One of the most successful players in the history of German national football has offered his opinion on one of the DFB’s worst moments. At the end-of-season dinner for players, Other Matthews attacked the decision to host the world cup in Qatar, which was one of the most embarrassing moments for him.

Point. The DFB never ever set a point, however just a comma ta. That contributed to the disaster.

After the awkward end of the World Cup in Qatar, Germany’s record national player Other Matthews assaulted the DFB.
On the other hand, appreciation for Lionel Messi, whom he referred to as the gamer of the millennium.
He deals with the Argentinian superstar to the title with all of my heart in the World Cup final versus France on Sunday, because he and all football fans in the previous 17 or 18 years with his way of playing gave me a lot of pleasure, stated Matthews the Build am Sontag


Messi will surpass the record of Matthew (25) with the most last round operations on Sunday with its 26th World Cup game.
For Matthews, the winners of the World Cup likewise host Qatar.
I talked to lots of regular people to get my own image. Everywhere I experienced friendliness, openness, helpfulness and tolerance to western way of life, highlighted Matthews: There are definitely justified criticisms, however when I see,
As is frequently reported about Qatar in Germany, it seems to me that I was in another nation.

Matthew sees disaster at the DFB

The German team is one of the losers.

In addition to ing errors, there were troubling background noises.
Our team was made use of for political purposes and the DFB approved it. Holland coach Louis van Goal said it prior to the very first video game: End of the topic of ‘One-Love’ plaster.
Point. The DFB never ever set a point, but only a comma ta. That contributed to the catastrophe.