In 2021, Abdoulaye Samara switched from the offspring of Paris Saint-Germain to BVB.
In Dortmund, the protective midfielder at first struggled, some gamers obviously slammed his style of play.


Simply when Abdoulaye Samara was visible at BVB, the bad luck struck.
Considering that October, the 18-year-old has been laboratories on an inner ligament tear in his knee, who put him out of action for two to three months.

He therefore needed to take a participation in the preparation of the Russia experts.
It was not foreseeable in summer that Samara had played into the focus of the Bundesliga team in the previous few months.
Since: In the meantime, the Guinea was considered a real issue child in Dortmund.
The expectations of him were huge. If somebody relocated to Dortmund at the age of 16 and was as soon as in the Champions League semi-final in the Paris squad, then you expect that a person in the U23 of the BVB.
Came and that was unsatisfactory, recalled Ingo Press, U23 employer at BVB, in an interview with the Ruhr Nachrichten.

Samara’s acceptance in the BVB-U23 was unacceptable.

At that time, some teammates are stated to have actually disturbed themselves from the method of playing the child, who worked a lot of raising and did not work aggressively enough against the ball.
This was not well received internally.
The acceptance in the team was unsatisfactory, exposed Press, who had a flat rate for talks at Samara.
At some time they finally fruit.
Unexpectedly you were dealing with another man, stated his boss.
In any case, Edwin Eric continues to have the teenager on the screen in spite of his injury.
The six has ended up being an important aspect in the U23.
After his healing, Samara must get a chance to prove himself in the training of the Bundesliga group.