messi and the Albiceleste on the roof of the world regardless of the brave Frenchman and a bundle of three from Mbappé.


Daily Mail: Argentina in the dreamland! The fans run out your home when Lionel Messi won the success over France in a stressful charge shootout.
The Sun: King of the Lions. The finest last ever. The finest football game that ever existed. The somewhat confused FIFA boss Gianni Infantino said the other day that it was the very best World Cup and after this
He is probably right now stressful, definitely breathtaking and amazing football game.
The Guardian: Lionel Messi has his winning medal and the problem of the world is noticeably taken from his shoulders. He smiles, shines like a little boy, just a delighted guy. What an efficiency! What a profession! What a final.


Black: A final for eternity. Argentina wins a last for the history books in an extremely significant way in the charge shootout and is world champion for the 3rd time.


Gazette Hello : Argentina is world champion, Messi like Maradona. France goes to the penalty shootout K.O.
Corriere della Sera: Argentina is world champion. It is Leo’s World Cup, but honor for Mbappé.


As: The world comes from Messi. Argentina has actually won the World Cup after charge shootout and ended an impressive struggle between him and Mbappé.
March: Leo, ‘The God’ Maradona welcomes you. Messi and Argentina end all debates.